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    MewAndKirby God damn this game is awesome, the style, the animation, the gameplay, it's just too good! its so amazing, it reminds me alot of ren and stimpy, rocko, and courage, its just too good! you cant explain it, thats how good it is, just look it up and u will not be disappointed, and the fact it was made by one person (well except for the music) is just astounding.
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    MewAndKirby yea i felt scared being 13 and felt like i was too childish for a modding community, i hope u guys can accept the fact that im a bit younger, and that my age doesnt matter. i know it isnt important but i felt like i should atleast admit it
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    MewAndKirby No this isnt a meme or anything and im not leaving (not like u would care lol) but just think it would be nice to let everyone know that they are loved and that there is atleast someone that cares for them, there are 7 billion people out there after all. So if you're going through depression, dont do any thing that would harm you, because if you keep going you will succeed. But back on point, its nice to let everyone know that they are cared for.