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    How hard is it to be depressive and nobody notices it? A lot, I guess.

    Man, sometimes I just want one thing. And that is, for someone to notice that I am depressive. I guess i hide it pretty well, considering that I have hidden things for a long time. Example: My weebness. What I am focusing on today is my depression. So, I live pretty far away from my mom. For now. My sister was calling her, and I wanted some attention. However, she kept scolding me. I might not show it, but I get sad very easily. I hurt someone? Sad. I do something wrong? Sad. I'm right now hidden in my room, typing this. This happened a few minutes ago. And god, letting it out does a bit better than expected.

    TL;DR: I'm sad. How did this happen?
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    Been a while + Showing a friend Nekopara

    Heya, nobody!

    Going to the post, i showed a friend Nekopara. His mind is beyond salvation in LESS THAN ONE WEEK. One. Week. He just told me when we were talking about Cuphead, he said he imagined a Cuphead Neko and i was like "Wait, what?". Yeah, that's the story. I asked him for permission to post this.
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    Opinions on a PC Build + Instructions

    I'm planning to build a PC. It is going to be my first one. Here is the Part List in PCPP:
    I'm planning on doing a dual-boot Lakka and Lubuntu. Or Lakka and Windows. One of the two. I'm probably using Lubuntu though (Free and all.)
    I would love some instructions about that. I couldn't choose a section for it, so I made a blog post. If a mod thinks it should belong in a certain section, you can move it if possible. Ok, bye.
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    AMA But it's v2.0

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    Wii U.

    Heya. So, i got a Wii U. Yep. That failed console. Traded my 3DS for it. Gonna get a 16GB SD Card, yep it's basic. Sending images later via edit. It has:
    Pro controller x1
    Wiimote x2
    Wii motion plus x1
    Microphone x1
    Nunchuck x1
    Motionplus extension x1
    Games x9
    Normal basic set things
    120GB HD x1
    Y-Cable x1
    Yep, that much for a New 3DS XL. The guy was desperate 'cause his son broke his 3DS. Poor lil' guy.
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    Me and my wish for my body pillow.

    I want a Vanilla body pillow. (Vanilla from nekopara btw) Why? I NEED ONE! AAAAAAAAA so yeah. best waifu vanilla. My birthday is coming so i asked my friends for one.
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    AMA. So, yeah.

    Hoi! This is an AMA (Ask me anything) so... Ask i guess? Uhhh... Should i say something else? Ok bye.