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    Magical Sheep Almost all of the assets to the game are in this weird .3dst format, and all the json files have a .bjson (Binary JSON?) counterpart.
    There seems to be almost nothing known about these two formats, so I couldn't really get anywhere.
    Although, the credits were still in a regular text file. :D
    I'll take what I can get. Sadly, I know little when it comes to game modification, so there could be something I'm just missing.
    Strangely, I found files for XboxLive and VR stuff. I assume they're leftover/partially finished data for something like XBL authentication in the future.
    I tried loading the 3dst files in Ohana, which didn't yield anything, and I couldn't find anything to properly read the bjson files. Notepad gave me mostly garbage, with some actual data, while notepad++ only gave me garbage, and nothing else I tried would even load it.

    I'm new to this whole blog thing, so hopefully this post isn't a total mess. :S
    Thanks for reading through this, and I hope you all have a good night.
    EDIT: I went back and looked at some of the files again, and found stuff for realms and store json files. I assume they're just leftovers from the port, since I can't see the 3DS using either of these features.
    I haven't kept up with the game's updates, but I also found something called redstone_screen.json. I don't know what it does.
    All references to VR stuff usually contains 'holo' in it, which, I assume is reference to Microsoft's HoloLens.
    Audio files are in FSB format, and might be able to be replaced. I'm really tired now and don't really want to try though.
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