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    MaxNuker Hey guys, maybe many don't remember me... I was a user of the temp, i went on vacation, but since then i didn't have much time to come on the temp... 10th Grade started... so yeah...

    SO, guys!!! I have a wii that needs to be modded, anyone wanna help me?
    MaxNuker What's up guys!!!!!!!!

    I'm finally back from my vacations and today is my birthday!..... no one made a blog thread for me! :(

    Anyways, i'm back and i'll be more active again xD

    and now... Happy birthday to me!
    MaxNuker Im going on vacation for 2 weeks, near the beach.... gonna be cool!!!!

    got plenty of ds games to play...

    I might come to gbatemp once or twice a day to check things out, and post some news about my vacations...

    so... thats it folks xD

    now a short story I feel like sharing... this happened between me and 1 of my best friends ( a girl )

    We we're talking and I had a Sub-Nick in MSN saying "I love anime" or something along those lines

    We we're talking about something and then she comes and says:

    She :Men, you still watch cartoons? Thats childish you know? I think that's the reason you never had a girlfriend.

    I: Oh yeah? I prefer watching it than dating or even knowing people that don't respect me for who I am and judge me from what I watch, so fuck off and Get the Fuck out!

    After that, I blocked her immediately from my MSN, on the school she almost knee'd before me for me to apologize her.

    When I got home, I unblocked her and posted the next frase as my sub-nick.

    "If by watching anime, I'm a children, then I prefer to be a children then to hear from people that don't even respect me as I am"

    So yeah, now everytime I'm talking about manga/anime she doesn't even opens her mouth, but I don't talk about these with her anyway.
    MaxNuker Hey Guys,

    So this year im going for a 15 day vacation with my family to a house near the beach... we have to get through 1 street and we are on the beach.... but i can't be on the beach 24/7 so i need something to entertain me.....

    I'd like people to give me a cool PS2 emulator for PC... if it exists....

    And also, I'd like a list of good games for GBA, GBC, NES, SNES, NDS, PSX, PS2 and PC... LIST THEM IN A SPOILER PLEASE!!!!

    I made a similar topic asking for NDS games but i've played some and I think that at this rhythm I won't have games for the holidays! xD

    And that list didn't envolve PS2 games, etc...

    You can find the list I made before here:

    MaxNuker Okay, so i'll list the games i already have and tell me what im missing of good games and/or homebrew and such

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    So what am i missing?

    I Like almost every type of game, so just shoot me with some nice games!

    If possible give a little description about the games, for example: how they play, etc.


    MaxNuker Woot, i just got my 500 post mark!!!!!!

    since i joined the temp, i've made some cool friends... but most people here might not know me...

    so yeah, im MaxNuker, mostly called Max (not my real name though)

    My real name is André.

    Since i registered in the temp, its been like a second home xD

    Everyday I lurk the temp... and now i'm the Official Shinigami that is also the Official Wielder of the Zangetsu :b

    Well... appart from that, today was a normal day again, had a good time with the girl that i have been talking to a lot... still, i could not say what i feel for her... she seems to blush everytime her friend ( she's also a friend of mine) says something about me, for example:

    The girl i've been talking to, loves my eyes (they are green :b) and everytime her friend says something like: "Shut up, you love his eyes, but that isn't the only thing that you love" she seems to blush.... aha, is it a good sign?

    Anyways, Exams coming on the 20th and on the 22th... not a big deal... i have a 4 in 5 mark... so, even if i take a 1 in 5 mark at the exam, i pass the 9th grade... so... not a big problem i think xD
    MaxNuker Well as the title says: School ended for me...

    still i got exams in the 20th and the 22nd of this month...

    i will miss my class... we were together since 1st grade... and we were on the 9th now...

    i have extra classes on the next week so we can study with the teachers help for the exams...

    i'll get to see this girl that im talking to, and maybe start dating her... her friends says that i should try, that im someone special to her... and that kind of things and today one of them, when i was talking to the girl i like and she said that she loved my eyes (they are green fyi), her friend said: that isnt the only thing you love...(something along this lines) and then she started blushing... i think thats a good sign?

    I want to tell her what i feel for her... could anyone give me some advice?

    and for the end
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    That was i playing some days ago... i can now play all the song at a full rythm... that was one of my 1st try's at it xD
    MaxNuker Okay... im a huge pokemon fan... i dont own pokemon black / white at the moment... but i play the rom on my m3i zero... so... i have 40€... i dont know if i should buy a SC DSTWO, a AceKard 2i or a retail cart of pokemon black or white...

    i'd get a second flashcart because both me and my brother love playing on the m3i zero... so sometimes i cant play because he is playing... but i really want a retail cart of the pokemon b/w...

    so... could anyone help me chosing?
    MaxNuker well... so... this is my 1st blog... i'll be talking about some problems i have met on the last weeks... and the goods thing that happened...

    so, 1-2 weeks ago i went to disneyland resort paris for 4 days... i stayed on the hotel santa fé... it was amazing!! i loved everything about it!! its like we were on disney cartoons and such, ourselfs!! it ruled so much!!!

    3 weeks ago i got a injury on my legs muscle... had to stop playing soccer for like 2 weeks... now im back to the team, and im gonna play this sunday, and will be wearing the captain band ( if everything works allright, and if the mister wants me to wear it :b), i have been the captain since the start of the season... i think that this injury wont take the band away from me xD

    Again... im a 14 years old and never had a girlfriend... this seems like a big issue for my friends that had girlfriends... well... i liked this girl on my school class... but when i told her that i really loved her and i wanted to be with her... she said that i was like a brother to her and that she didnt feel the same for me... why god... why? >.<

    Tomorrow i'll be going on my Senior Trip... i think thats the name you give to it... im on the 9th grade, last year on that school and such... so the P.E professors, every year make this senior trip for the 9th grade students... we are going to a camp, will be on the beach... the girl that i like will be there too... gotta control myself i think....

    we will have a prom too... too bad i could not ask the girl that i like to go with me... i think i didnt have the courage to make it... instead i invited my "sister", shes like my best friend, and we are always huging and such on school, and we talk about many of our problems and we tell each other everything... some people might even think we date! xD

    anyways, im gonna do paintball, and im gonna do some many headshots... im gonna like everytime i headshot someone im gonna scream HEAAAAAAAAADSHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! xDDD its gonna be awesome!! on the morning we are going to the beach....

    On friday's night we are gonna have Karaoke before the prom... im gonna go sing!! im gonna do it! xD, i dont know if im a good singer, most likely not, but still i'll go :D
    most likely... if there is Xutos & Pontapés or any other rock band that i like its a sure thing to go and sing! xD

    i think its gonna be awesome... and i hope so... i wont be here tomorrow and only will be back on saturday... so i'll only be here on saturday to post xD
    i will update this when i get back :D