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    LuigiBlood Here's the first release of SMA4 eCard Maker v0.01 :

    It can only create Power-Up Cards for now, and is enough stable and fast.
    LuigiBlood Well, hello !

    This is my blog, which will talk about my editor (which i didn't work yet) : SMA4 Card Editor (temporary name).
    It should create Power-up Cards, Switch Cards, Demo Cards, and more interesting : Level Cards.

    I did create the first Homemade Level Card :

    (Okay, it's just a Level Test, but it's enough to see that you can create your own level, and put it on your cartridge ! It's just about SMA4 and an e-Reader.)

    When i will work on the editor, i will upload some betas, but don't expect Level Card editor on the first betas.

    First, i do Power-up Cards, then Switch Cards, Demo Cards, and when it will be enough stable for those three types of cards, then you can expect that i will do Level Cards (obviously).

    Expect some documents about those cards.

    And also, it's possible that i could abort that project.
    Don't expect a Lunar Magic-like about editing Level Cards, and a SMA4 ROM Editor, this is only about SMA4's e-Cards !