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    MicmasH_W Not a whole lot of you even know me. That’s ok.
    But I put myself out there as the emotional support leopard, and... I’m not. That’s ok. I can be a friend, just don’t expect miracles ok? :)

    I just thought I could be helpful to people that are depressed, so I wanted to help, but no. There are better people to do that for you.
    I’ll take anyone who’s lonely though ;)
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    no you just get to see rick no ama here
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    MicmasH_W You should have never found this blog.

    MicmasH_W hello!

    My name is obviously fake and should not be trusted at all costs.
    I am an aspiring artist, who instead of aspiring finds more interesting things to do like eating candy
    and/or bugging people on forums with either spam or stupid questions.

    I love music of the jazz/fusion , funk, chiptune, vulfpeck and elevator varieties.
    You heard that right. I'm a genuine elevator music snob.
    I want to be able to play guitar fluently, and although I'm pretty alright with a piano there are years worth of
    improvement ahead of me. I love the electric bass thanks to Joe Dart.

    I'm a little lonely so please say hi every once in a while.
    My language patterns, especially online, tend to feel rushed and somewhat lacking. It stems from me being excited and eager to respond, while at the same time outmanuever my corrupted CF card of a brain and get all the big points out in some way without forgetting them, so if you see me typing like a 5-year-old... eNGlisH iS mY sEcoND lAnGuAge (again, not true.)

    Anyways, I believe that the Bible is true while simultaneously loving science as a means to glorify my God, and I would love to discuss it with you in a polite and calm manner. I'm not going to try and shove it off on you or "convert" somebody (you've got control of your heart, it's your decision not mine :) ).
    That's it for now, thanks for reading this and please don't die.
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