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    No Connections


    My name is Mohammed and i am 30 years old from Kuwait. I have social anxiety, stammering and high level of shyness. I never comfortable around people, I feel that I don’t belong in the place i am in.

    unfortunately my parents don’t have friends too so being at home in the house playing games and being safe is very normal to them so they didn’t fix me. I also feel that i gained Zero social skills due to this.

    they thought that over time and after being a teenager i would change, well I didn’t.

    I never made friends at school because I am shy and I stammer so I didn’t talk to anyone.

    I thought that everybody else is perfect so I want to be one, how?

    by becoming 1 perfect frame ..... which is silents (no talking) (photo)

    However sometimes I want to be a friend but I feel that I cant connect with anyone.