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    Revolutionary Idea?

    Hi, I know not a lot of people know me here, but I just wanted to know people's opinions on something.

    I'm thinking about starting a website dedicated to music and the desire for a social connection. The website would

    feature a way for people to search for the song they want to listen to, and when it comes up with a result, they

    can rant, discuss, or just talk about music, maybe even life! The way it could work is in two different ways:

    1. Users could search for just the audio. Doing this would redirect them to an audio stream of the song. This would
    include the basic features, a.k.a. the chat-style environment.

    2. Users could search for a music video (though it would be more limited, since you would be having to find an official
    video.) This would redirect you to the video where you would have the option to use basic chat or video chat (it's basically
    up to the user.) This could go against the whole "watch the video" scheme, but it allows for an additional way for people to

    Know now that this is not limited to one style of music, it is open to all types of music. It's not musical distribution, it's musical

    So go ahead and vote on the poll and list away recommendations! I appreciate all kinds of recommendations!
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    Accused of Downloading Something I Didn't!

    I received a letter from Comcast today saying that I downloaded Rock Band Unplugged on 7/15/2010,
    but I know for a fact that I didn't download that then, or EVER! I plan on contacting them tomorrow and
    reporting this false accusation, and mentioning to them that I don't have a security password for my
    Wifi Router. I'm a bit of a n00b at doing security stuff, so could somebody instruct me on how to set up
    a password for it? Would help if you could. I'm fed up with this, since it said I downloaded it through
    BitTorrent, when I don't even have BitTorrent installed!