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Hi. Welcome to my blog. This blog is a summary about my thought's, days, and feeling. If you have the time, please, be my guess and read some of the featured blogs I've posted in the past or today. Thank you very much and have a great day, pals!
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    Apr 20, 2017

    Giving up Art by LuxerWap at 11:48 PM · 32 Comments

    LuxerWap ...I...I just can take it anymore. Not a single drawing made me happy. I thought I was doing great at first, but...after seeing @Arecaidian Fox 's, that's the end of the road for me. I give up. I will never become better at drawing not anything else.

    I'm sorry for letting some of you guys down. The pressure is too much, and my feelings hurt. I don't blame the artists, only myself. I'm a bad artist, and it's for the greater good that I need to stop drawing.

    I'm sorry...
    LuxerWap My 2DS is long gone now, so I decided to buy another system a few days ago. And boy, was it a pain to find one. Almost every store arouns my area werw our of stock on 3DS systems, including the 2DS. So, I've luckly spotted a store who only carry 1 3DS system. It was a N3DS and so I bought it.

    Im glad I got another 3DS system. The downside to this system is that the firmware is 11.3, but i could care less about it. So what if I could only get Soundhax (which is basically pointless for me)? I'll just transfer my NNID account to my new system via Nintendo Customer Support.

    Here are some picrures by the way:

    Congrats me for owning a new system! ^^
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    LuxerWap It's been a week since my system was gone and I haven't been happy ever since.

    To make a long story short, I thought I left it in the library, they were closed, came back 2 day later (they were closed all day in one day), and they didn't have it. Looked every nook and cranny in my home, nothing.

    My system...along with 32GB worth of games downloaded and 8 physical games included in the carrying case. That's $369 of everything included.

    It's gone. They're nothing I can do now, the police were already searching for it a few days ago. This year is starting to get worse for me...
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    LuxerWap "Practice makes perfect!"

    ...Before I wanna rant about this, let me share you a brief history about myself in drawing.

    It all started when I was 4. My mother draws a lot and been awarded through her life. She convinced me to draw because I thought it was interesting yet fun to do. She mostly draw realistic. I ,on the other hand, draw cartoons. The reason? I love cartoons.

    In 2003, my brother and I created a show from our imagination and casts characters in and create our own adventure until we fall asleep. The show started as a regular sentence, but then adapted to the name, "Super Heroes". A series where any character from a cartoon, video game, movie, etc. goes off to an adventure to defeat bag guys.

    I started a Comic Series if the same name during 2006. I got into comics because of a video game I played with Manga effects. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2. My second Naruto game, with Cash of Ninja 2 as my first. What amazes me are the Ultimate Techniques, they pulled off a Manga style with sounds effects and the characters given shaded lines.

    Anyway the Comic series and the show series continued on from 2003 to today. 2013 was the year we celebrated our 10th Anniversary.

    Over the years, I've been trying to be diverse with my drawings. From drawing human figures similar to The Fairly Oddparents, to a much higher development like Pokémon. It successfully worked, but there were problems. I even used a book to draw anime/manga, it helped only a small bit. The eyes and hair are what I could achieve.

    I've became a furry when I was 7. Throughout that year, I created Luxer. The bad thing is that Luxer never changed ever since I created him. I've always had problems with a bunch of my drawings. For starters, I mostly draw inside the guidelines instead out out. Because I use the guideline as a head rather than just...a guideline. I can't draw any type of bodies very well. Anatomy is a pain. One slip and you messed up the whole picture. My pictures are too flat. I also have a prov with shading. I shade at all of the wrong areas. And in the end. My drawings from before and today looks the same. I haven't really improved anything at all. It's odd, sloppy, and not detailed as much.

    I've wanted to become better. I wanted to be keep trying and be more like other artists who can draw outstandingly well. There are so many artist I've talked who gotten better in a few years. But no, it seems I have my limits. Is this the best I could do? Why can I improve?

    Honestly, it drives me upset, sad, embarrassed, and even depressed. I always wanted to get rid of everything art related and start a new hobby. As someone who want to learn, I'm trying to figure why most artists doesn't want to make a small tutorial. I guess they're afraid of someone copying their style. Who knows?

    If you want to check out my drawings, here's a link (Warning: Furry (duh)/some NSFW content):

    Sorry if the whole blog is difficult to understand. I'm not in a good mood now...

    EDIT: "Practice makes perfect" is bullshit... I've practiced for years and they don't look prefect compared to many other great artists...
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    LuxerWap Alright. You can tell when a mod is using too much of his/her own power and start banning people for dumb reasons. I'm a moderator in two groups: FURther Art Education in Telegram and /r/papermario in Discord.

    I'm a nice guy. One of the nicest moderators out there. It's difficult for me to get upset unless you're really pushing my buttons too far, but me banning because you did a certain thing that doesn't harm another or any other is really pathetic.

    One time, I was banned from a husky furry group because no one wanted sfw discussions, all they want to show their dog weiners and call it a day. Since I didn't want to participate, I got kicked out. Nowhere, in the rules, says that I'm required to snap a photo of my penis. Unforgivable...

    Banned from a furry server on Discord all because I was hyped to see my favorite Reddit user visiting in the group. The owner got pissed and kicked me out. Other folks in the group PM'ed me and asked if I was alright. They even told me that the owner was an idiot and most others in the group agreed.

    I shouldn't be bothered by this one, but I just don't like this fandom, even if I do enjoy the game. Circlejerk, Melee and Project M fanboys kicked me out all because I have an opinion and it offended them. WTF? My opinion was that casual and competitive play are basically the same just with different rules and it pissed them off. The reason why I said this? Not trolling. No, I'm not the kind of person who troll just because I'm anonymous and hid behind a PC monitor, giggling evily. The reason I said this is that both casual and competitive share the same goal: Play to win. Whether it's for fun or nor, you're trying to win the match.

    So yeah. I got banned in 3 groups. Nothing more needs to be said...
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    LuxerWap Totally ripped from Vinny and Bobsy. I wanted to blog about something else controversial but I decided to do this instead. C:

    Full name: Luxer Husku

    Pronunciation: Loo-x-er Husk-u

    Nickname(s) or Alias: Lux/Luxy/Husku

    Gender: Male

    Species: Green Husky with a Broken Tail

    Age: 20

    Birthday: December 25th, 1996

    Sexuality: Doesn't care, assume bisexual

    Nationality: American

    Religion: Open minded (Not gonna judge for beliefs)

    City or town of birth: Anniston

    Currently lives: Franklin

    Languages spoken: English, Spanish

    Native language: English

    Relationship Status: Single, but not looking


    Height: 5'9"

    Weight: around 120 LBS

    Figure/build: Normal, a bit thin

    Hair colour: Green

    Hairstyle: Bangs

    Facial Hairstyle: None but I think I'm growing a beard

    Eye colour: Brown

    Skin/fur/etc colour: Base Head Color is Green, Secondary Color is White. Same goes with my body. There are 3 Dark Green spots on both sides of my cheeks and my Paw Pads are also Dark Green.

    Tattoos: None

    Piercings: None

    Scars/distinguishing marks: None

    Preferred style of clothing: White t-shirt with blue jeans and a black jacket.

    Frequently worn jewellery/accessories: A dark green bandana around my neck.


    Smoker? Never!

    Drinker? Not in a million, billion years, pal...

    Recreational Drug User? Which?
    Never had.

    Addictions: Electronics

    Allergies: None

    Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: Constant stomach pain.

    Any medication regularly taken: None


    Personality: Quiet and Focused

    Likes: Friends Drawings, Play Games, Relax, Naps, Music

    Dislikes: People who hate me for no good reason whatsoever...

    Fears/phobias: Blood and Gore

    Favourite colour: Green, Pink, Black

    Hobbies: Music, Drawing, playing Children's Trading Card Games, Video Games

    Taste in music: More into classic song, but also songs that are catchy to listen.


    Talents/skills: Drawing, handling problems out, Math, making Friends happy.

    Ability to drive a car? Operate any other vehicles? Yes, but only a car.


    Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore (Vegetarian): Omnivore

    Favourite food(s): Seafood, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese

    Favourite drink(s): Water

    Disliked food(s): Tomatoes

    Disliked drink(s): Alcoholic Beverages

    And that's it. Credits go to whoever made this character chart thing. I believe it's Crystal. Giving credit to Vinny and Bobsy as well for showing theirs and giving me a notification. :P
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    LuxerWap I'm pretty sure it was controversial in the past.

    Alright, here's how this works. If you're a furry, post in the comments. What's your fursona's name and give a bit of information about your character.

    Doing so will enter you in a raffle I'm planning to do this month. The chosen winner will receive a drawing of their sona (sketched, lined, AND colored)!

    If you're not a furry, you can enter as well. I'm doing a raffle for fits and non-furs. Just please comment that you are not a furry, it makes things easier since I'm adding users in a list and use RNG.

    Also non-furs, the winner will receive a drawing as well, but of what? That for you to decide.

    Alright! The raffle will end on 3:00 PM Sunday, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). So I'll come back later and gather the list if users and pick a winner for each. Good luck, and take care!

    EDIT: Request must be PG. Thanks. :P
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    LuxerWap Accidents happens...a lot. At we least expect it.

    Last Saturday, when I was running back home (it was dark outside), my Vita, which in my coat's pocket flung out and hit the gravel ground. Lucky for me, the screen wasn't damaged because it was in a case.

    This case I had. I didn't like it. The case I bought from Walmart was for the Vita original, not comparable with my Vita Slim. It fits, but it felt wonky.

    Anyway, after I picked the device up, I checked around to see if there's no damage yo the device. Unfortunately, there was a tiny chip and tiny bumps at the right edge of the system. I went home and started at it. If other folks see this damage, it wouldn't bother them. This bothered me a lot.

    Ever since that damage, I hardly play my Vita. I want it to get it repaired, but knowing Sony, they're probably gonna do a Nintendo. Exchange the system, meaning no 3.60, no Adrenaline, no Henkaku, nothing.

    This is a thing I have a problem with on my phone and my laptop. My phone occasionally drops, leaving bumps and scratches around the corners and my laptop encountered with the bricky ground when it try to set it down easily. I accidentally moved it over and now it got a small scrape on the corner.

    My old 2DS had multiple drops and the screen teared up before I had a case. It was all over the place and it made me insane.

    Being OCD to my devices is tough to handle, I try to stop worrying about them, but it just irritates me so much that I would completely lose it and start smashing my devices since I've been getting to think, "If it's damaged, it's no good".

    I'm pretty sure you guys got a story to tell about your stuff being damaged right?
    LuxerWap This has got to be the worst thing I've ever lost in 2016! I have any other problems last year, but this! This one definitely takes the damn cake and eat it too!

    Last year, in FWA (a furry convention held in Atlanta, Georgia), I commissioned a fursuit head from Otter Nonsense, to complete the partial I've been working on. The price was $750 and I paid $200 for the starting month. Two months later, I paid the rest of the price via PayPal, and the maker emailed me this:

    May 19, 2016:
    "I take a studio photo shoot of all products for clients! :)

    As for shipping, I ship priority which is paid for as the TOS said; when the product is ready. Shipping for heads only is usually no more than about $40 - $55 usd (and that's only if you live all the way out in Cali, it gets cheaper closer to GA.) It usually takes about 2 - 3 business days for the actual transit of shipping and comes with tracking and insurance. Your insurance will be slightly more covered than my average head since your base is from the fwa purchase.

    As I said before a few weeks ago, heads don't take me long at all so as soon as I am back, things will get started and finished rather quickly! :) I'll email you next weekend when I return to double-check with everything and start sending you WIPS of the progress!

    Have a great week and I will be back soon!"

    Two weeks later, I asked if my payment was successfully transferred and the maker told me:

    May 29, 2016:
    "No problem! I have to go home for a family emergency next week and then I have two heads, one body and a single partial commission to complete before yours. *So sometime by the first week in August is when your head will be started and completed! :)
    I also have a materials wip for you! I got all the furs! I will be in the office later today and will send an image of your furs!*

    In June, I decide to email in and know the status of my commission.

    June 28, 2016:
    "*I'll be sending material photos out this weekend!* AnthroCon is this week and even though I am to going to the con, I've got two more deadlines I'm nearly close to finishing that have to be shipped out tomorrow. :) so I'm a little slow in replies this week with all the prep.

    As I did say before, it won't be started until the end of June / first wee in August and then finished within that week. I've got other client's work that paid before you I must finish first"

    ...haven't received a WIP yet...

    In August, the maker contacted me and gave me a trello card.

    August 10, 2016:
    "Hello! I haven't heard a response but I wanted to give you an update! Another head-only client paid for a last-minute rush order so he's been placed before your's on the queue to meet his deadlined order. I have your trello card here:

    Starting next week I will be uploading wips! I got your eye blanks all cut out and plastic is sanded and primed for painting the eyes. Once I get closer this week to finishing this rush deadline, I'll hop onto your base. *It will be complete before the end of August.* c: Once I get closer to completion we will work out shipping!

    Just wanted to give you an update!"

    On to September, no WIP, no completion, and the trello card remains the same ever since the maker gave it to me. So I contacted the maker.

    September 11, 2016 (9/11 Holiday):
    "Hey there! I actually jiiuuust submitted an update journal last night on fa!"

    Also, the maker asked if I had Twitter. That was the last think I've herd from the maker.

    We're in December, where I was in a fursuiter group on Telegram, told the folks about how I haven't received my commission yet (did I forgot to mentioned my commission was *delayed to December via trello card which still hasn't been updated for awhile...*), they asked who was the maker and told me to request a refund from the maker because the maker was listed in "Artists Beware" a few times with the maker's most recent beware was from the 30th of August.

    I panicked and demand asked for a refund of $580, so I agreed and I needed to Money back ASAP. Because I couldn't trust the maker. The maker got upset and said that I was harassing him/her and spreading lies on social media. Also told me that I was interrupting him/her on Hanukkah.

    Today (January 2, 2017):
    "I am going to try and word this as simple as I possible can since you contacted me on social media and said you didn't understand.

    First, please re-read the email I wrote, the very long one, which restats my TOS and explains how much you have that you will be refunded ($580) and how that said refund will work.

    90 days from the date you terminated the commission is how long I have to make the new suit, sell it and refund you.
    *Jan. Sometime in January, is when I will finish that suit and post it for sale for a new buyer to come in, pay me, which is when I will pay you.* That is how things work. That is the only way things work. It was in the TOS which YOU signed and by signing that means YOU commit to it and agree with what is written. That includes having it said in black and white that projects COULD take up to the max time of 10 months.

    I will not be continuing your suit. At all. Your behavior this past week during my religious holiday which I repeated over and over again I wasn't supposed to be working / emailing, was extremely rude and taxing. On top of this you took this matter in a public chat room and lied about the entire thing, telling everyone you weren't getting a refund when that is the exact opposite of what I emailed you and said and you even agreed to by saying, and I quote "Whoops my bad. I'll take the $580."

    You agreed to the refund and I am very tired of going in circles with you so I will be continuing with the termination of your commission, finishing the suit and refunding you the $580.

    Again in my TOS it says that failure to comply and a continuation of harassment towards myself or any member on the team can and will result in NO refund what-so-ever. So I ask that you stop harassing me on social media that I do not do work from and that you please stop lying to the public to try and get others to go after myself or my team. I have already reported this to the admins of the group since another person came after my personal accounts last night due to your outburst."

    I got scared and dunno what to do. First of off all of the maker's recent updates are excuses of his/her life problems. I want to believe every word the maker said, but I just can't. Especially when you said it's gonna be completed by the end of August. I just dunno what to do in this situation...

    This person is a liar and a theift! Fucking bullshit! It's a good thing we're in the same state! Cause if I don't get my refund back by the end of January, I taking this to court and I have the evidence I needed to win. It's my evidence against the person's excusive mouth!
    LuxerWap Grand Theft Auto is the only Mature franchise that I hold so dearly. I really loved the heck out of the franchise and so amazed at how it evolved over each installment! From PC to handheld, GTA is one of the he best know franchises of the world! So, as for me, I'm ranking from my least favorite to my best favorite, but keep in mind that I loved all of them so this was a tricky list to begin with. I won't make a reason why I like it, so it's a quick list. If you want to know why I like that one other the other, you can comment below.

    Ranking all GTA games! Let's go!

    14th: Grand Theft Auto
    13th: Grand Theft Auto: London '16-'69
    12th: Grand Theft Auto 2
    11th: Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned
    10th: Grand Theft Auto Advance
    9th: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
    8th: Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
    7th: Grand Theft Auto V
    6th: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
    5th: Grand Theft Auto III
    4th: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
    3rd: Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony
    2nd: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

    And first is, Grand Theft Auto IV!

    Welp, that's all I have for this blog. Disagree with my list? Tell me your least to best favorite. :)
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    LuxerWap Never done something like this before, so let's get right on it!

    1. The List
    Some ARs don't contain a list of games little players play or there's none at all. The only way to add those games in is either manually type the Region Code and name the game or copy and paste the list of the game and codes from the PC to the cart. My gripe with this is the way to input codes. Manually input takes too long (depending on what code you're imputing) and there's no Wi-Fi option to download those codes into the cart. This could make some players upset if they don't own a PC.

    2. The cart itself
    The cart is so cheap. Mostly if anything had happen to it, it becomes unplayable or won't load correctly. I can't tell how many times that I try to blow in the the pak and the game cars insert, but nothing came up.

    3. The booting problem (glitch)
    This happens a lot. Either the booting goes to a red screen, doesn't boot at all, or even glitches out, which makes things really bad. Really bad.

    Eh. Sure isn't a lot and I must've skipped a bunch, but that's because I rushed this one. So, if you want, comment down what you hate about AR DS/DSi.

    3 Reasons I love about Action Replay DS/DSi is coming soon. Chao.
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    LuxerWap I don't know how many times my topic gets deleted because it was considered to be "Off-Topic". What's worse is that even if you talk about them, you get on trouble. Why are these people so overprotective and lazy? I mean, do they even read the topic? It's always that one user who'll say, "I'm reporting this because I don't like it!" and BOOM! The topic's deleted in a second.

    Plus, a bunch of other users do exactly what I've done and always gets away with it. Because you know why? Some idiot didn't report the mods to them. Or heck, maybe someone did reported to the mods and they won't get their sorry butts up and take care of the problem. I've lost 3 Karma for posting the Pokémon Anime (which a bunch of other users have done but never got in trouble for it), and it was down because it was considered as an "Illegal Activity". What?

    I hate GameFAQs moderators. They don't know what they're doing. Does anyone who's a user on GameFAQs think of this too?
    LuxerWap As the title states. I'm not trolling nor joking. This is how I really enjoyed the games. I'm not bashing on anyone who loves TTYD and I'm not doing this to bring in drama. I've been wanting to share my thoughts about SS ad CS, but since this is the internet, 99% of Paper Mario fans wouldn't not believe me and I don't seem to care. The internet are filled with people who are like that, so here we go!

    I like SS and CS more than TTYD. Questions?
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    LuxerWap [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I'll try to do more sooner or later. Enjoy!


    Mario Party: Star Rush takes the traditional Mario Party series into a whole different level. Since during the release of Mario Party 9, the old formula has changed into players driving together on a vehicle, rolling their way to the goal while collecting Mini Stars during their adventure. It was neat change into the series, but it wasn't well received from fans. Many complained that the car mechanic destroys the strategic moments from the old releases, the lack of Minigames playable on a board, and that that the boards themselves are too short and liner. Many didn't want the mechanic back and wanted Nintendo to return to old formula.

    Little do most know is that, back in 2012, after the development of Mario Party DS in 2008, Hudson Soft, the creators of the Mario Party series from Mario Party to Mario Party DS, was bought out by Konami. And with that, the old Mario Party series was no more. There wasn't a Mario Party game in 4 years until the release of Mario Party 9 for the Wii, developed by Nintendo's subsidiary team, Nd Cube, the developers of F-Zero: Maximum Velocity for the GameBoy Advance and Wii Party for the Nintendo Wii.

    Another Mario Party game was developed by Nintendo in 2013 was Mario Party: Island Tour for the Nintendo 3DS. That game threw the series with a whole new level. With the mechanic of using Items, Dice Blocks, Boosters, anything to reach to the end of the goal. A neat change from Mario Party 9, but received mixed reviews from critics and negative reviews from fans. Many of the complaints was that the boards are too short and linear, story mode was uninteresting, involves heavily on luck to win, and that the game wasn't fun as it was with Mario Party 9. Even the Mingames, which was only the great part about that game, didn't save the game from it's problems. " least it didn't have the car mechanic right?" Yes, but the concept's the same as Mario Party 9, which many didn't like.

    After a year of Island Tour, comes to with the year of Mario Party 10 for the Wii U. That game was released last year and it featured new modes like Bowser Party and amiibo Party. However, the game received mixed reviews from critics to negative reviews from fans. The complaints were the same as Mario Party 9 and Island Tour, Bowser Party was short and unbalanced, and amiibo Party, although felt like traditional Mario Party was a disappointment and a middle finger to old fans of the old series. And with that, no one ever bothered to get their hopes up with a traditional Mario Party ever again...

    That was, until this year with Mario Party: Star Rush for the Nintendo 3DS. Many fans were skeptical with this game because of that car mechanic back at Mario Party 10, but the mechanic has been changed. Here's how thing's worked out in this game:

    Everybody Moves at the Same Time

    Say goodbye to the car mechanic, because in this game, everyone rolls a Dice Block and move at the same time! This is the very first for the series, where back then, everyone moves one by one and then it was everybody moves together. This mechanic speeds up the gameplay, so you don't have to wait your turn. This was something I wished the series has been way before because the games did get dragged on for awhile and it bored me to death waiting 5 minutes for my friend to make a move.

    A Level System

    This game features a leveling system. point's you received at the end of a game in each mode will be added in the system. You get a lot more points if you played with friends. When you level up, you'll unlock more modes and characters.

    Toad Scramble

    This mode angered a bunch of people because what they saw in the trailer, before this mode was named, was four harmless Toads. You can't get enough of these guys huh, Nintendo? Anyway, in this mode, you play as a Toad and your mission is to rescue all of the Stars stolen by Bowser and his Mega Minions. There are a total of 15 boards to play on, 3 of each with a different theme with their own little gimmicks. The boards are very different from the old and modern series. The boards are grid-based with some spaces fulled with items and events. You can only carry 2 items in the game. While playing the game, eventually, like the second turn or so, Super Mario characters will pop up at specific spaces waiting for you to recruit them as a member of your team. Once you've recruit a character, you have the option to play as them. Also, different characters have different abilities as well. For example, Mario or Luigi's ability is to stomp on Goombas hiding in tall grass, or Toadette could help you collect coins in a flower garden. This mechanic in the mode is really unique and involves a lot of strategic moments!

    Now there are ways where you can steal allies from your rivals. Landing in the same space will trigger an Ally Duel. This game requires skill and luck. What I mean is this: one game will have you to stop closer to 5 seconds on the clock. That's skill-based. The other two are rolling a Dice Block and picking a card, which both are luck-based. Whoever wins gets to steal their rival's ally. Another way to steal is the Ally Card. Choose the player you want to steal an ally from, trigger an Ally Duel, and the rest is up to skill or luck. And the third way to steal an ally is an Ally Balloon. This will trigger a Minigame that everyone will have a chance to win. Whoever wins gets to take a foe's ally.

    Speaking of balloons, there are Coin Balloons laying around on the board. Nabbing one of those will not only give you coins, but will also trigger a Minigame as well. Everyone gets to win at least one coin so, that great.

    Boss Minigames are only played when you or your opponents land exactly on the Boss Space, and this was something I had a problem with. Getting to the boss sure sounds easy, but getting to land there is a pain...especially when you have allies. When you roll a die, your allies also roll, which adds up your rolls for a good boost. It's a neat thing they've done when making a big move, but I wish there was option to tell your allies not to roll. Remember when I said that moving all at once makes the game quicker? This makes the game drag on a bit when trying to land directly on the Boss Space, making you rethink your movements and rethink again. Thankfully, they give you a timer to make your move so the game won't drag on too long. Boss Minigames makes a return once again, and they're quite challenging than the previous titles. Having allies on your team really helps you boost up points to win, but some of your teammates can get so dumb, that they could cause you to lose the game. Getting to the Boss Minigame will give you a 5 Coins Bonus, and anyone not on the space will have to repeatedly tap the A button to get to the Boss Space before playing the Minigame. I like this feature because it'll give you an advantage to get points as quick as you can before your foes come in to win.

    I do have a problem with the Boss Battles. They do get repetitive. Other than that, they're fun. At the end of the Boss Minigame, whoever score the most points wins a Star while others will win coins. After that, another boss will appear and you'll have to go after it again. The last boss will carry two Stars. After that, the game will end.

    The Award Ceremony is the final process of Toad Scramble. Bonus Coins will be available to anyone who met the requirements of what Bonuses the game will give out. Like Minigame Bonus, Loner Bonus, Ally Bonus, and all other bonuses. The problem I had with one of the bonues is the Ally Bonus. It seems like the game randomly picks a character from your team and considers the chosen one as the Lucky Ally. After the bonuses, it's time to tally up the Stars and coins. 10 Coins each will be counted as 1 Star, so back during the Boss Minigames, if you came in 2nd, you'll be rewarded with 10 Coins. Which means that you earned a Star, so winning in 1st or 2nd in a Boss Minigame means that you've earned a Star. After the coins are tallied up as Stars, it comes down to whoever owns the most Stars win.


    In this mode, you'll pick a character from the Mario series (that means, you don't have to be a Toad unless you want to be Toad) and play through 3 laps around the course by collecting Coins from a few coin collecting Minigames. Items in the game will help you speed up or slow down your opponents to take the lead. What I did had trouble with this one is focusing on both screens is tricky, since there's too much going on both screens. One screen is playing the Minigame while the other is your character running around the map and attacking other players with an item you use. Other than that, the winner will be the first player who ran 3 laps around the course. It's a fun, fast-paced frenzy mode that many could enjoy.

    Balloon Bash

    This mode will excite some fans of the classic series. You and your foes will run around a board, collecting Coin Balloons and using Coins to purchase a Star Balloon, which contains a Star or two...or three. This is the closest we get to a more traditional Mario Party game, since this mode uses the same concept as the originals. There are no allies in this mode since you can play as the Mario characters in this one. Sure, it doesn't have the "When everyone makes a move, you'll play a Minigame" feature, but this, in my opinion, is far better. Collection Coin Balloons will trigger a Minigame, and trust me, expect to play A LOT OF THEM!!! You can't avoid these Coin Balloons since you really need them in order to purchase Stars. Boss Minigames are included as well, but differently. Instead of a Free for All concept like Toad Scramble, 9, and 10, you play in a 2v2 concept. It'll make things more interesting and lot quicker.

    Stars are bought by Coins in this mode. 10 Coins will get you a Star, then the Star will move to another space, but will have another Star attached to it and then another when the next was bought. It'll be a total of 3 Stars than can be bought at once. If you don't have enough for 3 Stars but you do have enough for one, that's okay, you can still purchase 1 Star. This was feature they had back in Mario Party 10 with amiibo Party, and I'm glad that was back.

    If players, land on the same space, this will trigger a Coin Duel. It's the same as Ally Duels in Toad Scramble, but you're competing against Coins instead of Allies.

    There's a set number of turns you can play till the turns are met and the game ends. They range form 10 Turns, 20 Turns, and 30 Turns, similar to Mario Party 1's. When the game ends, Bonus Coins will be given, and then Coins will be tallied up as Stars. Whoever has the most Stars wins the game. The only criticism I could give in this mode is that there are only 3 boards you can play on and they all look short. Overall, this was a huge step up from 10's amiibo Party.

    Rhythm Recital

    Up to four players can cooperate and play classic Mario tunes using the touchscreen. Players can choose an instrument from an instrumental set. My big problem with this one is that the notes are out of sync with the music and it gets confusing to know if you're following the notes right. I love a good rhythmic game, but this one just doesn't seem right for me. I'll give this one a pass if you want.

    Mario Shuffle

    Mario Shuffle is a two-player oriented game mode that focuses on amiibo functionality. Players race across a linear, one-way board to a goal with amiibo. The red team tries to make it to the very right of the board, while the blue team tries to make to the left side of the board. Players roll two dice, and allow the outcome of the dice to affect two figurines. When a player crosses an opposing piece, the player jumps over the piece, making that piece unable to move for one turn. If a player lands on an opposing piece, the player knocks the piece back to the start of the board. Players can land on spaces that either make the piece continue further or moving back, depending on the directions on the space. If players do not have amiibo, a cardboard cut-out of a player character is used instead. A total amount of six characters can be used, each split into two teams of three. The first team who makes it across the board to their goal wins the game. That's all I can say about this game. It's interesting, but I don't see many players will be playing this feature.

    Boo's Block Party

    A puzzle game that involves spinning sides of a number block to earn points. Points are earned when 3 or more sets of numbers match. When players break enough blocks, the blocks get sent to the opponent's screen. The game ends when the blocks reach the top of the screen. In single-player mode, players can face off against Boo in an endless mode to compete for a high score. This game is too similar to the other Mario Party Puzzle games. There really isn't saying much about this one. It's okay, but not something I come back to. I would accept it as a Minigame, but it's an extra mode.

    Challenge Tower

    Last but no least is the Challenge Tower. A single player game where a player climbs a tower with LED spaces on it. Players need to pay attention to the color of the spaces as they ascend, while also avoiding Amps on their way up the tower. Blue spaces are safe, yellow, red and purple spaces mean danger is on a nearby space. Black spaces are spaces not climbed on at the moment. X spaces means that space cannot be climbed on. Players can also attempt to complete the 500-floor Master Tower, the hardest tower difficulty. This mode is kinda fun when you want a good challenge. I would recommend on playing this one!


    There's a total of 53 Minigames, including the Boss Mingames. This is the lowest amount of Minigames in a Mario Party title since Mario Party 1, which also had 53 Minigames. I know that's not a lot, but they are quite fun and well diverse. A few uses touch based controls, Microphone, an even button controls. There's also a Minigame game mode where you and your friends can play a variety of different games.

    amiibo Feature

    amiibo can be used in the game for the benefit and bonuses of the player, with each game mode supporting the Super Mario line-up of amiibo figures as well as the Mario characters in the Super Smash Bros. line up of amiibo. amiibo can be used to unlock locked characters as well. However, each mode has different effects for each amiibo when used on.

    Like in Toad Scramble, the character on the figure becomes an ally first turn. They are more powerful than characters encountered regularly during play. The amiibo character cannot be snatched from other players via Ally Duel, nor can they abandoned if the character roster gets full. They are the leader by default, but players can switch to Toads if they wish. The character also brings a special Dice Block with them. If Mario Party 10 data is saved on it, players receive a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Dice Block depending what is saved on the amiibo.

    Other modes uses the amiibo feature as well.


    This game uses the 3DS Local Play, Download Play, and the new feature in the series is the Party Guest application. Up to 4 players can play. This games does not feature an online mode.


    The visuals and art style of this game are beautiful and feel so lively! One of the best graphics for the 3DS this year. Ever since Mario Party 9, the series have gotten better with graphics!


    "It's Mario Party on a handheld. It'll never be as good as the the console ones." "How is this game not on the Wii U? I would rather play with my friends on a home console that play on the 3DS." "There's no online mode? This game sucks!"

    This was what I've been hearing a lot lately. I have friends who owns a 3DS that can play this game with me all the time if we feel like it. So, for me, I say that this game, being on a 3DS, was not a problem. The single player was fun, but kinda boring without friends, but that's what Mario Party is all about. Being with friends. That's why multiplayer is a blast! If you don't have friends or if your friends don't own a 3DS, you could just skip this game if you want. This game has a lot of replayability with friends! Toad Scramble, Coinathlon, Balloon Bash, and Minigame Mode are best played with friends. There's really not that much excitement with the other modes.


    Mario Party: Star Rush is a step in the right direction. The game removed the car mechanic and adds a variety of new modes to fully enjoy a new experience in the Mario Party franchise. Toad Scramble is very fun to play, Coinathlon is fast-paced and enjoyable, Balloon Bash is classy mode and a forgiveness to old fans because of 10's amiibo Party. Mario Shuffle is fun, Rhythm Recital was kind of a let down and not fun at all, Mario Shuffle is fun but could get boring really quickly, Boo's Block Party is pretty generic and pretty meh, and Challenge Tower is a challenge but not that much going back to a lot.

    At the end of the day, Star Rush is a well developed game. Nd Cube have finally pick themselves up and created a Mario Party game that was very enjoyable for me to play. I've never been hyped about a Mario Party game until this one was shown at the Nintendo Treehouse. This game has brought back the strategic moments from the old series and made it a lot better. I actually had to yell and be upset at my friends for stealing my allies and taking my Star during Boss Minigames. The Minigames, while not a lot of them, are very fun to play and this game is a big welcome to the series!

    Congrats Nd Cube! You've made a pretty good Mario Party game! This game is way better than 9, Island Tour, and 10 combined!

    Rating: 7.5/10 Good

    Thank you everyone for reading this long review. I guess I'll do more reviews later on in the future, but shorter. Comment below on what you thought about the game. This is Luxer, signing out!
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