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    DSTT Review

    1. Intro
    2. Packaging and first impressions
    3. Appearance and sturdiness
    4. GUI
    5. Performance
    6. Conclusion and lasting appeal​

    1. INTRO​

    I have owned a DSTT for around 3 months. I was really pleased with what I got and I enjoy it very much. The DSTT was new to me and I did not know what kind of quality flash card I was getting. Seeing that it was cheap, I ordered it because it was cheap and looked to be good. There are many good qualities of the DSTT. These include:

    -Drag n' Drop interface
    -No Flashme and built-in NoPass
    -Supports SDHC (Big thumbs up!)
    -Up to 32gb memory
    -Works on any OS
    -Comes with SDHC reader
    -Supports Moonshell
    -Soft reset
    Those are only a few pluses to the DSTT.


    No surprises when I got it in the mail. Standard plastic and cardboard for everything nowadays. The card looks very sleek and nice.

    In the box:

    -DSTT with plastic case
    -GBA & Explorer pak
    -Rumble pak (useless to me because I have the original DS
    -SDHC card reader
    -DS Lite USB charger
    -Installation CD

    A lot of extras as far as I'm concerned and very nice of the team as well! The installation CD has the latest update, and further updates can be obtained from the official website. Nicely done on first impressions.


    The card itself is white with the DSTT logo on the front. The micro SD card fits flush inside the slot (but I've heard the first few batches didn't quite fit flush). The MicroSD slot is spring-loaded and accessible from the top of the card, making it easy to get in and out. The card is stardard DS game size. It feels that the card is pretty sturdy and won't break easily.


    The card simply skips the startup screen and jumps right into the OS (like most cards). When it starts up you get the screen with the list of homebrew and games. Nothing new here. The firmware included on the CD is not up-to-date and I reccomend download the newest version from the webstite. all files are detected and can be opened.

    Icons are place by the game names. An icon will show up gray if cheats are off for a game and then yellow if the cheats are actually turned on. The top screen is useful as it displaying more information. You can press the plus button next to any game (or press SELECT) to access game options, like soft reset and cheats, which you can select on and off. Press right or hit the cheats tab to access the list of cheats.

    The DSTT actually includes cheat support as I have mentioned.

    L+R+START+UP = Cheats on
    L+R+START+DOWN = Cheats off

    DLDI auto-patching is great feature on any flashcard. This feature makes homebrew very easy to pick up. It worked great from me.

    Unfortunately, There is no Multimedia built in. But luckily there are plenty of alternatives to download.

    Skinning is one of my favorite features of the card. The skinning is such an easy way that is almost fun.


    Another good part of the DSTT. The ROM capability is great. Some games I tested were:

    Viewtiful Joe: pass
    New Super Mario Bros: pass
    Kirby: Canvas Curse: pass
    Clubhouse Games: pass
    Super Mario 64 DS: pass
    Yoshi Touch & Go: pass
    Warioware: Touched!: pass
    Diddy Kong Racing DS: pass
    MarioKart DS: pass
    Starfox DS: pass

    *All the games listed above that include Download play and WiFi also work. No problems there.

    From my game experiences, the list goes on and on and is 100%. All homebrew including DSOrganize, SVSip and Moonshell work great. I won't get into that too much.

    The GBA adapter I don't use because it doesn't fit in my DS, but from what I've read, it's a nice feature but confusing.

    Saving a game saves in the Micro SD card making it a very reliable card for game saves.


    I love my DSTT and feel I got a great deal on it. I love all the extras compiled with it, the features and the frequent updates. It's a great card for anyone and I reccomend it for all. Now lets look back at all the things that were mentioned.

    -Very sturdy build
    -Easy to use
    -Skinnable interface
    -SDHC compatible
    -DLDI auto-patching
    -Soft reset
    -GBA support
    -ROM support
    -100% capability

    -I don't like the auto boot and never did
    -Saves aren't separate
    -First batch didn't fit flush

    Overall I give the DSTT a 8.9/10

    I hope this review helped you and your learned something new!