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    LunaWofl However the vapid content has caused an opposite reaction.

    I must combo +A+ in ye olde weeb game
    Maxed hit counters are cool =3= but this one was easy to get.

    To address the elephant in the room, I admit it, I am not american.
    Too much misdirection? Very well, I'm a perpetually sleep deprived transgender woman who loves her boyfriend very much and would probably otherwise be asexual.
    As a Star Ocean fan I'm less... disappointed and more indifferent about SO5. Each game in the series has been worse than the last from about star ocean 2 (though you could argue that the SNES version of 1 was the pinnacle of the series).

    As a Tales of Fanatic though, it's like both SO's and Tales' studios were liek: "Hey, wanna make a bet for who can make the worse game? ;D " not that the two are related other than having the same origin.

    Here's the thing though.
    Both Zesty and this have terrible AI.
    Both have limited variety in combat and force one specific way to fight.
    Both have an insignificant "Rock paper scissor" style that waters down to one type being far more useful than the others.
    Both have chests that you can't unlock til "later".
    And both have a story as deep as a bag of salted chips.

    SO5 certainly wins in the most frustrating category, because not only will the AI take hits to the face like Zesty, but you're expected to protect one of your characters (the one who just HAPPENS to have low defense and HP) multiple times in the story. Oh, and all the enemies will aim for that character by default so unless you grind a bunch or stand in the way of their attacks you'll see often see a game over screen in seconds and have to go through the game's unskippable cut scenes all over again as your characters waddle along like they're zombies for a couple minutes while all Zesty had was an over-reliance on it's fusion gimmick on harder difficulties if you didn't like insta-dying.

    Neither AI knows how to heal or revive properly, in SO5 you need to specifically switch to a character to make it do more than tie it's shoelaces in battle. And even if you opt for it, item use is clunky and inconsistent as your character can take between a second or a few to finally decide to throw that blueberry at a character that was begging for their life while our great item thrower decided to randomly ponder about the existential nature of throwing a blueberry to recover ally health.

    I guess some amusement can be attained by spamming the same skill over and over because that's what SO5 devolves into quicker than the AI's willingness to run into enemy attacks like it's a stranger giving out free candy, at least if you lack any form of attention span (like everyone who regrets wasting their money on No Man's Sky after realizing how obviously bland it is).

    Both of these games feel like they're parallel universe versions of themselves though and it's quite eerie.

    I'd rant more but eh, whatever.
    I'll be getting the japanese ps4 version of Tales of Berseria next week​
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    LunaWofl So for those interested in how a speedrun MIIIIIIIIIIIGHT work for bloodstained, here's some poor quality footage.


    And yes, I could prob improve on this quite a bit >_>; but eh.
    If you could get some shards to drop from other enemies like the dullahan, it MIGHT work slightly better for taking down boss.

    I'll probably upload another video if I make significant progress (maybe sub 4 min?)
    Edit: I fixed my settings, so I'll actually upload a better looking version with a similar time >_>;

    Edit2: Sub 4min, not posting anymore until I reach sub 3min somehow. (3:37 if you count from starting action to leveling up)

    attempt 17

    Edit3: Attempt 69
    LunaWofl Honestly, this will be a fairly boring read, just stop reading it now and save yourself the trouble, k?

    Now then, what kind of person truly has the curiosity to read further when they're assured there's nothing else to read?

    Fine, let me dissuade you by complaining disjointedly about Dark Souls 3.
    Bosses die too quickly, there's absolutely no challenge anymore >_>;
    Estoc users are annoying to fight in pvp.
    Slow weapon users in pvp are hilarious to fight when you have equip load under 30% as you can easily roll in as they attack, hit them, and then roll away immediately after as they try to use a follow up attack, you'd be better off using a quick weapon as your offhand if parrying wasn't so game winning.
    Speaking of, slap a low req caestus and a hornets ring and go parry fishing, need that delicious riposte one hit kill.
    I dunno, just pvp feels so homogeneous.
    That and some buffs and rings don't work as labeled in pvp.
    Oh, and poise. Why the heck did you include 3 rings that seem to do literally nothing? or why still display that stat for that matter :|

    Now that I've tuned out most of you with (some, I have more) annoying nitpicks in an otherwise decent game.

    You ever get given a responsibility regarding other people's lives? I hate those =_=;
    I've grown a desire to completely isolate myself due to it.
    Got into the habit of cracking my fingers again.
    Everything that leaves me happy has equally left me with a bitter taste.
    Actually in regards to taste, most things make me wanna puke lately, even things I once loved.

    In any case, cest la vie. I've decided to become slightly active here on GBAtemp again, remember me? What? No? That's absolutely fine =w=
    Oh... and today marks 2 years 2 months since I...
    Well that's a story for another time.
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    Also, I'm sad to announce that my use of batman in the title was a clever ploy to trap unsuspecting fools into viewing this.

    Allow me to start this very interesting and in no way boring and self gratifying blog with a few pictures of some random ducks. Everyone loves ducks~
    They're in there somewhere :creep:


    Whoa, it's shrink wrapped... I totally expected EBgames to have opened it before handing over my new pre-ordered copy~
    Like last time ^_^ *mumbles about KH3D, something about recipts, a jar of mayonnaise and Beethoven being completely BiPolar in his letters to people*

    A Tale of three copies

    Now I know what you're thinking; "NARM NARM NARM NARM", and you'd be right ^_^ I am fanatical about the "Tales of" series~

    The mouth watering content is totally worth getting a pal version, with that crisp, detailed, euphoria enduing art book, which I'm sure will go quite well with any salad or chardonnay~

    Soundtrack and behind the scenes is a nice touch, they will serve to annoy me while being left untouched in the game's case for years to come~

    Makes for a nice resting place with my Japanese pre-order... stuff~


    What annoyingly obnoxious blog would be complete without an unrelated picture that I totally screwed up in posting

    Addendum pic not related
    Yo dawg, we herd you like packaging, so we put packaging inside your packaging...

    I'm so sorry >_<;

    Pic not related
    LunaWofl So yeah, anyone wanna recommend me some games to add to my, somewhat lackluster, collection?

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Or, in text...

    Why do I have them in that order? Welp, its cuz thats the order they are if you go by the numbers at the bottom ._.

    Alphabetical compulsive Order Obsessive

    So yeah ^_^; If you could recommend me some games that would be awesome...

    To artificially make this seem less of a pathetic cry for help and more of a blog, I totally beat Final Fantasy XIII-2 :D
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Edit: Might as well mention I have an Xbox360... ^_^; So if anything plays better on it, or is DLC heavy, I'd rather it on that... Why? Because I'm a filthy pirate is why!!!
    Edit 2: Added my non physical PS3 games in the alphabetical order list.
    LunaWofl Nothing seems to change... And I feel like I'm stuck in a dream I shall never awake from.

    Now that I've said something melodramatic; I should probably start making sense to catch your attention...

    NO WAIT!!!

    COME BACK!!!


    Yeah okay... fine... leave... see if I care...




    I CARE!!! :cry:

    It's not like me to be serious around here... but I feel it might help me see something I might have omitted if I tell you a tale of woe, of misery, of deceit, of blah blah blah who really gives a damn, so here is something completely different >_>;

    The situation: I feel empty... Like behind all the masks I wear I have no real face...
    If I believe a situation calls for me to be depressed, I will be and act depressed...
    If a situation calls for me to be happy, I will act happy...
    But in whatever situation I take place for, I never truly feel it... I feel like I'm putting on an act for others... A mask, or persona to deal with people and situations.

    In truth, I suppose depressed is quite close to how I should realistically feel... I know what I need to do to help myself, but I keep ignoring it, letting myself think that what I need to do is far too much trouble than it's worth... I think it might be a case of over thinking things, that somehow I deserve to live a life of misery for being, acting, and thinking differently from others... I keep finding myself thinking back to an event that should have, in all likely hood, killed me, and to that end, I feel guilty for still living... But then, I can't seem to recall a single moment in my life where I felt life was worth living, I've always found disdain for my life, for my existence, yet never truly saw fit to eradicate it.

    All this must paint a picture of a somewhat disturbed psyche. I can appreciate that I probably seem like I have a few screws loose...

    If you have gotten this far through my insesent egotistical blathering, know only that I don't want help, or advice, or even your pity. I hope purely, and most likely in vain, that allowing others to get a simple taste of what spawned my twisted psyche will allow me to push myself to overcome it. And hopefully to draw a flame I don't wish to extinguish.

    Oh, and I ordered "Warriors orochi 3" and "Final Fantasy XIII-2", so there's that...
    LunaWofl But today is frikken AWESOME!!!

    Ya know why?

    It finally arrived today!!! ^_^


    Just look at all the crap that came with it~

    Now have an indepth look at all the crap it came with

    Okay, So here is what I am ACTUALLY excited about...

    haHA!!! The fun has been DOUBLED!!!


    Okay, so the yellow one is my japanese copy... BUT STILL!!!

    Now have something completely unrelated
    So yeah, I finally got an Android... As a late birthday present...
    Its the motorola droid RAZR >_>;
    It also came free with all this crap :/
    So yeah... >_>; umm...
    here, have something completely unrelated
    LunaWofl Because we need more blogs about our shiny new toy, am I right? *gets shot*


    Marvel at how well it plays the original Tales of Innocence~


    Have some pics next to the game case :D

    My reaction to its radiant glory~

    Now have some frozen yuri or w/e...
    LunaWofl [​IMG]

    Why, I do believe I require sleep. ^_^

    Yes!!! Finally got it, I-... what?

    wha... what is all this?

    ... :mellow:... wait... wait a minute is that?!


    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    You're going with the rest of my collection :P


    Time flies on when on GBAtemp

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Have a picture of my cat