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    Maluma I post on another forum not related to gaming and I started to notice that the mods only enforce rules against people they dislike for instance while looking for every excuse in the book to get you banned. On this forum I have had a mod try to pick an argument with me for the sake of trying to get me banned. Seriously,why do these people do that kind of garbage? It honestly seems like the rules on this forum are fake and vague to the point where anyone can be banned at any time for any reason. I guess I just need to vent on here because injustice seriously pisses me off.

    I almost feel like people applied for the position on this particular forum,only to get the ability to bully other people/feel more powerful than others. Mods should be there to serve and protect,not to do whatever the f they want in my opinion.God forbid you have a different political opinion because at that point you know you are going to get targeted if you don't agree.

    PS: I dont want to break the rules and name the website but it is related to working out and not gaming by the way. Just had to get this off my chest real quick.
    Maluma I have noticed that many people here get almost personally insulted when someone says that they do not like the switch. Let me explain what is going on here in the simplest way possible. Essentially some of the old school nintendo gamers feel like nintendo has given us a slap on the face with the wii u and to a lesser extent the wii. Any hardcore Nintendo fan will tell you the gamecube was the last decent console nintendo made for GAMERS(not teeny boppers). Nintendo basically now is just dedicated to extracting the most amount of money from their customers are they can.

    They sell us under-powered consoles that they make a huge profit on.Why do they do this? Because they do not have faith in their product. M$ and Sony dont care to take losses on their consoles since they KNOW they will make the money back with games.To be fair most of the people that Get angry here are usually kids or teeny's because this is the ONLY nintendo they know. They dont remember the good old days when everyone had a nintendo 64 and the games were hard for both adults and kids. If you compare how legendary Nintendos older consoles were you will immediately notice the quality has definitely gone down. Someone born in 2000 turns 17 this year. By the time they turn old enough to play a game console,the wii was out. Literally most of the young gamers do not know what a solid nintendo product looks like,this is ALL they know. I am not saying nintendo has made the WORST consoles,they have great games STILL. BUT...... Their quality has gone down tremendously and it is beginning to look like all they care about is milking that tiny amount of money before they switch over to either tablets or making third party games for other consoles. It has even been mentioned that investors want the switch to fail so they can make more money.

    Even if younger kids played the n64,they can't really assess how good of a console it actually was.Why? Because they weren't really a part of that era to get the chance to truly appreciate what nintendo used to be.

    Anyways,this is just my point of view. I am not looking for anyone to feel offended,but I do think it is important to note that some of us Die hard nintendo fans from the 80s or 90s feel a little bit betrayed.
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