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    Lee79 As some of you know I love pets. I have a cat and a fish tank and today I brought a staff cross puppy bitch for a £100 but I have not named her yet and I can not think of one. Got any ideas? Here is some photos to help you! not very clear. sorry phone cam!
    Bit of prospective she is small
    Lee79 My best friend Micky had him from 6 months old now he is 6 years old.

    And this is my workstation and my cold water fish tank
    Lee79 Went shopping today and and the town was invaded by the Galactic Empire and a odd Ghostbusters man and a Cylon LOL!
    Pics below.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    Lee79 So fellow Tempers my Mum and Dad live in Cyprus and I am visiting from the UK and my Mum has adopted this stray little kitten it needs a name it is 10 weeks old and has no name it needs your help! The one i like the best the kitten will have for the rest of it's life so make it good!

    With Grogg!
    With Me!
    Lee79 I got this card BFG 8800 GTS OC today from my next door neighbor today for £50 is this a good card for the money or should i spend my 50 notes on a different card?
    Lee79 So i went to gamestation today to get Bioshock for the PC and while i was there i had a look in the bargin bin and found

    Microsoft combat flight sim 3
    Heavy Gear 2
    Vampire the masquerade: redemption
    IL2 sumovik forgotten battles
    Soldier of fortune 2 DH
    X-wing Collectors Series

    I got all these games for only £2.86. :grog:

    I used to play SoF 2 online in 2005 and was surprised to find so many servers i used to play on still running 3 years later. :wtf:

    Today was a good day :rolleyes: