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    Selling some games

    Hi guys
    I'm skint at the moment and I need to get some money for a school trip, so I've decided to sells some games on ebay. I'm not going to give them to retailers like Game who offered me £1 for Twilight Princess on Wii. So anyway, this is my first time selling games on ebay and I'm not sure how to price them. I have tried searching them and other people are selling them at completely different prices. I know I'm not going to get much for them, because they're pretty old and already have sequels out. Can anyone give a rough idea of what prices I should sell them at (£ please).
    - FIFA 10
    -Killzone 2
    -Call of Duty 6
    - Assassin's Creed II
    - Animal Crossing City Folk
    All of them on PS3 except Animal Crossing of course and in good condition.
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    Evil Violent Pope

    This is one crazy evil mad pshyco annoying strong violent angry Pope dude.
    Just got to this guy in Final Fantasy 13 and he wooped my ass.
    And he has two bloody forms..
    I'm finding him tough to beat, I start out fine killing two of those weird faces on his armour, but then he gets extra bad and starts using these attacks that do a hell of a lot damage.
    And I don't have any aerosols cept ethersol, which I don't really need since I have full TP anyways.
    umm if anyone here has beat this boss, please give me some tips or what party you used.
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    Very hard boss (FF13).
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    Right now and probably for some time yet I'm really pissed off.
    I put 55hrs into Soul Silver (up to Kanto 14 gym badges). I was having so much fun, enjoying it...
    Basically here's what happened, I had an R4 DS in which I started playing Soul Silver for 2 minutes. I copyed my game data from the R4 to my new Ackeard 2i. When I first started the Acekard and selected the game, it wouldnt read the save file,(has to be named something else) so I just made a new one when it asked me to.
    So under game folder, there are two Soul Silver save files..
    Due to some mix up my brother instead edited the R4 one, then he went and copied the edited file to the acekard, and it asked him to REPLACE (nooo) the newer, 55hrs, save file, to which he clicked yes, and there was no back up made.
    And now its f*cked up.
    2 mins play time
    At the beggining of my time
    55hrs of my life wasted.
    Im so bloody annoyed and sad.
    Make me feel better please, words of support, sympahty etc appreciated
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    Got FF13

    Yeah so I finally got the game, £2 cos I traded in some of my old DS, Wii and PSP games - Monster Hunter, Phantom Hourglass, PES 09, HOTD Overkill.
    My first impressions: Graphics, wow. Absolutely beautiful. Im only in the bit where your with Snow for the first time, so combat is meh. I've heard it gets way better and more complex though as you go through, so Im okay with it for now. The storyline looks really promising. Menus are nice and slick. Thats it at the moment. May do a review of it in the future
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    Can't Decide

    I only have enough money to afford one game, and I can't decide between FF13 and God of War 3. So I've decided to make a poll like the PSP or Wii one. Okay, I have not played any GOW game before, and when I watch the reviews its like, "This is Kratos's final journey and an epic end to extract his revenge against Zeus", and " GOW fans will love the epic finale" but I havent really a clue about the story of the GOW games. All I know is Kratos is some hench greek dude who doesnt like Zeus.
    I've played FFIV and FF7, I really enjoyed both and I tend to enjoy RPG's. Everybody speaks about the "linearity" of the game and how the first 25hrs are just straight lines and stuff. But I dont really care about that to be honest. Actually, with the RPG's I play, I don't bother visiting towns anyway, I just do the main quest. I have looked at gameplay videos and the combat system seems really good and theres a lot of praise about it. The main thing with this game is the story that I am attracted too, the cut scenes look epic but I've heard mixed stuff about the story, some good some bad, so I was wondering if anyone has played it what's it like? How good is it?
    Yeah, so please can you help me to decide what game I should buy, thanks