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    Megakuma so the other day I decided to bring my 3ds to school and it was around lunchtime, so I started playing it and my friend goes "wtf how did you get all this stuff" then I go "yup it's hecked, want me to do it to yours" so when I got home I did the dsiware crud since he was on 11.6 and dhdgdisjdhdgdisjneyeggd you know what happens. So the next day I give my friend his 3ds back, and right when he gets it he starts bragging about in front of everyone. I kinda thought it was a bit annoying but whatever. about a week passes by and since i walk to school, I saw a kid who looked like he was maybe in 3rd or 4th grade and he was on his 3ds and so i peeked over at it and he apparently had freeshop so i replied "oh you have cfw, cool" then he says "yup, dis older boi got it on here 4 meh, he made me pay $40 tho" and I was thinking "wait, shouldn't cfw be free and always free" I was about to tell him he should get his money back but it was too late, so later in the day I tell my friend that a little kid got scammed of cfw and wouldn't you know my friend says "yeah I think I got a little kid cfw yesterday for $40* I was suprised that he probably already knew about plailects guide or just followed a tutorial on youtube. I asked if he did it to any other people and apparently he did and he's made a profit off of about 20 other people.

    he hasn't been my friend since

    (just in case if you're wondering yes everyone got their money back)
    Megakuma S tier: X Y, Crystal
    A tier: SuMo, FrLg, BW2, HGSS
    B tier: BW, Platinum, Ultra SuMo, GS
    C tier: DP, RBY
    D tier: ORAS
    Too much fukn water tier: RSE
    Megakuma It is quite clear that action 52 is the best NES game there is.
    There is so much innovation in it, there's 52 games in one cart, all of the games are clearly functional and great.
    And active enterprises made sure to test evey game on there and give it a reasonable pri-

    And how dare they give it two stars on amazon, who do they think they are, critics? Pfffffffft

    An example of a great game on action 52 is Alfred N the fettuc. The game is so great it decides not boot up at all.

    Another one is ooz. A button for jumping? No not here. We all know you use the B button to jump. Riiiiiiiight? No wonder IGN gave super Mario bros a rating of 2/10

    And probably the best game on there is cheetahmen. The game is a much better platformer than Mario bros. The game is so great that they even made a sequel which didn't even need its own cart. They just recycled the same cart.

    If you have $500 lying around as a doormat buy it NoW
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