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    What I've Been Up To

    Hey Tempers, most of you probably don't know me because I'm typically silent on here. However, I decided to write a blog and tell you everyone what I've been up to! I'm still very new into the programming game, (sophomore in Uni; CS major.) but I've been working on a PoC. I've been working on an overflow of sorts on 3DS versions 11.4>. I'm still very new into testing things, and having to download smealums, Tinivi, and a few others programs, and going through their code. What I'm trying to achieve is running two instances of homebrew causing an overflow allowing implementation of a new haxx. What sparked this interest is that I decided to run HANS, and then try to run homebrew again through stickerhax. Of course, this throws an, "failed to locate takeover object :( " that means I have to implement some calls to get that working, but the problem is I'm not sure if I can load another instance of homebrew. So far I've gotten black screens and red screens. I would think it to be possible to somehow cause an overflow, but I'll never know until I test everything I can think of. That's pretty much what I've been doing for the past day. I hope everyone is having a great holiday season!~
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    Gotta Love Apple..

    Long story short, I tried putting a custom text tone on my iPhone 6 today (it was the secret sound from Zelda Twilight Princess) and my iTunes "synced" it to my phone, but in the process, deleted over 20gb of music! GOTTA LOVE APPLE! Syncing shouldn't touch my music. I was syncing a Tone, and now I've lost music that I've had for quite awhile now.. I can't get any of that music back because I've had it since I had a Galaxy S3 in 2013, and transferred it all from there when I got an iPhone last year. R.I.P. music.
    Sorry for such a crappy blog, I just had to get it off my chest. Kind of aggravating that Apple doesn't even store any music in a backup either.