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    22 Feb 2019

    So... Is this like a diary?

    Lets see...

    Got a bad knee, bad back, walk with a stick this week.

    Worked on some switches this week.

    Two BQ24193 repairs
    3 M92T36 replacements
    3 LCD connector replacements
    2 emmc rebuilds
    4 SAMD21 fitted for homebrew
    1 software "release"

    Got 2 switches outstanding... Tricky little buggers.
    Broken my Hakko element, so I thought "I have a box full. I`ll replace it".

    But OH no... Dropped the box. And I`m still picking up bits of ceramic now.

    So ordered some ching chong ones to see me through.

    Feel like I`m getting somewhere now de-rusting my C skills. I actually used to be rather good back in the day. But now I`m shit at it. Still, old head injuries tend to do that. I look back over my old old old source code from the 90s and I wonder... "How the f**k did I do that?"

    A little piece of advice... If you can code, don`t ever stop. Or you will end up useless.

    What else happened this week... Oh yeah...

    There are now 7 people living in this house. We have acquired 4 kids (not going into the reasons on here). It feels like we have opened the UK`s newest borstal.

    My views on Brexit?
    Leave without a deal. The writing is on the wall.

    That Begum girl/woman terrorist? My views?
    Hang her. The left think we should be "more tolerant". It`s because of the left wing traitors the world is in the politically correct mess that it is. They all need euthanising on the left and hopefully evolution will allow people with a braincell to fill the void you have graciously created.

    That is all.