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    leon315 Amazon just dropped me this huge package :) BIG SURPRISE INSIDE!
    edit: seems average IQ here is below the standard, here's a HINT :D 600x450x150mm
    edit2: here's another hint, the content was designed and made by little Chinese bro who had massive arguments when they were young with his BIG bro over the house :)
    LAST HINT: here's last HINT: it's made in Taiwan (little chinese fought Big bro chinese over territories)
    the size 600x450x150mm
    it's not a monitor, but it has monitor....
    then what is it?

    Anyone wanna try to guess what's inside the box?

    • 17.3 Full HD (1920*1080), panel IPS 144Hz(OMFG! screen alone worth 200€!), 72%NTSC, 100%sRGB y marco ultrafino
    • i7-9750H+HM370 (6 CORES! HOOLY SHIT! 12MB Cache, 2.60GHz hasta 5.50GHz)
    • ram 16GB (2x8) DDR4 2666MHz
    • 512GB SSD NVMe PCIe
    • Nvidia Geforce RTX 2060 de 6GB GDDR6

    IMG_20190723_213945. IMG_20190723_214306. IMG_20190723_214702. large box from amazon.
    leon315 The Cruel Irony Of Air Conditioning

    here's a honourable mention: NOW I REALIZE WHY SAITAMA doesn't want to use air conditioning xD

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    leon315 I was sitting on WC then youtube recommended me this great video lul very convincing and useful. I hope it could help some people here in particular those are going through hard times.

    p.s. if you earn something from this video them share it with ur other depressed friends.

    leon315 Today I have absolutely no will doing my job, then i wandered on Youtube and it recommended me this video, thanks to diet and cardio maybe i'll able to make myself to 2038, just to be putted in a ''HUMAN'' zoo, i'm so scared....

    p.s. CIA really killed Michael Hastings??

    leon315 Have you ever heard about Black Friday? Legend says u will find everything you need at great DEAL...

    Today I was looking for a SSD on amazon, to revive my old notebook. Suddenly I saw there's a hot deal which SanDisk SSD 500G has dropped from 185 to 149!

    I was sooooo EXITED!
    I was ready to PLACE the ORDER!

    then I remembered that I got same SSD 7 months ago when I built my 1st PC, I checked my historical orders: It was 143 -_-

    SanDisk SSD 500gb

    In conclusion, Black Friday SUCKS!!!
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