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    Megadriver94 It really grinds my damn gears!
    >b-but they did it for adding new features.
    Gen 2 added new features
    No dex purge
    Gen 6 added the Mega stones
    No dex purge
    And yet they do it with Gen 8!?
    >They can fit all Pokemon into the less powerful 3DS handheld, which at best is on par with the Gamecube
    >But they can't fit all the Pokemon into a game for a system that is not only more powerful than the Xbox 360 and Wii U, but also the PS3...

    I'm sitting this one out until Gen 9.
    Gamefreak apologists in a nutshsell.

    Megadriver94 It has become quite apparent to me that a big chunk of Miiverse clones are either shut down or are in danger of being shut down. What I can tell of this. Indeed, nowadays the Miiverse community is in shambles for the most part.

    CLOSEDVERSE: Shut down because Arian Kordi got found out by the police to be saving Gigabytes of CP, and all the computers in his house got confiscated.

    Cedar: Also got shut down, but in Cedar's case, it was because of a rather declining rate of traffic to the site and lack of interest from the site Admin.

    Indigo: Got overrun with trolls and doxxings after less than a week of being online, and after a while P2FM decided to pull the plug.

    Ziiverse: Shut down before Miiverse itself shut down

    Oasis: Still online, but in danger of being shut down permanently in just over 2 weeks from now. *Crosses fingers that there will be donations and major petitions to rescue it* :bortz2::unsure::yay:

    Anonyverse: Had little to no actual regulation, and died out quickly for reasons similar to that of Indigo.

    Uiiverse: Online, and still kicking. (Sidenote: I recently registered on there).
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