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    dier project data

    Here are all the files I have created myself or have the legal right to distribute either by being open source or publically accessible,
    You may use this data to pursue making your own version of Dead Island Epidemic,
    by downloading you agree to this EULA
    The EULA we've created is for legal reasons, which basically prevents us from being attached to anything regarding the future of this project.
    You may use, modify, distribute, and even sell this data, but it will in no way, no longer connect to me or JellyMana Media/Compressed Square Softworks.
    Here is the download to the data we've made/have the right to post, again by downloading you agree to our
    EULA this is to protect us from this point forward.
    Download all 644 files (30.9mb compressed, 140mb extracted) here: