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    Vacation excerpt! Featuring: Flame, Northern lad, Joe, Baldy & Of course Alcohol!

    Went on vacation to the UK 2 weeks ago for about a week again to visit my friends up on the islands and while it all started quite well and innocent, my hair was quite outgrown and really needed a massive fucking trim but my barber cancelled last minute so day one pictures are easily recognized by gamer hair


    Look at how cute that shit is, my tiny boi and our matching band merch, fuck me I'm hella gay.

    it was good clean wholesome fun for about.. a day but then on the evening of the 2nd day after I got my hair done (thank the lord) that's when it all started going down.


    Y'know how some people never really drink but when they do, they binge?
    Now imagine 3 teenagers doing that with one of them being on holiday so what even are consequences.
    Right. So we eat out at my friend's place and that's all fine and dandy when our friend "Baldy" doesn't let us know that he hasn't eaten anything all day and he just kinda..

    Keep in mind I'm also like 3 whiskeys in at this point and as you can probably tell I ain't got a lot of fat on me so I'm feeling it ESPECIALLY cuz I hadn't drank anything in ages.

    Right so we get done and we somehow get this drunk child up and running to go to this guy's place to play some good old fashioned cards against humanity with our smol group.
    Enter: Joe's house - Group of 3 lads and 2 gals

    The Shirtless saga.

    Okay so a bunch of drunk teenagers nursing another drunk teenager that's not allowed to drink more but he keeps trying while we're playing Cards against humanity and at one point one lad takes his shirt off (Fucking Baldy of course)
    Not wanting to be outdone and being several more drinks in and about as inebriated one can be while retaining some memory of course I join in, at which point all the lads in this whole area take their shirt off because Alcohol.

    Now buddy pal I'm quite open when it comes to this shit but I'm not sure if it's a good idea to leak compromising shirtless photos of myself publically.. so y'know hit a brother up if ya want those xxx

    Well y'know while we're all having a grand old time we can't possibly forget about good old baldy that has at this point gone actually wasted as he's had one more half drink since he came here, sent him over the edge as we had to physically restrain him, take his drink away and carry him to bed, Boy just went limp noodle mode.

    we're just kinda... living at this point, nobody's playing the card game at this point we're just chatting and it's honestly the best time because nobody gives a shit anymore cuz literally everyone is utterly shitfaced.
    Did I forget to mention that the entire time while Baldy's in bed he's yelling at us "I wanna go home and play DayZ with James"

    Fucken addict mate.

    Man couldn't even stand anymore so I'm surprised any coherency came out of him.

    So at about 11:30 after quite a great night of chatting and nursing Baldy's sober enough to even walk so we go home.. and then we have one of those conversations, y'know the ones that get surprisingly real and open all of a sudden when it's just bros being bros.

    Right so that goes on 'til like 1:30AM while we keep having to tell "Northerner" to keep his voice down cuz he's proper yelling down the streets

    We all go to bed and Samuel wakes up with a mad hangover. Happy birthday to me.
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    The adventures of Klikofest

    I go there with a good friend and one of his friends, hang out a bit before the concerts we wanna go to with some other dudes, they all proceed to get super fucking high and I've been selected as "you stay sober" fair enough.
    time to go.
    Go to the concerthall first band we saw was pretty meh but I didn't really come for them, we go outside after the first band plays and they smoke some more, fuckin A.
    Dude's so fucked at this point he's not even in our realm anymore. my friend at this point is still smoking but decides to sober up so that he can at least make it home lmao
    run into this extremely fucking wasted guy and he's a laugh to be around so we merge up with his piss off big friendgroup while some other randos are like "yo mind if we sit with y'all"
    we're all kinda chattin and all but it's time for FiDLAR and I am not missing that shit for some friendly conversation
    FiDLAR was fucking legendary
    true garagepunk man, the crowd participation was amazing, people are always in the pit, people are always crowdsurfing people are just goin at it on stage with the band.
    it ends.
    Go back outside run into these 2 girls, they sit with us at the now much smaller group, and after a lil while of chatting casually drops in "You want a sniff"
    my friends decide to go home but I still got a band I wanna see so I say my goodbyes. still decide to stay with the extremely fucking wasted guy and the casual cokesniffers
    other band I saw was in the smaller hall but was still pretty good, at this point however it's 3AM and extremely fucking wasted dude is crashing hard, and he's got this poor girl with him that's going into obvious panic
    time to go then.
    say my goodbyes to the cokesniffers and start the journey home with a dude that's the happiest I've ever seen a human be and not be dying.
    the actual second his butt meets the seat of the bus this dude is out cold, like a log brother he is gone, only when we need to make transfers does he suddenly spring to life and just zones back out everytime he sits down.

    Took all night to get back to Rotterdam, get them to another part of Rotterdam and start making my way to my town.

    Good night 8/10
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    it's another LittleFlame blog

    Woo hit lvl 7 and all that is fine and dandy but that's not why I'm scribbling down my thoughts as they pop up into my head, which is coincidentally how I write every single one of my blogs, it's not a fully thought out beginning and end I just think of half a dozen things midway through and type'em down which is what I'm literally doing right now. so previously in the Flame Saga: Flame made out with his friend and then awkwardly talked it through, but it wasn't even that awkward and we just kinda had a discussion deciding on what to do and what not to do. A nice open adult conversation woo!
    So about that steamsale huh friggin blows this year but I still managed to buy some stuff for me and some friends, I bought @breaktemp Enter the Gungeon for example, Have fun buddy!
    My Fine line art has definitely stagnated because I just haven't been working on it but my pixelart has been getting a lot better and I've even been making a little money from it due to a contract through a friend in the video game industry, score!

    Anyway time for the main point that made me decide to poop out the lame blogs I do.
    In recent times my body has gone straight down thee shitter which is honestly quite depressing and I was taking it quite hard for some time but @Issac was always there to hear me bitch about any and all issues I had... not of his own volition I basically forced myself on him haha! ah poor lad had to deal with me for a while 'til I remembered I should prolly cut him some slack but at least we were able to talk about music so that's always my jam. (HAAAA)
    Anywhosies, it was only after a little while of doing so that I started realizing. I'm going out again, I may not get up as easy anymore and I honestly need help sometimes just to get out of a chair but I wasn't letting that stop me.
    I was just going out with friends.
    After this and chatting with some other friends online I realized something again: "Shit, I'm actually happy how did this happen?"
    for the first time in months I was actually glad to not have given up just yet and it's a pretty good feeling.

    Started doing morning exercises again and looking for a new therapist because my previous one was baaaaaaad (or just not a match for me)
    and she just told me crap I already knew "I think you're depressed"
    Nahhh it's written on my medical record for shits and giggles

    I also don't drink as much anymore! while that's for other reasons than I'd like to openly share here I barely drink at all now and it is nice on my wallet haha
    well time to end this bloggo with a new Spotify playlist

    For all the rougher hard stuff I listen to it's all right there Featuring
    Funeral For a Friend

    See y'all later
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    How to mess everything up by thinking with your dick: By LittleFlame

    Known this girl for about 7 years now, good friends. Long time friends we're pretty chill with each other, both old animefags and huge music buffs, same music taste compatibility there but we're both in agreement that everything would be so much better if we're just gonna stay pals because especially at this age dating is actual hell and inevitably break us apart.

    Except she moved from Rotterdam to all the way to the other side of the country in Leeuwarden about 2 years back, so of course we don't talk as much anymore and definitely don't see each other a lot at all considering we're both busy and the train ride to is about 3.5 hours and then back which timewise makes it exhausting and then we both need to have time which is also a rarity.

    But yesterday was the day my dudes. Was gonna see her for the first time in 6 months to just kinda chill all day, train to Leeuwarden had an outage at Arnhem and it couldn't go further, fair enough don't be discouraged managed to get to Zwolle and got over there that way.

    After that initial bollocks rest of the day was fun enough, got some coffee. grabbed something to eat. went to her place and just watched some Netflix and had a few drinks in the evening, y'know the usual normie shit.
    'til around 6 she said "I'm gonna go put something else on" at which point I jokingly remarked "psh don't even have to leave to room for that, c'mon gimme a show" which in hindsight should never have worked
    Basically like friendzone lvl 99 at that point to be honest.
    So as all that goes down I exclaim "Extra thicc" 'cuz she got da booty tho ifyouknowwhatimean
    At which point perfect fucking timing we hear the door, her mum has left the building.

    The mood is palpable.

    We're staring in each other's eyes, we're slightly drunk.
    We made out.

    Now I dunno about you lot but if you decide that while you do have chemistry it'd be better off to stay friends then it's probably a very VERY VERY terrible idea to start making out with said friend.

    Hormones are god-damn bullshit I didn't want this shit, now one of us is gonna overthink this, I'm writing a blogpost about this so it's probably me and that's gonna ruin everything and it's gonna be one of those awkward friendships that you don't wanna break off because you two work well together but now whenever ya see each other it's just gonna be like an "ohhhhhhh no"

    By the grace of god her mum came back quite quick so it was nothing more than Second Base before it's like There goes gravity back to reality "oh shit we both did that"

    there were not many words spoken after that, it was another hour of awkward movie watching on world's tiniest laptop and then I just kinda went home as she dropped me off at the trainstaton

    I screamed internally the entire way home.


    I can never watch American Ultra again.
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    The Stupidest Game that I'll forever defend & I'm totally in love with

    It's Death Road to Canada.

    I have no actual clue why I am so in love with this game.
    For me it's the perfect blend of comedy, slight horror (not actually scary in the slightest) and the occasional heartbreak when one of your characters dies at the end of the longest gamemode and you're forced to get through the final siege without them.
    The soundtrack's amazing too, it's chiptuned which I'm not normally into but especially the newest added tracks for the harder difficulties are something I'd listen to on it's own

    Like I said I have no actual clue why I'm so infatuated with this silly little game. I got over 150 hours in it and I'm still playing it, it gets updated regularly as well. just playing me with my friends tryna make it on the road, sometimes on the local co-op that this game offers. The game offers the option of making custom characters with 1 perk & 1 trait with diverse options on them. My one rule with this is not making anyone below the age of 15 because getting a young kid get eaten is seriously disturbing even if it's just dumb pixel bollocks.
    It's the idea of it that haunts me.

    The graphics of the game are charming as well, the zombies have the horror aesthetic to them, but everything is cute as heck, I like the distinction between the bright red human blood and the deep purple/black zombie blood

    Anyways, this game is stupid and I love it all the same, it can have up to 500 zeds on the screen and you got a party size of up to 4 people, recruit randomly generated and your own created jerks along the way as well as special characters such as L*NK [​IMG]The Anime Girl [​IMG] Garfielf [​IMG] The old classic DSYP[​IMG] (classic internet) and of course a friendly clown! [​IMG]

    it's on steam & mobile devices, get it. it's seriously worth it in my opinion, especially for local multiplayer.
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    Facing my negative traits

    So over the course of the last few months I've been attempting to improve myself, coming to terms with the fact that I'm kind of a massive twat and facing the negative traits that I've taken on over time, it's been really hard to be honest and I've had a lot of trouble actually keeping it up as whenever I was tired I'd slip right back into my old habits of being a sarcastic prick because I push people away because I'm afraid of people actually liking me, but I'm also terrified of being alone

    I've been trying to be more wholesome and being more helpful towards others, but at the same time I've also been sticking to my own ideals more which has been a hard contrast as I've cut a few people out that while I honestly considered them friends to a certain degree, I found that when I look back on the times we have I usually don't enjoy it and when I do it's when it's stimulating my habit of talking about people, I've tried to stop that as well but quitting gossip might be the hardest one.
    I find it hard to be honest with people and myself, I've honestly forgot what my feelings are like because I haven't felt a proper sadness in years now, I've felt down, I've been upset but usually when I should be feeling down I just get really angry, and then I hurt people because it's the one thing I'm truly good at, I always know exactly what to say to put somebody in the ground, but it's significantly harder to help someone that's genuinely upset

    It comes in the form of mood swings, I'll have a few good days and I'll be really happy, and I notice that my friends liven up around me as well, we enjoy our time more, and it's genuinely fun when we game! I don't get salty when I die in games like PUBG or DayZ and it's generally a lot of fun. I'm currently enjoying the happy times now actually, however this is always followed by the inevitable down time, where I turn into a prick for all to see, I'm irritable, hella salty, angry and numb all at once, it's a general feeling where I'm always slightly angry but I don't know why, things that can take me out of this range from the music I enjoy, to my friends pulling me out of it with just honest positivity.

    I don't know how I feel and I honestly want to see a therapist, really I do! but that first step, I can't do it, I honestly can't do something as fucking simple as following my own advice I've given people countless times, I wanna stop hurting people, I wanna stop myself from hurting myself mentally but it's a fucking cycle, I never see how cruel I am to other people untill it's too late, even now with all this going on in my head, I know SOMEONE is probably my punching bag right now but I just haven't realized who it is yet until they decide I'm not worth their time, in the past I've been described as brutally honest, that's a lie, I'm just a self righteous twat.

    I've hurt a lot of people here, people that were nothing but honest and kind to me and I just turn around and slap them in the face with my massive ego and I hurt them some more

    I hurt the one person that I ever felt comfortable with letting in, and honestly I don't deserve them back in my life, maybe never but at least not now, not untill I've become the best possible version of myself

    Maybe that it's in the good times now is that I have the balls to actually tag people.

    @AyanamiRei0 I'm really fucking sorry that about a year ago I made you into a punching bag, it started as an off joke and it just became me actually just bullying to repeatedly even though you were nothing but kind to me
    @Chary I've apologized to you several times now in private but here it is in public, I've been rude to you before, I've been a right twat but you always let me back in but I took it too far half a year ago, I took all the stress from work and the inner turmoil and said terrible stuff to you about family values I can't even begin to understand as an outsider, To this day I don't get what the hell happened to me that day but I've always regretted it, but I am thankful for all the times we had.
    @Lia OH BOY I was a massive twat to you right from the start, I have no fucking clue why you put up with me
    @TheVinAnator Kid, you've helped me more than you even realize, I've legitimately thought about you a lot because of your adorableness in situations where I'd usually be a huge cock which helps me to stop saying terrible stuff
    @GamerzHell9137 OG SQUAD REPRESENT, we get along nowadays but back when we first met and even up to a few years ago we never got along, simply because you actually challenged me when I was being a rude asshole, you're a great guy and I love you (no homo)
    @VinsCool man, I get the feeling that you sort of get where I'm coming from with this entire stupid blogpost thing but you were always patient and adult with me,
    @vinstage boy that's a lotta vins, you were right.
    @MajinCubyan Literally nobody can pull me out of a bad mood like you and Bekah can, I have no clue what it is you guys do, but your positivity is infectious!

    of course you aren't the only ones, but you're the ones that always pop up in my mind when I think back on the times that I was still properly active here, I'm not very good at sticking around though but I do my damnedest.

    TLDR: I don't like myself but I don't know how to fix myself
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    I'M BACK

    WOWOWOWOW haven't been on since July so what the hell have I been doing since, welll

    Finished my job, I finally quit after school started again and of course I finally managed to get that PC that I was building up to for so long, remember 50 days of blogs? Yeah that failed :P

    So I've been playing a lot of games on pc and my poor 3DS is literally abandoned in a dusty corner somewhere while I play on PC and sit on Discord, speaking of
    I left the gbatemp discord ages ago but actually left for realsies about a month ago when I was like *oh shit I'm still in there, I should probablyyyyy*

    Started going to a new school, finally a focused education which is really dope, made a lot of friends in the first 2 weeks in school and I'm actually really enjoying my time and classes this time which is a major step up over highschool, so now I can clearly say it really DOES get better.

    I improved my art over the past month!

    Not a lotta people know but I actually really love drawing, (check @Lia ) but I'm really trash at it so I didn't do it a lot untill last month when I decided to suck it up and say "I'm never gonna improve if I don't practice" and I'm not at a level that I'm comfortable with sharing yet but I definately will in the future once I've got a clear style for myself that I'm sastisfied with.

    Then moving on on the front of drawing I've been getting pretty decent at osu! too for once, swithed off of being a peasant mouse player and using my tablet now and it's dope af after some practice, jumps are so much easier!

    wait, Osu!.. music.. I went to see my favourite band 3 weeks back and it was easily the best live performance that I've seen and I even got a pick from Tom Linton!
    I logged in for no reason at all tbh, I logged in out of sheer boredom but I'll probably stick around for a little

    See y'all in the next long winded blog post! o/
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    Looking to extend my music tastes

    I'm kind of listening myself into a slum here and I'm really wanting to extend the number of bands I listen to, I'm really loving the bands I listen to right now but I wanna get into some new material.
    there's only so much Sum 41 one can listen to before going crazy, that being said I'm looking for something a little rougher than Sum 41 maybe?
    If anybody could please recommend me a few good Altrock, Punk or Hardcore bands that'd be great.
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    An actual issue I have.

    This is the weirdest thing ever right but whenever somebody says ANYTHING, I can usually link it to a song. literally my entire life has become one big music reference, I can't remember the last time I voice chatted with someone that they didn't say at least 10 sentences an hour that made me think of some god forsaken Emo song

    How the fuck did this even happen, I'm good at remembering lyrics, hell I know all the songs of a band that's been making music since like 1993 (they have 14 albums)for god's sake but it suddenly just got this bad, I only really listen to 5 bands
    but I somehow know how to link literally anything anyone says to either a title, or some of the dumbass fucking lyrics, people already think I'm sort of obsessed, I don't need them thinking I'm actually fucking insane, what the fuck.

    EDIT: This post has made me realize I actually haven't added My Chemical Romance's 2 albums I like to my playlist yet, oops
    so yeah I listen to like 6 bands
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    2nd Tempday

    Oh shit!
    This account is 2 years old and I actually remembered on time [​IMG]
    So ya buncha nerds I've spent too much of my life lurking this place already and it's not stopping anytime soon I may only post whenever something cringe worthy happens or something gets linked in Flame Server
    speaking of which y'all rock
    sooo i went from being a little Vinsclone turd to being a shitposter
    I remember my first day here you know
    one of my posts got deleted.

    good times

    I also had some fun times with a certain Gloomy person and Vinscool
    Bad times.

    I want it to be known that I still think I'm superior to each and every one of you
    and thanks @Chary once more for roping me into this mess

    also @FrozenIndignatio and Tommy are the best couple
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    Something's gonna happen next month.

    It's gonna be @TheVinAnator 's birthday
    also MEMES
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    Wow 2 blogs in a 24 hour span?! Calm down Flame
    anyway in 1 month time I will have needed to select a new Education and for most of my life I thought I was sure that I wanted to go into IT but sometime last year I realized that I truly hate that line of work and I would most likely hate my life so after some consideration I had the stupid Idea, I love voice actors and I love voice acting too! but i promptly gave up on my dreams and decided well if I can't do either of that I'll just go into the Catering industry... but then it actually turned out that there's no way in hell that my body will allow me to go into that sooo I'm stuck now
    I have around 1 month to choose and I'm thinking of going into radio 'cuz of my adoration for music but it's still hard because I'm not sure if I'd be right for the job, But then again I only have 1 month to decide and this is pretty much my only option, it's either that or go into economics sooo radio here I come :/
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    2 years

    So it's almost been 2 years since I've been dragged in here by a CERTAIN REPORTER and some others, and I've done a whole lot of growing up since then.
    When I first joined I was very desperate to be accepted for some reason so I blindly followed the Vinsclones trend, and that was fun while it lasted but after it ended I kinda had no Idea what to post about anymore so I kept to myself and just became that guy that posted on Drama, Not like I have much of a name for myself anyway as I tend to stick to my own little part of the forum which are the profile pages.
    Back when I first joined I used to have 2 interests which were Games and Anime but over these years I have grown to play a lot less video games and I'm a lot more involved with music, Finding a new band is still one of the greatest feelings ever.

    Here's a quick list of my favourite bands!
    Jimmy Eat World
    My true first band that I obsessed over, And I'm still discovering new songs that I love from these guys!
    I even got my friends into these guys
    Futures and Bleed American are the best albums for me

    Who doesn't know this one, although their quality has gone to crap for me with all their original members leaving violently I can still love their old songs and so I will!
    Riot! Is their best album.

    Funeral For a Friend
    A little bit less known and a lot harder than the 2 above this one's made me feel the most emotion over a song to the point of nearly crying, If you like Post-Hardcore these guys will rock your world

    Something Corporate
    A lot less known than all of the above and they also had a few albums but I can always love "I woke up in a car"

    I've met many fun people here and I've also had a few bad experiences one of which was together with everyone's favourite @VinsCool
    but mainly fun people
    soo shoutouts to Flame Server's members! blatantly ripped from Vinscool too!

    @Chary I've known you from my pre-temp days and you helped me with some good shit in the past, you're easily one of my best buds

    @FrozenIndignatio I've known you for as long as Chary but we have less of a relationship, nevertheless you're awesome

    @endoverend I don't even remember why I went into contact with you but you're alright nevertheless

    @Red9419 as one of the most active FS users you can literally not be uncool in my eyes

    @Flame The one and only slightly bigger Flame!

    @VinsCool The temp user I've spoken to for the longest time since I joined (Not counting pre-temp), I prolly don't love you as much as most the other users here but you still rock

    @TheVinAnator The surprisingly mature 11 year old that I cannot bring myself to hate.

    @AyanamiRei1 you've been a FS member for ages too and you even made my theme, remember when everyone thought you were a chick?

    @GhostLatte who are you even

    time for some members that died along the way

    @Voxel the one and only original member! although we may have had a falling out along the way I can still dig your style.

    @Zelock We were good friends for approximately 1 week until I hecked up and started saying stupid stuff

    @Seriel I don't even remember why we stopped contact

    and last but not least

    @Supster131 oh man, you were there for almost the entire way but we were never really.. friends
    We coulda been perfect together, but our edge clashed together and it broke apart along the way

    It's been good so far so Now I'm gonna watch it improve too
    If you actually got to the end, you're awesome, if you just skipped you suck ;^;
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    Non-depresing rant about "Depression"

    Right so lately i've been seeing a lot of angsty kids/teens making lengthy posts about their "Depression" and "Issues" while in all reality that's seriously just normal shit that you're supposed to deal with if you're already getting so worked up over minor stuff like that you will not survive a minute in the real world

    And it's not like i've never done one of these attention grabbing status updates either i'm not innocent but at least i don't do them constantly because honestly nobody really cares except for the other kids who think they have issues as well i'm not bashing the ones with actual health issues more the "Depressed kids" you know who you are.

    Look it's fine if you feel down once in a while it's normal for your age your body's changing in a lot of ways and you may feel like you don't fit in and that's fine but for fucks sake get off your ass and do something about it you like games dontcha go to some tournements you don't even have to participate just hang out it's fun!

    Quote time
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