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  • LuxerWap

    Taking a big break from work due to an eventful virus.

    I work two jobs. This whole coronavirus thing is scaring up everyone so much that many stores are either closed or closing early. Schools here are out and other amusement centers are down as well. Working with the school and Sky Zone was alright; I got use to working everyday. Now this time, I had been taking a huge time out due to my jobs closing cause of the virus.

    So as of now, I’m watching my shows, eating ramen, playing games, stuff I had been doing long ago compared to my work schedules. I haven’t had this much free time in a while. While it’s great to relax and enjoy my little vacation, I do hope everyone is safe and doesn’t catch the virus. I feel that this is probably gonna go on for awhile now.
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  • LuxerWap

    [Blog] Terrible Day at Work

    Probably the worst day I’ve ever had at a job. We’ve had some assholes who doesn’t want to pay for Glow Shirts during Glow Night at Sky Zone (my current job; I work as imagry). It was my friend who tried to tell them that they needed the shirts to enter the court. They got upset and started lying to my manger that they told him my friend says that they can jump without the shirts, which pissed off my friend and they got into an argument. My other friend tried to help but was threatened and he started to threat them back.

    Meanwhile, some of them entered the men’s restroom and graffitied the walls, splat soggy toilet paper at the walls, broken the mirror, destroyed the towel dispensers, and even damaged our brooms and dustpans. I clean up the restrooms so seeing that really made me upset. I was going to tell my manager until I saw he was getting in arguments with the group of assholes that almost swung at Friend 2.

    The other employees jumped in and tried to hold Friend 2 back as he was cursing and really wanted to get his hands at those guys. We had the police called, and they came over while the guys quickly tried to leave. We’ve showed the cops everything and explained what happened. They got their business worked up and headed out.

    It was a terrible day. I had to fix the restroom as much as I can. I really wish it could fight back, but that would risk me being suspended or fired. I was upset, everyone else was, and poor Friend 3 was totally scared as he have a mental illness. Fortunately, he’s calm now.

    As for me, I quickly finished up my work and headed out. I was done for the day...
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  • LuxerWap

    I fucked up. Turning over a new leaf.

    I enjoyed GBATemp. It’s my first online community that felt like home to me and I ruined it. Ruined it with that one blog; that one blog that turned controversial and pissed everyone off. I didn’t mean to make anyone upset, as I was just speaking my opinion on things, but Jesus Christ, I went too far. I complained so much about how people were doing things the “wrong” way, without realizing what site I am in. It got worse when I complained about it in my best friend’s group and left.

    I was a fool, and so is the certain person I followed a few years ago. I don’t anymore as he had gotten extremely toxic, and made me see what was actually wrong with him against the thousands of people who hated him. I was blinded and lied to. Worst was that he made me turn against my friends and some of the GBATemp community. It was a nightmare.

    I ask myself, “When will I see my friends again?” It’s very tough to come back and check how things are, think if everyone hates your guts or not. But I’m not banned, so that’s a good start I guess? After the day, I screwed myself over for following the wrong crowd. I may have my own opinions, but my biggest mistake was not respecting everyone else’s.

    I fucked up. And I’ll take full responsibility of my actions as well. I apologize for everything I done in the past to make you guys upset. I wish I could make it up, but I know it’s not easy to ask for forgiveness, so think of me as you will. But if there’s one thing I wanna do, is to correct my mistakes and start over.

    Luxer, out.