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    Some guy I know wrote this poem for some girl

    "Her hair falls across her shoulders
    The black silk waterfall
    It crushes me inside,
    my body is in turmoil

    That smile of bright sunshine
    It warms everything that recieves it
    And when that's me,
    i become so much more than i am

    She loves that fender
    But not as much as i love her
    What i'd do for her,
    anything, anything

    I'd love to hear her play
    If it's anything like i imagine
    the feelings it would expose
    like the wind scouring away at a clifface"

    What do you lot think of it. I'm not a fan at all.
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    The curse of black and white

    Ever since Black and White came out, so many people at my school have started asking me for help either
    A) Buying them an ak2i (My recommendation after they all ask me for "one of those r4 things"
    B) Putting the games on their "r4 things".

    Yesterday I spent 45 minutes on the phone talking someone through buying an acekard. As I write this I'm waiting for Imagine Teacher to finish downloading (someone gave me their nieces r4 ultra). Why can't people do these things for themselves? I'm not technologically gifted or anything I just read instructions and if an error happens type it in on google. Normally I wouldn't be too annoyed but we've steadily been getting more and more work leading up to exams. Also the paper that the person's neice wrote which games she wanted smells bad.