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    This was quite the weekend.

    So earlier this last week, my car had stalled on me in the middle of the woods. Had to walk like 3 miles or so til I had service and could call for assistance.

    Flash forward to Friday night. Some wicked storms and such rolled through the area. Cool. I'm driving home from work around 11:30 pm or so and a part from forgetting my cream soda at work, it was a good day.

    Then two or so deer jump out (happened fast so I think it was two) and I'm going about 55-60 mph. I pull to the right to miss them and almost drive into a 8 foot ditch, coasting half on the shoulder and in the ditch. I try to correct but before I can get back on the road, I smash into a mailbox.

    I get back on the road and hear a scraping sound. My bumper got ripped off and was dragging under my car. Some partying teens saw my car and came to check on me, helped me jack it and got it out. I got lucky, fur sure, as the mailbox 15 feet down the road was encased in stone and concrete.

    Move on to Sunday and I'm still just mentally exhausted but it was a good night for the most part at work. Until the end of the night I find out my boss is going to close up after this next weekend, though he said until October-ish. And he didn't want anyone other than the chef and head bartender to know apparently. So they told us cause it's bullshit and we should know. I was banking on another month to save up and figure out what to do after.

    Now I gotta deal with unemployment again, which is incredibly difficult right now. So frustrated and I just needed to vent somewhere.

    As a side note, I went back to the house whose mailbox I hit and spoke with the owner. Really nice and said it was okay and she was glad I didn't get hurt. And she gave me a cookie she had just finished baking.
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    My Game Progress So Far... Day 1

    Well, I figured maybe I'd post blog entries with updates and progress. Just shit in general.

    Lets start with a story;
    First, let me say, I've never made a game. Or rather, I never finished one. I used to make games on graphing calculators back in the days of high school. And the games I did make, primitive as hell but they were pretty good, simple RPGs. And before that, I had played RPG Maker for Playstation back in like 7th grade or something, my friend and myself had made pretty story driven games. For being 12 years old. Hahah.

    So, anyway, I finally found the English translation of RPG Maker 2003 in the mid-2000's and it blew my mind. For as simple as it was, you could do so much with it if you put the time into it. And I did. Many hours, sifting through tutorials, messing around with variables and making cutscene events. I got pretty good. But then, as always, I would start one thing and then forget about another. I even made a snowboarding type minigame. Eventually, I didn't have a computer and never touched it again. Flash forward some number of years, and I have a computer again. I purchased the Humble Maker Bundle and got a bunch of shit, including RPG Maker 2003.

    And it takes us to now. After years of coming up with ideas, sketching designs and even thinking of combat and magic systems, I'm finally gonna just do it. And when I say years, I mean literally over 20 years, I have wanted to do nothing more than to make video games. As a child, I used to draw Super Mario Bros and Megaman levels all the time.


    On to what I'm working on right now. If you haven't gathered, I am making this with RPG Maker 2003. I don't know programming yet, something I plan on working on over time and its a nice throwback for myself. It's gonna be a pretty traditional RPG, going for an old school feel. Maybe when I type out the story, I'll post it on here.

    For now, I'm focusing on design of the sprites and tiles for the game. Below is a couple screens just of it so far. VERY WIP



    I'd actually like a little feedback on that actually. As I said, very wip but what would look better? Vibriant colors or more of a gray/gameboy look to it?


    Below is some draft sketches for Slime type enemies. Turned out pretty good, imo. Just gotta give them some color yet.

    Starting from top left going down; "Generic" Slime, Death Slime, Devil Slime, Devil Slime Hand, Ceiling Dripper, Rainbow Slime


    That's all I got for today, thanks for reading my shit. Hahah
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    Looking for OST/Music for inspiration

    Finally decided to play less games for a bit and start makin' them instead. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    But, its hard to get back in touch with my creative side, as its been on the back burner for awhile. After a lot of personal reflection, I realized back when I was writin', drawin' and just thinkin' of ideas all the time, all I did was listen music. No tv, no movies. Just me, my ipod and some headphones.

    So with that said, I'm lookin' for awesome game soundtracks and/or just music in general. I'm pretty open to most music, not a huge fan of the dubsteps and stuff like that though.

    Gimme your recommendations. Gimme 'em all!
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