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    Soo, yeaaah.. back to school it is?

    Well, I have some entry exam on monday to see if I would make it at this school thinger that will help me prepare for external exams (I dunno if something like that exists elsewhere, it's basically those guys from the examination board preparing the stuff you get tested at instead of your teachers, so you go to their office, take the exam and they'll tell your teachers some days later if you passed or not, something like that) - my main problem is math, not that I'm bad at it, actually until I got this shitface of a teacher who was insanely senile and correcting himself all the time I was really good at it. *shrugs*

    The new teachers seem nice, I'm somewhat scared tho, I've never been quite fond of school, had to deal with bullying, awesomely ignorant teachers and lots of other shit so I dropped out early and went to some kind of vocational school (webdesign) and did an one year internship as a graphics designer afterwards, but to be honest, it's not what I want to do at all. I am no longer that sure what I want to do. I thought I want to do an apprenticeship as a hairdresser, not because I want to work as that later, but because it would secure me a job if I am in need of one. Hairdressers are always needed and you can work as that in ANY country. But I am no longer sure if I'm really cut out for that, I'm not feeling that comfy in my own body right now, hairdressers usually are pretty and all and I've become such an introvert the past few years when I was living with my ex bf in that city I did not know anyone. *sigh* Where has the outgoing, happy-go-lucky and very positive but slightly naive girl I once was vanished to? I miss her somewhat. I don't see how being all mature, worrying about the future like crazy and all that shit has any benefits for me.

    Ah well, I'm back home so maybe the other me will be back sooner or later too. Until then I need to figure out what I want to do. And going back to school gives me time for that. Soo yeah.. back to school it is. If I pass the exam. So, studying like crazy til monday is what I will be doing now, awesome. XD

    ps. I have internet again, but don't expect me online until next week. XD~

    pps. Life is awesomely great right now, even tho I worry about my future, all other things are going oh so well! :D
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    Finally, a new start.

    Tomorrow I'm finally moving back to Hamburg into my very own flat. :)

    I hope I'm gonna survive the day somehow, coz on Saturday I got the awful migraine/cold thinger, til some hours ago I still had fever and all... D: Just my luck, I guess.

    At least lots of my friends are gonna be helping out tomorrow, so maybe I'll miraculously survive the day after all.. XD

    Anyways, not sure when I'll get my new router and internet stuff and all, so I may be internet'less for the next two weeks, so yeah, see ya when things have settled down again for me~!
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    The stuff that's been happening..

    Alot has been going on in my life lately, yeah, alot.

    I broke up with my boyfriend after 3 1/2 years, there were many reasons for that, but the main reason being that I simply stopped loving him.
    Not from one day to the other, no, over the past 12 months my feelings got less and less, I've tried to make things work out again as I noticed my feelings started to change.
    But he was ignorant to it, not willing to change things tho he himself was not pleased with the way things were.
    It seems like this end was unavoidable.
    Well, we're still friends, after all we have to be considerate of our son.

    I will be moving back to Hamburg, as soon as possible, which will probably be the end of March. I will start an apprenticeship as a hairdresser, hopefully in August.

    Today I'm gonna go visit my mum together with my son for a week, we have to do alot of stuff, sign me up as a resident of Hamburg again, go to the youth welfare office, job centre... etc blahblah...
    I will also see my dearest friends again who I'm missing like crazy.

    Well yeah, I'll leave it at that, there's a ton of other things going on in my life right now, but I don't feel like I should be writing about it here.
    Anyways, I might be a bit absent from here, like I've already been the past weeks, I'll check my pms tho. I'll be on MSN too.. ;D

    Sigh, time to go on, huh..
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    I think I hate this day. D:

    I don't like my birthdays in general and it's not like I care much about it anyways, but.. I don't know.

    Why do I feel so atrabilious today? sigh. D:

    My mother hasn't even called me yet, usually she calls me as soon as it's midnight to wish me a nice birthday and tell me she loves me. For some reason it makes me much sadder than I expected it would make me that she hasn't called yet. My best friend has not said a word to me either.

    Instead strangers start wishing me a happy birthday... it feels so wrong. I know they did not mean to hurt me or anything, yeah, they did not mean anything at all with it, so why bother?

    I may sound way more depressed than I actually am, I am pretty much looking forward to later, when Phil will come over and we'll watch my new Blu-Rays (WALL-E~!! <3333) together with bfsan who's currently taking our son to his parents (bfsan's parents). So I can even drink a little tonight, if I feel like it, I'm not been that excited about drinking lately.. we'll see about that.

    And I'll make fried chinese noodles with veggies, yum. :3

    Sigh, I'll do some cleaning to get my mind off of the depressing thoughts!

    Hahaha, I just received a mail from my dad which was rather amusing, so suddenly I feel much better. XD (yes, it's that easy to get me in a good mood again.) Anyways, I'll still do the cleaning, hehe. XD

    Oh but I am very sad that the skirt I wanted to buy (http://www.play.com/Clothing/T-Shirts/4-/5857730/-/Product.html) is no longer available in my size! ;______________________;
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    Wee~!! Vacations!

    I just wanted to say I'll be at granny's place until the 29th, so, merry christmas to everyone!! *__*

    Since I have no intarwebs or anything over there and the town where she lives is really boring and most of the time shops will be closed anyways I'll take my PS2 with me and play Persona 4 UNTIL I DROP DEAD! O__O Hahaha.. I had no time to play at all the past few days, being busy preparing Vincent's 3rd birthday which was on the 20th and preparing for the long train ride tomorrow, so I am looking forward alot to just spending my afternoons on the couch and not doing anything besides some sweet gaming and occasionally scribbling a little bit... so maybe I even get something done so I can USE MY NEW SHINY SCANNER! *__*


    See you next week everyone~!! <333

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    Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine beta

    So, when I checked my mails a few hours ago I saw this mail by Atlus with the beta key for SMT:Imagine and even tho I don't like MMORPGs much, I remember how I drooled at the game on the Japanese website, so I had this heavy urge to give the game a try. Now, 4 hours later I think I might enjoy the game when it's out - if I play it with friends (coz I just can't bring myself to talk to strangers in MMORPGs, who knows why.), but I don't think I'll play more of the beta. I've not even finished the tutorials.


    So the game starts off with a pretty background image of a shiny tower and a short summary of the story:

    A.D. 20XX TOKYO

    In the aftermath of the Great Destruction, those who survived constructed shelters,
    waiting for the day when they would rebuild their city.

    Led by the Seven Philosophers these survivors constructed a massive tower.

    This tower came to be called Shinjuku Babel.

    Having lost their homes, the remaining survivors took refuge in an underground city
    called Third Home.

    I think after that you create your character, or before, I forgot. XD Anyways, you have a few options, you can choose between three body sizes, 6 faces, around 10 different hairstyles, three weapons, 2 outfits with some colour variation aaaaand of course hair and eyecolour (sadly there was no shocking pink, boo.)

    Then you're off to Chapter 0.

    So, the prologue starts off with you and your instructor (and her Demon) being called off from your training mission because the communication to Second Home has broken off and since your near you need to investigate what's going on, you learn how to move your character, how to move the camera, how to attack and use skills. After running around in underground corridors and fighting some weak demons you find a critically hurt guard and you move one while your instructor is tending his wounds, when she catches up to you she tells you the city got attacked by a strong demon and asks you what you want to do and since I told her I'd fight even it costs my life she tells me the sad story of this strong friend of hers who died protecting a little girl and soon after you instructor and her Demon are confronted by the strong fiend and she dies protecting you. After that you wake up in Third Home, Professor Snakesomething forces you to do another tutorial which is almost the same as the prologue just inside a virtual room, wee~

    Then the game crashed on me and I didn't feel like continuing, but all in all it was kinda nice. Tho I had the most fun making my character, as always. :3

    like I said, I think I will give it another go when the game's out for real, since I don't feel like leveling a character that gets deleted at the and of the beta anyways. Well, if anyone wants to play together with me then, tell me here or pm me~! <3

    Official Aeria Games Megaten Site
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    Random randomness.

    First of all, I can't stop laughing about my bf who sits in front of our ultra big lcd tv and happily plays the Resistance 2 beta on our PS3. He's playing it online with two other guys who are talking English on their headsets and for some reason it amuses me alot to listen to them. XD

    Theeeen... I miss Noitora alot, because I want to tell him all kinds of stupid stuff, like always, but he's gone on his stupid vacation and mou..

    Oh, my beer + energy thingy is empty.. *runs off to get a new one*

    Hah, better.

    Today I did some extreme cleaning in the bathroom, which was REALLY exhausting (but very relaxing at the same time, lol). So I thought, girl, you did a god job being a diligent housewifey, you gotta drink some beer! XD So, for the first time since ages I am drinking a little, almost by myself, while bfsan is shooting hordes of mutant-aliens down with his (probably) underage online mateys, who are talking too much. :>

    Mhn, something else, I started writing an anime blog on wordpress, but I am waaaay too slow... x__X I had almost no time to be on the compo the last days and if I was I kinda spent it chatting about senseless stuff with Noitora. Haha. XD

    I've been extremely lazy about drawing too.. ;_; But I've done some script writing for my game.. and some more scribbles, like always. And I'm scribbling a few things for Noitora, because he'll send me a letter and I'm gonna reply and send him tons of scribbles, mwaha. :3

    I think I just started this blog post because I'm awfully bored and hyperactive and I want to talk but no one is online, haha, naturally no one is on a saturday night. :>

    Oh well, I'm gonna go out for a smoke now.. (oh yeah, I kinda quit the non-smoking a day after I started *coughs* XD)

    I warned you that this post would be really random! :>
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    See you in two weeks!

    I'll be on vacations for the next two weeks and without any internet at all, just so you know. :3

    See you when I'm back! <3
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    50 sit-ups, wtf. :3

    A few hours ago, after lazying around for the last two years, I just did 50 sit-ups in one go.

    I'm a little amazed how easily I could pull it off and a little scared of the sore muscles I'm gonna have tomorrow. XD

    Also, I just decided to quit smoking, knowing me I'll probably get weak the next time I drink coffee or alcohol, but since I almost never do the latter, being a busy mother and all.. I dunno, maybe I can keep myself from smoking. We'll see about that.

    Anyways, back to the sit-ups, a friend yesterday called me and asked me if I'd like to join his and some friend's bet called the "Abs of Steel", they'll all do alot of training and who has the most awesome six-pack til December 15 wins. Yeah. I told him I wouldn't officially join them but try anyways and there I go. It actually felt quite nice to do those 50 sit ups, since I had to stop doing any sports at all after I had the c-section when my son was born.. and not doing anything at all had made me really lazy and chubby, so yeah, it's a good thing to start doing sports again.

    I want to play squash again too, but there's no place here in crappy craptown where you can do so, sucks much?

    I can't decide on anything else, I mean, fencing would be awesome, but way to expensive. I hate jogging and I don't have my bike here, besides, crappy craptown is not only crappy but fugly too, so I wouldn't really want to ride my bike here anyways.

    Any suggestions about some awesome sport I can do either alone or with my bf together? Since I want him to be a bit more sporty too... :>

    Meh, I should go to bed, but I dun wanna.. :/

    And: Yay for my first blog entry here.