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    I don't get much enjoyment out of the Switch

    I hate to make this blog post.

    Has anyone just... not got any enjoyment out of their Switch? I'm not getting much enjoyment out of the system. There's not much that I want to play on it. You could say I feel the same about the Wii and the 3DS, but there's a wide variety of games for those systems (and it's my fault for not getting hooked on a game). They've had a good run.

    I'm not really interested in 3rd party games as much as 1st party. Super Mario Odyssey was great, 1-2-Switch was garbage, Super Mario Maker 2 is cool but the controls are garbage, Splatoon 2 gets really tiring after a while, and the list goes on... I feel bad for not playing on my Switch because I feel I'm missing out.

    I've been a bit busy having school and a part-time job, along with my personal projects, and I enjoy that more than playing on my Switch. Consoles like the Wii U had a Nintendo touch to it, it felt elegant, I loved seeing things like the WaraWara Plaza, the GamePad is cool, it was just very satisfying and I have good memories of it. The Wii and 3DS also gave me good memories. The Switch had none of that.

    The Switch HOME Menu is garbage too, I agree with Hideki Kamiya. It's not satisfying, there's no way to organize your games, it makes your game library look bland. There's not even an Internet browser, Netflix, or anything that I can use on the system that isn't a game and that is unique to the system. They tried hard to make the Wii be a system that appealed to people that were not gamers.

    The Wii U GamePad it good for drawing games and it feels nice to have a second screen to do stuff on. The Wii has good motion controls. The Switch has no backwards compatibility with your favorite controllers and you have to use the Joy-Cons. Those are a crappy experience when they're detached from the console, I prefer the Pro Controller.

    Apparently I only played the Switch for around 50 hours last year. There's not many small games that Nintendo makes that aren't 60 freaking dollars. A lot of the first party games are just lame Wii U ports. I want something like Pushmo on the Switch, WarioWare, Paper Mario, an Internet browser, a drawing app like Swapdoodle/PictoChat, the "Wii" series games ported over, more exclusives, Pokémon Pinball (that would be really cool), HD remakes of N64 and GameCube games maybe (I haven't played N64 & GC games much), WarioWare DIY 2 (that would be awesome), Tomodachi Life, Rhythm Heaven, another Mario action game (something like Super Mario 3D World) something that heavily involves Miis, (this is gonna sound stupid but they should even make a BLUE'S CLUES AND YOU game for the kids) and there's probably so many more ideas.

    Another random idea that I got from Amazon Alexa, "Nintendo should make a 3D printing Mii service, they could call it 'It's Amiibo'"

    I hope Nintendo makes at least some of those ideas come to life. The last complaint I have is that the Switch doesn't seem to let you interact with the community as much as I would like to. Like I mentioned before, WaraWara Plaza gave me the feeling that there was a community, and so did Miiverse (even though it was bad).

    I'll end off this rant saying that the Nintendo Labo is a very creative idea for the Switch, and I really like it. The replay value isn't amazing but it feels good to make something physical. Ring Fit Adventure is a cool idea, but I've only played it twice since I got it for Christmas.

    Thanks for reading (or skipping through) this. I hope Nintendo can make up for these problems I've had for the Switch even after it's been out for about 3 years.
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    Feel free to ask me (Larsenv) things

    May as well, I've got nothing better to do. Just, please, try not to make it too personal.

    I also have a page on Curious Cat if you'd prefer to ask anonymously. I prefer you use that instead.
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    Please stop complaining about WarioWare Gold

    Today, Nintendo posted the box art for the upcoming 3DS game, WarioWare Gold, on Twitter. The game comes out in the US on August 3rd.

    I'm very excited for the game, since I've been playing WarioWare since around the time Smooth Moves came out for the Wii, and family members also like the game too. The games in the series are a lot of fun (except Snapped, that one is crap) and I've played all of them (but I haven't played Mega Party Game$! much, and it's basically just a console version of the first game for GBA). It's been a while since we got a new WarioWare game (Game & Wario doesn't count, it's kind of a spin-off).

    The art style looks nice for the microgames, and if you look on the cover it apparently has amiibo support and over 300 microgames. To be honest, I'm way more excited for this game than Smash 5.

    I noticed people on Twitter were complaining about it being on the 3DS instead of the Switch, as well as it being a 2D-only game (as shown on the box art).

    Is it necessary to complain? It being on the 3DS has some advantages that the Switch doesn't have. The microgames have different styles, where you play with the...
    • Touch Screen. How would you play the microgames on the Switch when it's in TV mode? This ain't a Wii U.
    • Motion Controls. I can see it working with the Joy-Cons, but it wouldn't be the same feel as on a handheld (unless your Switch is in the handheld mode).
    • Microphone. The Switch doesn't have a microphone. Online games have a voice chat feature that requires using a phone or tablet.
    • Buttons. I have no comment on this one.
    Maybe there will be other styles for the microgames. There's enough gimmicks in this game that it doesn't even need 3D. (does anyone even use the 3D feature?)

    I'm getting more and more excited for this game. I'm sure that there will be unlockable souvenirs and games that will keep you busy for a while (Twisted! is great because you can unlock a lot of them. By the way, if you load the unpatched ROM for the game in VBA GX with your Wii, you can hold the Wii Remote vertically and twist that).

    If you still want a Switch version of the game, so be it. I thought we wouldn't get a 3DS version of WarioWare but I'm glad we do now. I'm sure it will be jam-packed full of stuff like Rhythm Heaven Megamix game (the same division of Nintendo that makes WarioWare with Intelligent Systems makes Rhythm Heaven, last time I checked).

    Maybe at some point, a Switch version of WarioWare will become a thing, sort of like Smooth Moves. If you look at upcoming retail 3DS games, the only ones I can find are first-party, I hope some more third-party ones will come out. Be glad Nintendo's still supporting a great handheld, and it seems that they still will for some time.

    That's all I have to say, I'm really excited for the game. Oh, and summer starts for me tomorrow as tomorrow's the last day of school for me. I think I now have to do some driving lessons over the summer, it's about time for me to continue doing that. (ugh)
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    How I got 3DS saves from a bricked 3DS back

    In December 2015, after having my original 3DS since 2011 and had a repair twice, I got a New 3DS (not XL). It was bundled with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. (My dad wanted to get me an XL one though). Remember when downgrading to 9.2 was the craze? That following month, late at night, I tried a downgrade since I successfully did it on a 2DS. However, since I got a pack for a regular 3DS and not a new 3DS (and there was no warning about that anywhere), my new 3DS bricked. I was very upset.

    Talking to my dad, he said we should return it to Amazon. I wanted to solder on it to get the save files and data back, but my dad said if we did that we couldn't get the money back to exchange it. (Today, you can use the magnet trick with a flash cart, and I have one.) So I didn't do that.

    I got a red New 3DS XL now and I think we called Nintendo or went online to unlink the NNID from the bricked 3DS. I then downloaded all my legit games from it. I was still sad for a while not to have my saves back, but I had a dump of the extra data and got my Tomodachi Life save back. Instead of replaying some of the games, I installed 100% save files.

    This is how it was for a while. I did some research and found out the movable.sed on the 3DS NAND was needed to decrypt the save data. (I made a disk image of my microSD card.) The problem became more forgotten about. Until, about years later, seedminer came out which let you mod your 3DS by brute forcing the movable.sed!

    I talked with zoogie in PMs and I was missing the LFCS code to brute force a movable.sed. However, some time later, you could now generate the first part of the movable.sed with a Mii QR code, which I found when I uploaded some Miis I created to a site. (Apparently you only need the friend code now?)

    Now I needed to brute force it, but I use a Mac (don't complain, I don't want to hear it) so I couldn't mine with the GPU and the CPU didn't really find a match. Before the online mining service was a thing, people would ask on this forum to brute force for them. Someone named Hunter kindly brute forced it for me and I had a movable.sed now.

    Now, I was wondering, what would I use to decrypt with the movable.sed? I was wondering if JKSM could do it, but it doesn't let you do it with a movable.sed.

    Well, I found a tool written in Python called 3ds-save-tool on GitHub by someone named "wwylele" (that's a hard name to spell lol). It needs keys from the bootrom in order to decrypt. I tried to dump my bootrom and use a tool by yellows8 to get the keys, but it didn't work,

    After talking to wwylele on Discord, it turns out yellows8's script gave me the wrong keys. He gave me the first byte of the keys, but I still didn't get the right ones until I Googled and eventually found a useful Google Sheet with the keys to decrypt. Now I was able to decrypt the saves I wanted.

    It was an amazing (and kind of fun) journey to get the saves back, and persistence was key. I haven't really played any of the games I got the save for after I got them back, but I might go back to 100% them later.

    This was a few months ago when I got the saves back. I hope this blog post helps people in the future which had problems like this before.

    Thanks zoogie, wwylele, and Hunter!
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    Nintendo Labo is Fun

    The Nintendo Labo is a unique experience. I've had the variety kit since the day after launch, and it's amazing. I've made a fishing rod and currently half done with the piano.

    I've only played with the fishing rod a little, but when you build it you will feel accomplished. It does take a while to build your creations, though.

    The piano took some work to build so far, folding the keys was redundant. I can't wait to finish it though.

    Keep in mind I'm 16 years old and I don't think that's too old to be playing with this.

    The only issue might be that folding the cardboard might give you blisters in your fingers, I actually had one on my right index finger by scraping off gum from the bottom of tables at school when I was bored without using my fingers. (gross, right?)

    Have any of you got a Nintendo Labo? If so, which one? Have you played with it?
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