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  • Mama Looigi

    I don’t know what to buy

    I’m seriously
    Struggling to decide

    For once in my life, I went and got a pile of money that I’m forcing myself to spend entirely on leisure stuff instead of putting it into savings because I’m cheap
    Teenagers usually piss money away right? I was never good at that


    I’ve been considering
    •A GBA

    •A GameCube

    •Starting on a PC (but this is a really bad time to start so I kindaa eh)

    •Fullbody VR tracking. A new kit is coming out by a third party company for $120

    •A PS4- but any of the ones within budget look... more than questionable

    •A Wii U

    I just
    I don’t know
    I suck at choosing
    Should I even spend? I mean I was making myself do this-
    But still
    Indecisiveness B-)

    Any opinions from the public?
  • Mama Looigi

    Beat Saber but I’m complaining about things that are my fault

    I can’t physically move fast enough ;O;
    Like Ghost on Expert+ for example- my brain processes fast enough to take in every block. But my armssss are so slowwwww and it doesn’t seem to be changing no matter how much I play it
    Maybe it’s because I learned to not be aggressive or move fast because I destroyed my paws so many times on my old desk-

    But like
    I was a speedrunner for a different VR game that was also mostly arm movement. And I made it to the top 2!

    So why
    Can’t I just
    Do the fast?

    Expert songs are starting to get boring- but I haven’t been able to do an expert+ song that wasn’t in OST 1

    Another thing
    My dog! -O-
    Luckily the Quest is soon going to add an intrusion thing. Meaning that things that enter your play space will be outlined in your guardian. For example if a dog walks by, you’ll see an outline of the dog until it leaves

    Back on topic
    I’m stuck.
    I don’t have muscle memory like normal people do either!
    So Expert+ is so difficult for me ;O;
  • Mama Looigi

    I have another something to tell you all...

    I’m not actually the cat from Persona 5! ;O;
    I’m actually a trans woman named Lilith [Redacted... I’m watching you stalkers:ph34r:] who’s allergic to cats, and I’m not your biological mother :sad:
    I’m just an ordinary furry who draws sexy ass Josuke’s!
    I hope you can forgive me :cry:
  • Mama Looigi

    I have something to tell you all...

    I’m not
    Really a cat-
    I’m sorry I lied to you! :cry:
    The truth is...
    I’m morgana from Persona 5! ;O;
    I am NOT A CAT! :(

    I hope you all will forgive me :ohnoes:
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  • Mama Looigi

    I won’t be reading replies to this blog post

    Hai children
    I won’t look at any responses to this for at least a year. Just remember that mods exist though- don’t try any funny business -O-
    Oo I’m passing a graveyard as I’m typing this-
    Have demon that pretty much represents my soul UwU
  • Mama Looigi

    I made a drawing I’m really proud of (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)

    I’ve been trying to improve my art skills recently- and it’s been going well :3
    Got some really helpful advice from @x65943
    And now
    I feel confident enough to show some things I worked on alone-
    Although they’re not all finished, so for now here’s one complete boi, one shitpost, and one cat head UwU

    First, cat head! This was when I learned how to do expressions and add more emotion >:3
    This is my favorite cat head so far-
    (I draw a l o t)

    And now-
    My best work so far U’’w’’U

    Josuke Higashikata!
    I spent around 5 hours on this- x3 it’s the first time I was ever able to draw a body correctly

    And lastly-
    This lil shit pfft
    “The tomboy and femboy bible ft. Lilith Valentine”
    I know my handwriting sucks-
    First art shitpost >:3

    Thats all for today :3
  • Mama Looigi

    Who is Mama Looigi? ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

    Hallo all you beautiful tempers :3
    This is a new and improved! ™️ version of a previous blog post where I talk about me B-)
    Where do I start?
    I’m Mama. Mama Looigi!

    I’m a cat-

    Around a foot in sitting height :3c

    My favorite color is purple- my second favorite is every other color.

    I spend a lot of my time here at Gameboy Advance Temporary and I love it!

    I’m a VR and Emulation, and speedrunning enthusiast-

    My favorite console is the N64-
    My favorite non-console is my laptop.

    I watch anime, I like cards and card games for not good reasons, and I spend hours setting up a game or emulator, only to never use it!

    I like a few different types of music, including classical, Lo-Fi, Jazz, Heavy Metal, Orchestral, and more!
    But I hate Pop music- and Hip Hop. Bleh

    I have a personality disorder, bipolar depression, and an awful memory!
    Physically, I‘m immunocompromised (really bad immune system), some other stuff I’m forgetting, and I have Systemic Mastocytosis.

    I love demons and furry-related stuff. I’m pansexual and transgender. I’m working on my own story that I’d love to have adapted into a show someday! Here’s a character design sheet of one boi in it >:3
    Is he a rabbit? Is he an alien? Who knows! No one! (I’m not totally sure and I don’t know if I ever will be sure of what he actually is and he’s my hecking OC :rofl:)

    And another lil bit of concept art :3
    (Drawn by my boyfriend-)

    What else? Hmm
    I try to be the best person I can- x3 I hope I seem nice to all the other users around here-

    I love VR!
    I’m a huge VR fan. And I can see the potential it has for the future- for years all it’s done is become exponentially better non-stop. I made a news thread in General Off-Topic- Maybe go check it out? Please? For me? :sad:
    Well I mean
    It’s just gonna take time to become something that everyone has- I mean come on, a Nintendo console isn’t even something everyone has.

    I guess I’ve always been a nerd of sorts- and I’m passionate about technology. Hopefully I can find a job that suits me well. Maybe 2D animation if I can get gud at drawing-

    I love games- as most of us do. I prefer controller nowadays- my favorite games are Super Mario 64 and VRchat.

    I’m a massive Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss fan- (I simp as fuckkk for Charlie)
    And the creators of those shows are actually what got me into animation and art- x3
    Specifically because of their podcast, knows as Hunicast.

    I’m also a big fan of Vtubers and the whole concept- Gawr Gura 4 life >:333

    What else? Cats- yes, cats are amazing. I am cat.

    I grew up in California- I’m currently in the process of moving for the first time which has LASTED SEVERAL MONTHS because I’m moved into a house that has not yet been built

    Zelda is better than Mario but Mario game is awesome

    Scott took liking from me- I invented liking
    Good night everybody! *Hughughug*
  • Mama Looigi

    Rambling about Demon Slayer


    The show’s art style is gorgeous- but it’s still very... not smooth-
    I’ve seen Demon Slayer merch several times at stores in the past- and I always thought “Wonder what the show is about”
    Now I see it at stores and think “Damn. I would like to have a Demon Slayer mug”

    Another note- I love Tanjiro’s earrings. Seems like that’s common- and you can buy some online for $6 that look pretty much identical

    It’s a good show too- I love the whole visual aesthetic.

    Lastly, I’m a dub person. And unfortunately, Tanjiro has a very similar voice to Deku from My Hero Academia. By that I mean their stressed/frustrated voice is extremely annoying. One of my biggest gripes with MHA is how damn annoying and whiny he sounds- and HE SCREAMS SO FUCKING MUCH MY GOD

    Back on topic, the show has some funny moments. And emotional ones if I had emotions-
    He really didn’t deserve it. Why do the best people frequently have to suffer the most :cry:
  • Mama Looigi

    Got drunk for the first time

    So went on a party yacht yesterday- totally not mine pfft I can’t even afford a pack of pencils whenever I want one. Someone else brought me there-

    I went over to the bar- there was an old lady. Made friends with her and she was very sweet >:3
    We hung out for awhile after everyone else left, saw some beautiful sights. Saw a bird choke on a fish-
    Then we went back and went on with our days.

    Then near the end I got a drink from somewhere- it tasted weird. You see, I’m still stupid... so I thought nothing of it and drank the full thing. A bit later I was... having a very goooood time. Then we all left a bit later-
    I talked to a few friends, told them I might have been a lil bit drunk... They’re all very experienced, and were able to tell me that I was not a bit drunk- I was extremely drunk :unsure: which might have been concerning for them because I was alone and they all know I can’t take care of myself for shit-

    Some time later- at night, I was walking around in pitch darkness. And that’s the last thing I can remember- I woke up awhile ago with a headache, and I can’t exactly remember what happened at the end...
    Oh well UwU
    Kinda upset since I was planning to not drink for another couple of years -O-
    Not sure if it was an accident or not- since all the people there were good people (maybe?)
    But anyway
    Yes the end
    Not going on another party boat for a long while
  • Mama Looigi

    Lil personal change!

    Well um... just wanted to say- I am now preferring she/her/they pronouns for myself :blush:
    Although you can still refer to me as Mr. Looigi- when I take over here I will be a kitty queen instead of king >:3
  • Mama Looigi

    You thought it was rambling, but it was I- AMA!

    I’m gonna get so many notifications with AMA in now now :rofl:
  • Mama Looigi

    The types of people I choose to be my closest friends...

    D0744B74-0B52-43F5-987E-E8BF07587B83.jpeg 58257762-6C49-42D0-A552-C5C53A86827C.jpeg EB9FDAC6-33C6-4D05-B81B-294CE78033E1.jpeg

    I swear-
  • Mama Looigi

    N64 Game Manuals >:3

    So someone I know was going through all their old stuff, and found some things from their childhood- including the manuals that cane with their N64 Games. And they gave it to me for free >:3
    6E8BEF67-F011-4ED9-A234-35A23FE5D7E8.jpeg A006FB83-9562-4D25-917A-E20E558118E6.jpeg
    It’s great! :P
    As for my other Nintendo 64-related things-
    I have a non-functional Jungle Green N64 I got from a friend. There’s a coin under the green shell somehow- so I’m wondering if that’s the problem, because it doesn’t even turn on (Maybe some electricity thing? I know nothing about that stuff)

    And games-wise, I have Majora’s Mask (Gold cartridge with a 3D image thingy), Smash Bros., and Mario Tennis. I’ll start buying more of the games once I have an actually way to play them on the console-
  • Mama Looigi

    Dual monitors babyyyyy

    So I got a monitor because I’m working towards being able to build a PC. And the monitor is the only thing I can really use right now, so I started with that.
    It’s just- huge to me. The biggest screen I’ve had my whole life is my current one, which is 13 inches. This new one is 27 inches. Like... geez.


    The only reason I really got this is because someone kept bugging me to get a monitor, so I finally got one. And loved it.
    It looks great, but I can only use it with my Nvidia GPU. There’s a few good things about that, and a few bad things-
    Nvidia has much better color settings than intel. I spent countless hours trying to get the colors perfect on my normal screen- but colors on the Nvidia one were perfect out of the box.

    Just... performance in games went down a bit-


    I never realized how good it is to have a second monitor- or a bigger one- I should listen to my friend more-

    Anyway that’s all!
  • Mama Looigi

    Looigi's Emulation Story

    So I'm sure none of you were wondering, but here's how I got into emulation. A story of your favorite cat, going from an incompitent fool, to a compooter nerd.
    The beginning:
    I grew up with a Wii and a DS Lite.
    One day when I was a younger and more annoying person, I was arguing with my dad (A very nostalgia-loving kitty) about which version of SM64 controlled better. (I thought the DS version was better, he thought the original was better. Keep in mind that this was back when I was still a stupid kid.)
    At that point, I hadn't ever played the original version. So he had me try it on the Wii's Virtual Console. That didn't work out, because his classic controller had drifting worse than some switch controllers after like 20 years. I mean, just selecting the game file was a huge challenge. So I searched online for a different way to play it, and saw some guide saying how to play SM64 on PC. So I got a potato laptop some time later (The CPU was less than 2 GHZ). And then the weirdest thing happened. A copy of SM64 just magically appeared on my laptop. Crazy, am I right?
    So then I got Project 64. I followed the guide in setting it up, and after awhile it worked! That guide also led to the discovery of the ROM hack Super Mario Star Road. It took me an extremely long time to get this working. Mostly because no guides specify that you're supposed to change certain settings for ROM hacks.
    But I figured it out eventually! I also stumbled upon some SM64 speedruns. And I gained a huge interest in speedrunning.
    Then there was just one last problem. I didn't have a controller. But I managed to get my hands on one a few months later because I wasn't willing to use a keyboard at the time.
    This was all because of a little disagreement between a stupid kid, and a guy who had actually played both versions.
    Not sure if I need to say, but I loved the original version so much better that I pretty much right away looked at the DS port as the inferior version (Controls wise)
    And after Star Road, I started finding a whole bunch of ROM hacks (Which didn't exactly used to be what they are now). And I played SM64 every single day for such a long time. I learned all of the hardest speedrun tricks, and I was still so young. (I can't do most of them anymore for some reason-)
    ...And then a whole mess of consoles:
    So after quite some time later, I was living with a Wii U, a 3DS, and still my Wii (But I never used it because the Wii U upscaled Wii games). The switch was coming soon, and I didn't realize how much I loved my Wii U at the time, so I sold it to be able to afford the upcoming Nintendo Switch. I regretted it, but I mean Breath of the Wild was cool. Then I didn't care about my switch again until Mario Odyssey came out. (I still played SM64 pretty much daily). But one day, I found a Wii U emulator: Cemu. At the time, it was on version 1.11.0, and I was amazed by the thought of having Super Mario 3D World and Breath of the Wild on my laptop. And I thought, "Well SM64 runs at full speed. Shouldn't Wii U games run pretty decent?" (Spoiler: ...No. Just no.) I still had my old lapto0p at the time. And guess what? After some time and many issues, I set up Breath of the Wild and launched it. It was just a wee bit slow. In fact, I had checked my clock at the end of the intro cutscene, Link was standing in the chamber, and it had only been a total of two hours! Isn't that just amazing? :3c
    I also discovered this website called GBAtemp. Ever heard of it? I kept making threads and asking questions that were more noob-ish than you could imagine.
    A little later, I found out about a brand new~ish emulator called Citra. Long story short, performance was downright terrible as well. But at this point I was just kind of humiliated that my laptop couldn't emulate the 3DS. Mostly because I knew the specs of an actual 3DS.
    Around that time, I had also found Dolphin. And I wanted to try this game I had hardly ever heard of my entire life. (Actually, I thought it was a Wii U game at first, and never even bothered to look into it. Then a long time later, I actually found out it was a gamecube game. So I tried Sunshine, and um... I mean, at least the cutscenes were fullspeed :D (...;-;)
    ... So that was when I decided to try and get a new laptop.
    Half a year later (or something like that), I had my new laptop. I didn't play SM64 for over a year after that. I started Mario Sunshine, and it worked perfectly! Cemu worked absolutely horrible (And it took me about 7 months to realize I just had to reinstall it. Good job me.) So I only really played emulated Gamecube and Wii games for awhile.
    But eventually Cemu did start working. And then I kind of only used that all the time. I didn't really start using dolphin again until a few weeks ago.
    Over time, I just kept having too many issues. So fixing them all, I started looking for their causes as well as their fixes. Naturally after that, I started getting a much better understanding of how emulators work. Now I can solve a majority of the issues myself. (But I'm still incompetent when it comes to emulating non-nintendo games)
    I feel as if I should start wrapping this up.
    In conclusion:
    1. If you get into emulation, be ready for the games to never run perfectly.
    And 2. SM64 controls way better than the DS port.
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