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    MattKimura I notice that there are users out there that be like "YAY Gateway, now I got the power" BUT then they be like "I hate .3ds games, gives me problems. All I use are .cia games"

    Dude! You could've just used Rxtools and did the same thing! Don't you realize that you could have had the simplicity of loading up your games with the Gateway card?

    I'm not saying that .3ds games are better than cia, but if you HAVE a Gateway, why the heck are you using all CIA?! It makes Gateway obsolete and you might as well throw it away and use Rxtools from then on.

    It's understandable if you've had Gateway BEFORE Rxtools was Pasta-fied. But even then, why not take advantage of your Gateway and make the best of it?

    Usually people have problems with the multi rom menu because of their crappy micro SD card giving them problems such as fragmentation, games missing, etc. And they also have major problems with headers, when it's SO easy to manage compared to Sky3DS. In other words, problems with the multi rom menu is often caused from noob misunderstanding. Been using my Gateway on my 3DS XL, and migrated to a New 3DS XL and it still works perfect. So why not use .3ds roms when you have a Gateway?

    Cia games ARE still useful in Gateway since it can act as extra space for more games. Or if you wanted to keep Eshop games as cia just to look legit, you can do that too. But if the majority of your 3DS games are cia, you've got a problem.

    Just understand what you're doing when you choose to go all Cia with Gateway.