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    Limoon I'll do the presentation tomorrow, i forgot i had another one to do so that sucks but well nothing i can do about it
    Spent half of the day """"working"""" on eu project, at least now i try my best not to miss important classes.
    My friends are trying to use the EU project work to get off of important classes in order to play games together and shit, i actually miss attending classes now,
    I make sure i only do the work when there's less important classes so i dont miss as much class.
    The project is also a presentation, but in english. Next week or so people will come from other countries and we will do a presentation about "Opportunities for the teenagers to spend their free time in" or whatever, i'm doing this stuff just so i can write something in my CV or so, plus my english pronounciation gets good enough.
    Either way now i have to finish my last powerpoint slide for tomorrow and maybe sleep early? (wont happen)
    oh also recently i've been really lazy to play games, youtube makes me proscinate really really hard. maybe recommend me some mobile games that y'all like? preferably no gacha though.
    Limoon doing everything i can- actually nothing at all, despite the one day snow holiday i have done nothing in 3 days, not even playing games wise.
    I'm currently ""working"" on my presentation for tomorrow.. It's not going to be that good it seems, my teacher doesn't like us reading from the slide since that's not how you do a presentation but the thing presentation topic isn't that interesting too. I do know some stuff about the writer i'm presenting about now but that's it really. I'm still glad my DSi XL works again but i'm too lazy to finish any games as always. I do wanna play more of Last Window and Professor Layton etc. but yeah.
    Listening to Casiopea on Spotify rn, they don't have my fave album of theirs there but still i'd recommend everyone to check them out.
    Wish me luck with my stuff!
    Limoon My dsi works again!!!! Apart from the fact the screens sometimes randomly flicker (it fixes itself in time for some reason), i'm about to do some homework and get some ds games, any recommendations you guys maybe have?
    Limoon Well anyways, since school started again i've been working hard on this EU project thingy im in lately, i've been missing classes because of it as well but i'll get a certificate for it in the end so it must be worth it
    In other news im thinking about buying a second-hand wii and softmodding it.
    Limoon may try once or twice once i know a game i can test it out on!
    Limoon just as my life was going alright and i was really happy that i could use my dsi, my dsi was like NOPE then the sd card slot broke and the screens doesnt work properly? i see some vertical lines and flashing , i have no idea why this happened
    so im just trying to forget about dsi as a whole
    tomorrow im going to my bff, ill stay with him for a day so i'll feel way better for sure, also soon ill play some football with my classmates at 6-7 pm (yeah its late and ill probably get ill but idk what to say it'll be fun)
    Limoon well hello, may actually use this for a week or so then forget about it, may use it as a diary of sorts maybe?