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    kingfrost So as happens sometimes I found myself at work (using the term loosely because I'm lucky) playing my 3DS. What was I playing? One of my favorite games and the only rhythm game I really enjoy:

    Final Fantasy Thetarhythm Curtian Call.

    I've always loved this game and it is one of the reasons I keep my 3DS even though I have a Switch. I'd love if they did a new one for the Switch even it was a mashed up rerelese of Curtian Call and Dragon Quest which was never released outside Japan.

    I'm sure I'll play it more on my upcoming vacation.
    kingfrost Life is too short and the world too dark already for us to continue on the way it has been before. Every religious text encourages us to love of neighbor. I think we should start now.

    I've seen so many bad things happen because of closed mindedness and a lck of tolerance for each other. We are all imperfect humans. We all want to be loved.

    We should finally come together instead of staying divided.

    P.S the orgy is optional
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