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    Thoughts on homebrew that require you to own out of print games (CTGP-R, Devolution, etc.)

    This is just an oddly specific rant, thanks for humoring me if you're here. This is something I felt years ago when Devolution was the only way to play GameCube backs via USB on Wii and I've noticed over the last few years for the latest build of CTGP-R. If you're unaware, in order to use Devolution, the homebrew required you actually put the GameCube disc in first and then it would be able to rip it to the hard drive, if you put an image on that the homebrew did not authenticate with the disc, you could not load that GameCube game. Meanwhile, CTGP-R is a massive Mario Kart Wii hack that adds over 200 new courses to the game, but the homebrew requires there to be a disc of Mario Kart Wii in the Wii in order to actually work. Now, on paper, I get what the creator of these mods is trying to do: not encourage piracy, and even actively show the likes of Nintendo what their stance on the matter is, as to not further ruffle their feathers. I get all of that.

    What I don't get, is the argument that these homebrew apps are ensuring that the devs of these games get the money they deserve. That thought doesn't hold merit in this day and age when they are no longer making GameCube or Wii games. Mario Kart Wii wasn't even one of the Wii games that were rereleased on Wii U as a digital download (not that I think it would matter, as things stand, I don't think CTGP-R would have ever supported such a hypothetical official Wii U digital version), so the only way to buy these discs is to purchase them used. At which point the effect these homebrew apps are having for ensuring any businesses are getting money is the likes of GameStop and other used game stores. Even if I wanted to help GameStop, this isn't what the developer of these homebrew apps were envisioning when they say they want to make sure the devs of these games continue to get their proper compensation for the games in question.

    Now, I'm not here to cry that I'm not getting piracy, as for starters, Nintendont dethroned Devolution years ago, and getting the perks of devolution without needing to verify your discs has long been available on Wii and vWii. And I actually used to own Mario Kart Wii on disc. And this is what annoys me, I don't know what happened to that disc for the life of me, I didn't sell it, but I seem to have misplaced it long ago. So I use a digital backup, perhaps you feel that isn't OK, and to some extent I can respect that opinion, but I just don't feel like it is wrong. I'm really wanting to play the latest CTGP-R mod, and it's frustrating to recognize that I may rather needlessly have to buy the game a second time in order to actually do that.
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    Unless I'm missing something, to allow remote play of a PlayStation and/or Xbox with a portable Switch would be mutually beneficial to all parties involved

    So I've been thinking this over and I'm really not sure what the drawbacks would be, if any even exist, to the idea, I can think of only one that I'll address, that ultimately wouldn't matter to the parties involved.

    Sony and Microsoft are seemingly done with the portable market, there has been no follow up to the Vita, and while there was never a portable Xbox, Microsoft doesn't even seem to make their own smartphones anymore (unless I'm missing something). Meanwhile, Nintendo has a great portable gaming device of their own in 2 current models, that could easily make for a vessel to remote play your own PlayStation and/or Xbox system. Much in the same way you could remote play a PS4 with a Vita, except the Switch has enough buttons to properly map 1 to 1 with a PlayStation or Xbox controller. Granted, the triggers are not analog, but you can still get by without that all the same.

    We know both Sony and Microsoft must be interested in this prospect to some extent. About a year ago, Sony surveyed some PS4 owners and asked specifically (among many other things) if they'd welcome the ability to remote play their PlayStation with a Nintendo Switch (named specifically among other non-Sony handheld devices). Meanwhile, MIcrosoft has put Xcloud and Gamepass on smartphones (among other devices) to allow players to experience Xbox games on the go; of course most smartphones lack proper built in physical controls, so this solution kinda pales in comparison to what a Switch brings to the table in terms of a more pleasant closer to the real feel portable gaming experience.

    We know the Switch is capable, the homebrew scene has found ways to remote play your PC on the Switch, and through a little more effort to unofficially remote play a PS4 on the Switch. The biggest barrier (beyond owning both devices) will be the strength of your internet, especially for the portable Switch, but we're just entering the 5G era, and our smartphones can all easily be made into mobile hotspots, granted while we may have unlimited data these days, we may not yet have unlimited 5G hotspot data and for most plans that may downgrade to 4G hotspot data at a certain point; but that will only improve with time, remote play should only become all the more fluid as technology advances, thanks to the simple nature of any smartphone being capable of turning into a mobile hotspot while the data speeds the phones receive only continue to increase with time.

    So why wouldn't Nintendo want this? It would realistically lead to more Switchs sold to Xbox and PlayStation owners that don't already own the device, who are looking for a great way to remote play their systems on the go. And why wouldn't Microsoft or Sony want this? It would probably lead to some Switch owners buying an Xbox or Playstation just because they want even more great games to be playable on their hybrid device. And none of them gets cheated here, you have to own both a Switch and an Xbox or Playstation, to experience the games of both devices, this isn't some sneaky way to get games from another device on one system without owning the other system.

    The only people that might object to this as mentioned earlier, would be third party devs who love when a player enjoys a game so much that they buy it again for another system, just for say the ability to now play it on the go such as Rocket League, Doom, or Skyrim. Thing is, third party devs have no say in the matter, they may object, but they can't stop Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft from making such a joint venture. Now, perhaps Microsoft would object because they benefit from the likes of Minecraft being sold multiple times to the same people so they can experience it on all their systems of choice. I'm sure that's probably a sizable amount of money honestly, but Minecraft would still undeniably be a huge success even if they pulled this kind of move. But if Microsoft didn't object purely for Minecraft and/or any other Xbox games that they also sell on the Switch like Cuphead, then they could simply make those games not be accessible when remote playing your Xbox on the Switch; that would be a little scummy, but it's a small selection of games that it would affect, so it wouldn't be the biggest of deals.

    I really really want to see such a thing happen, and to some small extent it all seems and feels so feasible and like it might even happen, yet on the other hand, I know absolutely better than to hope for such a game-changing feature, even if I still strongly believe it could greatly benefit each party that would be involved with making such a thing a reality.
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    Finally did the mod to replace my New 3DS XL's C-stick with a PSP analog stick

    And good lord, why didn't I do this sooner? When I first go my N3DS XL, the c-stick worked fine, it was never comfortable, but it was functioning, in a matter of a few months though, I noticed I was no longer able to really push it to the right unless I really jammed on it. It made using it very difficult. But today my PSP analog stick came in the mail, I got a gray one, that's very close in color to the c-stick that was already there, I pulled out the c-stick with a a small screw driver and placed the PSP stick on. And now it works better than ever, I should have done this forever ago, and it feels so much better to use too.
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