1. Everyone, in honor of my sister's dead cousin, there's the new movie, Soul. And in the great before, souls get their personalities before going to earth. If you heard of it, here's the trailer of the movie. [MEDIA]
  2. JuanMena, since you never heard of Comin' up Christmas time, here's the song. I hope that you'll enjoy it. Also, that song is from Yogi's first Christmas and Casper's first Christmas. [MEDIA]
  3. Alex, if you haven't played Donkey kong country tropical freeze on the WiiU, you got to check out this trailer of the game, which is on the switch. Besides, there's the new funky mode. It's when players can play as Funky Kong. Here's the full trailer of the switch game. [MEDIA]
  4. Everyone and PKG, remember that classic game, Pokemon snap? Well, I heard that the classic game will be on the switch. And it has all 1000 Pokemon in the game. And players can give Pokemon apples as their snack. Here's the trailer of the game. [MEDIA]
  5. Everyone and PKG, about a few months ago, I got Pokemon ultra moon. And legend tells that Necrozma is very evil in Alola. He can be fused with Solgaleo or Lunala by absorbing the light. Also, there's the team rainbow rocket episode in ultra sun and ultra moon, too. So, here's the overview...
  6. Everyone and Alex, I have finally caught Necrozma. But I need your help to get his Z move so that I can use it to battle Giovonni. It known as Light that burns the sky. And it's a powerful and strong move. Here's ultra Necrozma's Z move and you'll see what I mean. [MEDIA]
  7. Everyone and Alex, I heard that if you do your chores, you'll get money by doing the chores. I always do my chores to get rewards every week. But some kid get to do chores every week. If you don't believe me, here's the song about doing chores to earn money. [MEDIA]
  8. Everyone and Alex, since the corona virus is a kind of germ, germs can get us sick. The only way to stay away from germs is washing our hands. Besides, our CN friends are washing their hands or paws. Here's the message about how to wash our hands. [MEDIA]
  9. In my similar version of Runaway Reptar, Sparkle the hamster created a shadow Lugia Robot so she can get all the jewels and gems for herself. Of course, a green haired man from Pokemon movie 2000 gave her the idea of capturing the real Lugia. Though, he's not a hamster. Also, the shadow Lugia in...
  10. In many countries, people celebrate the day of the dead every October. It's like Mexican Halloween. And it has skeleton treats and candies as well as parties. Of course, the day of the dead is very fun. If you don't believe me, here's the clip about the Mexican Halloween holiday. And also, my...
  11. Everyone and Alex, sometimes I'm scared of monsters in the night or the dark. That problem reminds me of a super veggietales episode. Although, it's similar to sailor moon and Pokemon episode involving an evil Lycanroc. It's when Larryboy and a group of super vegetables must stop an evil...
  12. Everyone and Xerion, if you remember Pokemon mystery dungeon, there's the first mystery dungeon game on the switch for the first time. Because it's similar to the anime. If you don't believe me, here's the full trailer of the switch game. [MEDIA]
  13. Everyone, since when I was a child, I saw this commercial about water ballet involving a white duck. It's very funny. But water ballet is fun, you know. If you don't believe me, here's the clip of the commercial. [MEDIA]
  14. Everyone and Alex, since my birthday is almost here, I'm going to get a circus book called Ms.Bindergarten plans a circus with kindergarten. Why? Because I love the circus. Because this is a very fun book. If you don't believe me, here's the full story of the book. [MEDIA]
  15. Everyone, there's a fun game on the 3DS called Zoo resort 3D. It's where players can be a zookeeper and take care of the zoo animals. I have that game, you know. And I always play it everyday and night. If you don't believe me, here's the clip of the game! [MEDIA]
  16. Everyone and Alex, on a hot day, zoo animals get hot in the heat of summer. Luckily, the people of the zoos help animals stay cool by making ice treats. They use fruits and vegetables in the ice and freezes the ice treats. If you don't believe me, here's what I mean. [MEDIA]