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    Please! Remember that this is a blog about topics quite serious to me! So keep it seriously! And remember, my English isn't so good.
    Broken. That's what I'm feeling now writing this blog. Broken for multiple things.
    I will go calmly to explain the reasons why I feel that way.
    First, I'm starting a new school. New friends, new people to know. That's the point. New people to know. I'm just so bad to make new friends. The real me is not like the MartyDreamy of Gbatemp, Discord or whatever. The real Martina is a shy girl who has difficulty to make new friends. "But everybody can't be your friends, there will be someone who will hate you for no reason" and that's true. But I can't just make a friend. ONE FUCKING FRIEND. I'm alone. And that hurts me so much. I'm just asking to myself, what's wrong with me? Why I can't make new friends? Why MartyDreamy can? I'm just trying to be sweet or gentle like I am for real, but it doesn't matter. My classmate just ignores me. And I don't the fuck know why.
    Another reason. My parents are not very good at health. And this can make them sad and angry sometimes wondering why all these problems. I'm not thinking it's my fault and they do not even think of it. But this also makes me very sad.
    And the last one, I broke with my "boyfriend" (In quotes as it could not be said that the one we were in was a serious relationship, at least for him) He just starts to ignore me for no reason, go with other girls and start treating me badly. I'm not one of those girls who let me subdue by the boy, I also came to throw a slap on his face. I forgive him 2 times for other things. Now I don't want to see him. Not anymore. This year was terrible for my family and me. This year makes my heart and my soul broken.
    I thank everyone who read this blog. I finally ventured. I hope you've taken this blog seriously and as I said before, do not joke about these things, at least with me.

    A kiss from Martina :shy:
    MartyDreamy Why I'm doing this?


    MartyDreamy I'm back from my holidays! So...I can make again 3ds themes and other stuff :3
    Btw in Sardinia i did some drawings (but they aren't very good xD)
    If you want to see it...

    IMG_20160904_134724. IMG_20160904_134619. IMG_20160904_134627. IMG_20160904_134633. IMG_20160904_134640. IMG_20160904_134647. IMG_20160904_134654. IMG_20160904_134701.

    I play a lot with my cousins and I swam a lot on the sea :3

    So...I'm here guys! <3

    MartyDreamy So..yeah...tomorrow I'm going in Sardinia for summer holidays (Click here if you don't know the Sardinia)
    I'll stay active as ever (don't worry ^^)
    BUT I won't make more themes for the 3ds until 4 September :P
    -Stay Dark!-

    PART 1:

    Yesterday i met again my best friend....
    We were shooting for the city playing Pokemon Go.
    I had no time because it was almost dinner time so we were walking around very fast. When I come home I asked him:
    "Did you like the Kiss as last time?" He held up his shoulders and said "I don't know"
    I said "Oh okay" ...and I said "Okay see ya!"
    I don't know if he don't love me or he don't want any love stories in general...
    Because he say to me 2 months ago "I don't like the love... and i don't want to have any love stories..."
    MartyDreamy PART 2:

    Yesterday my Friend has returned from France for Summer Holidays and he ask me if I can go on his house for install on his Phone Pokémon Go (yea he's a big fan of Pokémon <3)
    I'm very happy because we have only few days before i'm going in Sardinia for my summer holydays
    So... I'm going to his house and I install it and we play Mario Bros Wii Meanwhile, we expect that his phone was charged.
    We go outside and we catch some pokemon (he has very happy for play Pokémon go :D)
    Time passed and we had already captured a lot of pokemon . It was late and I had to go home . Then I told Bye ! And I gave him a quick kiss . I am rushing back home more quickly as I could and in my head I said to myself " I can not believe I kissed him ! " For me it was nice but I do not know ... he did not look happy .... maybe because I dragged him and I gave him a kiss .... But I like him a lot but I do not know whether to tell him how I feel ....
    (Remember I'm Italian and my english is not perfect)
    MartyDreamy So.....
    Now i write all my life on Temp....
    I start on the 2015 the 1st of July and my first post is for the Custom Theme for 3ds (look on my themes!) and i took my first medal (the medals under my Nickname) with all post in Custom themes Theread. Then I started to have my first followers and I wasso happy for this! Then I started to explore around the forum to understand habits of this forum...and I started just to socialize with many of you. Then I got the first crush on a user who thankfully counters (A.K.A @GhostLatte <3) Then I continued between create themes for the 3ds and talk with all of you and I've made many new friends (A.K.A @CosmoCortney @BurningDesire @Filo97 @jDSX @Bubsy Bobcat @A_Random_Guy @Ichicoro @nxwing @mgrev @Christpher Suárez @Zelock and @Jackus (but this 2 maybe hate me...for a long story) @DinohScene (We love both Miraculous ^^) @Voxel Studios (He is very friendly with me ^^) @VinsCool )
    So...I love temp and I want to continue my life on Temp <3

    (and I have also a stalker A.K.A @TheKawaiiPug He is obessioned by me...but he is a fantastic friend <3)
    Marty ;D
    MartyDreamy Sup guys. Is from 1st of July that I'm registered here and I'm very happy for this.
    I start here with custom theme for 3ds and now I do a little of both :D
    I found here a lot of cool people, boys and girls.
    So...thanks all of you guys. Especially Cherry Pie CosmoCortney TheKawaiiPug VinsCool Bubsy Bobcat nxwing mgrev Zelock Cristpher Suàrez A_Random_Guy DinohScene Ryumaru jDSX ihaveamac Voxel Studios Sonic Angel Knight and Burning Desire. Thanks a lot guys.
    (Please don't hate me for my bad english but I'm Italian XD)
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