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    Why Did I Start YouTubing... (A Short True Story)

    Hello my fellow tempers, first time I've ever posted in something that isn't hacking related I think... Anyways! I thought this might be an interesting tale of my journey from someone suffering from a lack of confidence to a better person through the support of people! And I guess this can be classed as a shameless self promotion at the same time :P

    Back in February I started up a YouTube Channel when I became unemployed to try keep myself busy due to the days becoming longer and more boring than the last, it was becoming so depressing to wake up and do nothing but search for jobs. The channel gave me something to do, people to interact with, although my confidence was low to start off with people supported me through it all and pushed me to keep going.

    Around 4 months later (June/July? Maybe?), I got myself a great job meaning I didn't have to keep on creating content to keep my mind at bay, but it turns out that it wasn't about that anymore (Cliche much)! It was about the viewers, I will continue to create this content for as long as people are there to entertain, I love to read the comments seeing how they enjoyed a particular video, or how much it helped them out. It's good to know that something you created is the source of someones happiness, even if it's only for a short while!
    I fell in love with creating videos and trying to entertain other people. Hearing the comments about how things had changed steadily to become better and better also gave a boost and motivated me to create more videos and each time attempting to one up the last piece of content. Right now I'm finding that certain content I've created is much more popular, such as glitches and tutorials, where let's plays are more often than not just 'there' hahaha

    Since that February over 750 people have enjoyed the channel enough to Subscribe, which I can honestly say I can't believe has happened so I thank every single one of them for that support. Ever since the start there has been support, even when the nerves were holding back my commentary, when I recorded footage on a mobile phone and recorded sound through a phone rather than a microphone... The support has upped my confidence to no end! I'm sure that each of the people knows what it means to have them there, I'd have given up a long time ago if it wasn't for the viewers!

    So, to finalize this story with my shameless self promotion mentioned at the start, it'd like to invite anyone that reads this to check out the channel and take a look at the videos that started everything off, and see how far the channel has come thanks to everyone that's been there, hopefully bring you some joy and entertainment! Below is basically my first video, the video after it shows how far things have come since that day and there's a link to the channel too if you wanna check it out direct instead.

    Thank you all for your time and I hope to see some of you commenting there soon!

    Here's The MikeyTaylorGaming Channel

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