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    PS2 Modding / PS3

    I've been in America for the last month. I've enjoyed the food, not working, meeting old friends and driving, but alas, tomorrow I return to Japan.

    My last six months in Japan have been poor and while I hope the next (and for the next few years, final) six will be better, I've braced my self to simply weather the next half year and return home.

    In any case, my problems with my current living situation are not the reasons I'm posting. I've got two things going on regarding video games.

    First, I'm modding one of PS2s, at least. I've ordered a codebreaker's disc, downloaded the newbie MC Boot exploit, and am bidding on network adaptors for my fat PS2. I'm looking forward to playing a lot of the PS2 games I didn't get to play the last couple of years (Okami, Persona) by using a HD on my PS2. It's also good because I can install my Japanese PS2 games to the HD and play them (right?). I'm still a little confused by the entire thing but it seems like all I need is my fat PS2, a free memory card, a bootable disc (Codebreakers 9), and the exploit. Si?

    I'm also considering modding my slim Japanese PS2 but am not entirely clear on the what I'll get out of that. Can anyone tell me about it?

    Second, I'm probably getting a PS3. I haven't decided yet, but if I do I'll try to get this Ceramic White Dragon PS3. I'm not keen on Yakuza 3 and plan on selling it as soon as I get the box. I may also try to get a second machine to throw up on eBay.

    Should I get a PS3? There are some games I'm interested in and the region free capabilities seem great (I'll probably end up buying the Japanese version of Final Fantasy 13, for example). I've looked through the essential list and there seems like enough stuff to keep me busy for a while. Also, I like the idea of installing Linux on it - if I can play NES and SNES ROMs on it I'm set - I'd like one easy place to play Earthbound, Super Metroid, and FE Genealogy of the Holy War. Anyone install emulators on the PS3 and have any reports as to how it plays (I'm looking at Ubuntu running one of the lighter window managers).

    As for games, I'm looking at Valkriya Chronicles, Disgaea 3, that samurai spin off of Yakuza who's name I can't remember, Oblivion, Fallout 3, possibly Orange Box (anyone know if the patch fixed that?), Folk Soul, Super Puzzle Fighter, (maybe) Siren 3.

    Coming out soon I'm looking forward to Final Fantasy 13, Nobi Nobi Boy, Fat Princess, and Biohazard/RE5 (another one I'll probably end up buying the Japanese version of).

    Speaking of which as a Japanese PS3 - if I buy an American game, it will play in English, right? Games don't allow you to chose the language?

    My brother has a 360 and I've considered getting one (I thought Mass Effect was pretty cool and a lot of the cross platform stuff I want to get, Oblivion, Fallout 3, are on it - but import games are not going to work). I have no interest in Home, either.
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    The Job

    I love my kids (students that is - I am in no way a parent), I'm OK with where I'm living, and my apartment is amazingly awesome.

    But I went ahead and applied to a job working on English scripts at a major video game company in Shinjuku. I don't know what I'll do if I get the job (though I don't think I will), but I doubt I could pass up the chance go work at a game company, at least for a year.

    Anyway, I am (it appears to me anyway) well qualified for the job. Japanese language a plus, a few years of job experience, some work in writing and creative writing. I'm neither Japanese nor "American" (in the Japanese sense of the idea), so that's against me, but I am "American," in the actual sense of the idea so that might help me (along with my already having a visa).

    I mailed the application yesterday, so it should get to Tokyo by Friday or Saturday at the latest.

    Like I said, serious doubts about getting the job (especially with one of the grad school rejections I got via e-mail a few days ago - the University of Virginia Law school can suck it), but part of me can't help but be a little excited
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    fall matsuri

    i love my kids, though sakura's been poking me in the stomach every chance she's gotten since friday (up to and including work today).

    and other than a huge blister, playing the odaiko was great


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    Last night's karaoke party (really an excuse to ask Kihara-sensei out).


    <3 <3 <3
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    longtime no see

    So test84 mentioned I haven't blogged in a while. There are a few reasons for that. One, I've started a Japan blog at Threesome Hour and even keeping that updated has been a pain. I've been busy - a little with work, but mostly with friends and dates and the like.

    Life in Japan is the same as it ever was - even up north, summer has taken full affect. Since real air conditioning is rare in this country, I am suffering through using my table fan now - I will put up my A/C in a day or two, but even then it's not like America's (admittedly wasteful) central air system. We had a nomikai last night, a drinking party for the Japanese language class. After dropping off Charlie, I got back to Roku and got home at about 4. Since there's no daylight savings time here, the sun was already coming up.

    The summer festival season is starting soon too - I promised to go to a festival tomorrow with Kaori and then there's Tanabata on the 20th with Hitomi. They both promised to wear kimono. Neputa and Nebuta are in August. I will put pictures up of them, of course.

    I also asked Kihara-sensei out to dinner with some friends. She came out with me and Charlie (and brought Nakano-sensei with her). This Saturday I'm trying to plan a goodbye for Charlie with some of our mutual friends. She's never been to Hach so I hope we can do it there, because I went and bought her a yuwata uma, one of the handicrafts of the area, to give to her as a souvenir of her first time in the city.

    Me and Hitomi.

    Eiko Sakamoto. One of the DJs I work with. I call her DJ Angel Face. Our next recording is this Wednesday - I am going to ask for her and Mamoru's e-mail and see if we can plan another outing.

    Also I am addicted to The Wire. So far it's amazing.
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    Lake Towadako

    Last weekend was the last weekend for the winter festival at Lake Towada. Went down with some friends. It was a blast. Might have a crush. It was COLD, though, and because of the wind they didn't do fireworks :(






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    I will detail the interesting story of how I got it later, but Cute Cash Register Girl is now in my address book (and yes I got the address from her). Sent her a message, she sent me a cheery reply, and I sent her one later on, asking if she wants to go get coffee. She hasn't replied to that one yet, which is a little unsettling, but I did send the invite late...
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    full day

    Woke up at 10, talked to Kaoru for an hour, showered, got dressed.

    Met Beau at his place in Oirase and we took our cars to the Gusto in Hachinohe. Met Yui there. She is the most beautiful girl I've ever met. She has a boyfriend sadly and I think she's looking to set me up with her friend Chie (which is not a bad thing - she's 23, cute, and has the best kanji for her name ever - &#21315;&#26144;).

    Went shopping with Yui and Beau. Met Alisa at Sakurano. Drove back to her place and got ready for the mixi Shinnenkai. Went to the restaurant (where we had our end of the year Japanese class party). Nomihoudai, with some interesting people, but most interesting was Akane, 20 year old buriko, who lives in Oirase. I think Alisa and I are going to ask her to do something. Very cute, despite her fishnet stockings.

    Went to the Hachinohe Enburi festivities. The bulk of the event is tomorrow, but all the participants sat around fires for each section of town outside the temple. It was cold, with the snow on the ground, but it was a good time to sit around huge bon fires. People got dressed, and did the traditional dance for spring to come quickly and for the harvest, others did taiko drum and flutes. Met two really cute girls, including this short stack, Miho, who seemed to be interested in me and even knows (the recently married) Beau. She wants to see him and go out with me and Alisa.

    Drove home on the 45, from Hach, through Oirase, and back home to Rokunohe and got home about 1:20. Mostly peaceful, despite the snow beginning to fall and one scary moment near Oirase where it was difficult to stop the car. The fish I bought is still alive and looking OK (possible names: Naruhodo, Macintosh, Wooster, and Musashi - I am not going to name him for a few weeks, in case he goes belly up).

    I resolved to play taiko in my town's fall festival this year. And I think I can get Alisa and Akane to go to Tijuana Pizza with me. I'm excited.
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    Another year

    I have been hemming and hawing about staying in Japan another year. It's been hard living in Aomori this year. I'm not going through culture shock living in Japan, but culture shock living in the middle of nowhere. Between Atlanta and Osaka I've lived in a big city since I was 16. And it's easy to get down about living out in the middle of nowhere in one of the most rural prefectures in Japan.

    But three things kept me here another year (if I can stay another year - I hope that the law school / pre-medical programs I have applied to and let me in will let me defer one year). One is my students. I adore them and while my beloved third year students will be graduating (I hope I can see Kazuya, Miyuki, Saki, Yuri, Chisato, Nana, and Chinami [agh, Chinami's going to school in Hachinohe for sure!] when they go off to high school) my first graders will be second graders. I will really be able to spend the year with my first year Shichihyaku kids during their second year.

    Second are the other people. Alisa, Beau and Chikako, and the Greens will be all here. And I've begun building relationships with the other teachers, especially Hayakawa, Nakano, Komukai, (God, I hope they don't get transferred at the end of the year!) and Komagai.

    Third is my Japanese. It must get better. I must work harder and talk more!

    I signed the papers to stay.
    The next six months will be even better than the last!