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    [GUIDE] hOW TO quit videogame addiction or aNY bad behaviors.

    I've recently found an interesting video about how to adjust ur life or quit any bad addiction [insert name here], it's absolutely sinful to NOT share here, hope it helps u too :P

    P.s. i'm on diet for many years having in mind to control my body weight and try to stay healthy, even I've completely quit Chocolate, i still putted myself in test to see the efficiency of this video, the result is surprisingly very effective! here's what i did:
    1. bought 2 delicious boxes of chocolate ICE CREAM (OH MAH GAWD) ! :O
    2. Putted 2 CHOCOLATE BOXES in the refrigerator which it's in my most remote room of my apartment.
    3. bought also some apples and peaches and left them in my living room.
    4. 3 weeks later, there are still 3/4 of ice cream left! :O
    5. this method is so effective now i needs to move MY SWITCH AND PC mustardrace in the same room where i keep ICE CREAM hahahahaah XD

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    [DLC] Mystery box ep.2

    Hey my dear tempers,

    You think the Mystery box is already ended? Here comes the dlc!
    Neither I expected that the dlc could arrive so soon! :D
    It's time to turn on ur big brain and guess what's inside the Mystery box, AGAIN!

    Hint: it usually works with his twin brothers, they have big brain and can remember all things, but as soon as their master goes off, they simply forget everything at the end of day. :)

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    Another day, yet another Mystery box....

    Hi gbatemp, it's a new day with a new Mystery box!
    Fresh arrived this morning, guess what's inside?
    Hint 1: the main purpose is for videogames but you can do all sort of things with it too.
    Edit: with a peculiar plot inside :)

    YES, it 's a brand new CPU! 6700K! if anyone wonder why get a new 4yo CPU, especially in 2020, then here comes the peculiar plot :D

    in short my old gaming pc has suffered constant BSOD last month! accompanied with all kind of error messages, desperately i seeked the answers online and I managed to find my suspects: they were RAMs, mobo or CPU.

    The 1st step was easy, there's an office pc which shares same DDR4 RAM, I mounted the suspected RAM (2x8gb) on my office pc and they worked flawlessly. Now things are getting complicate, after i unmounted the coolers and switched CPU 6700k on office pc it didn't turn on, later i found out that my office pc uses I5-8500 a 8th gen cpu, my 6700k is a 6th gen, the motherboard is simple incompatible, and all good manufacturers have already stopped producing ant 6th gen mobo, i had to purchase an preowned mobo asus Z270 from Amazon to test my CPU. -_-

    My suspect was confirmed, my old 6700k failed to turn on on my mobo Asus z270, and i lost all hope, then ready to move on and save money to build a new Rig, this time with Ryzen processor, but later i found that INTEL WARRANTY POLICIES offer 3 years, YEP THAT'S RIGHT, 3 fuckin year about faulty CPU for EU customers, then I contacted INTEL customer service and i got this replacement.

    That's why i got a brand new 4yo 6700k cpu in 2020. AND the whole operation took 2 weeks to complete. A HUGE thanks to AMAZON which provided me a used mobo to make test. (i got my cash back ofc xD).

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    2020 is cursed......

    War between Iraq and USA, Bushfire in Australia, Volcano eruption in Philippines, to get even worse Wuhan China's new deadly virus, viotent protests in HK and Paris, both FF7R, dying light 2 delayed, what next for 2020?

    2020 is fucking cursed!
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    HOLY SH*T! Heaven exists!

    A trip inside every gamers wet dream!

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    Just arrived, guess what's inside :)

    Amazon just dropped me this huge package :) BIG SURPRISE INSIDE!
    edit: seems average IQ here is below the standard, here's a HINT :D 600x450x150mm
    edit2: here's another hint, the content was designed and made by little Chinese bro who had massive arguments when they were young with his BIG bro over the house :)
    LAST HINT: here's last HINT: it's made in Taiwan (little chinese fought Big bro chinese over territories)
    the size 600x450x150mm
    it's not a monitor, but it has monitor....
    then what is it?

    Anyone wanna try to guess what's inside the box?

    • 17.3 Full HD (1920*1080), panel IPS 144Hz(OMFG! screen alone worth 200€!), 72%NTSC, 100%sRGB y marco ultrafino
    • i7-9750H+HM370 (6 CORES! HOOLY SHIT! 12MB Cache, 2.60GHz hasta 5.50GHz)
    • ram 16GB (2x8) DDR4 2666MHz
    • 512GB SSD NVMe PCIe
    • Nvidia Geforce RTX 2060 de 6GB GDDR6

    IMG_20190723_213945.jpg IMG_20190723_214306.jpg IMG_20190723_214702.jpg large box from amazon.jpg
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    The Cruel Irony Of Air Conditioning

    The Cruel Irony Of Air Conditioning

    here's a honourable mention: NOW I REALIZE WHY SAITAMA doesn't want to use air conditioning xD

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    6 Ways To CURE DEPRESSION, I'm very serious.

    I was sitting on WC then youtube recommended me this great video lul very convincing and useful. I hope it could help some people here in particular those are going through hard times.

    p.s. if you earn something from this video them share it with ur other depressed friends.

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    I'm so scared...

    Today I have absolutely no will doing my job, then i wandered on Youtube and it recommended me this video, thanks to diet and cardio maybe i'll able to make myself to 2038, just to be putted in a ''HUMAN'' zoo, i'm so scared....

    p.s. CIA really killed Michael Hastings??

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    Black Friday: when hot deals are NOT very hot

    Have you ever heard about Black Friday? Legend says u will find everything you need at great DEAL...

    Today I was looking for a SSD on amazon, to revive my old notebook. Suddenly I saw there's a hot deal which SanDisk SSD 500G has dropped from 185 to 149!

    I was sooooo EXITED!
    I was ready to PLACE the ORDER!

    then I remembered that I got same SSD 7 months ago when I built my 1st PC, I checked my historical orders: It was 143 -_-

    SanDisk SSD 500gb

    In conclusion, Black Friday SUCKS!!!
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