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    Hi guys, apart from my last tiny blog about Origin (I also picked up NFS Hot Pursuit) I hadn't blogged or been active in forever!

    Down to my second last test in my school life/career/thing :unsure: Didn't study much... I've always had a lot of trouble staying focused and studying. Ive pretty much already set myself up for a life of being poor. Unless of course I invent something magical :D

    Also built my first computer a couple of weeks back. Pretty weird since I've know a fair bit about technology for most of my life but building a computer was something I never did... Specs below

    i5 3570k @ 3.4Ghz
    8GB Ram
    ATI 7850 2GB Overclocked Edition
    2TB WD Caviar Black + 300GB HDD

    I've been playing Skyrim again do I can pick up Dawnguard soon to check it out. Hell I just want a crossbow for assassinating >:)

    I'm still going out with Maddy almost eleven months now. Things have been rough for a while but I don't plan on giving up.

    So uhh Ciao :3

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    Origin #2

    Well I just bought my second game on Origin... it felt weird only using it for BF3 so I picked up Kingdoms of Amalur for $30 dollars.
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    I feel so childish now ._.

    I feel so childish now ._.

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    My first blog in well... a long time ^_^

    It's been a long time hasn't it :unsure:

    Anyway. Lately I've been heavily into strategy games. But I'm not the kind to micromanage units etc. I'll write a list of what I've been playing.

    Shogun 2 and it's expansion: Played this heavily for the past two months. Multiplayer is really fun but balance is nonexistent in some ways. Due to veteran units online and new players having access to the worst units and slowly having to unlock the rest by winning battles (which is hard if you got no good units in the first place). Still really fun as long as you make some friends to play with. That way you don't have to face the balance issues.
    Empire: Total War: I got Darthmod for this which increases unit sizes. Makes the AI smarter, improves graphics and many other features. Fairly fun although the cannons accuracy is horrendous.
    Napoleon: Total War: The Cannon accuracy is better on this :P And the historical battles are interesting.
    Rome: Total War: Also got Darthmod for this which provides some graphical tweaks and extremely smart A.I
    Medieval II and it's expansion: I got the Third Age Mod for this. It turns all of the factions into LotR factions. Making the game fantasy based and really interesting. Especially when defending Helms Deep.
    Europa Universalis III: My first Grand Strategy game. And it won't be my last. Really fun. But whenever I find myself going well something happens. Need to restart for the third time now *Sigh*
    Mount & Blade: Warband: Although not much of a strategy game it offers hand to hand fighting and it's fun roaming the land of Calradia and doing quests for lords here and their.
    Wargame: European Escalation: Really fun and different to what I expected. You capture zones all over the map and some provide reinforcement points. The interesting part is that it's whoever kills the most of your units. I know that sounds like any other Strategy game. But theirs a twist. You get points for killing units and you have to reach a set point goal. Whoever gets the most points wins. So effectively it's not wipe out your opponents army. It's fight them and try your best to cause maximum enemy casualties while keeping yours down.

    As you can see I'm heavily into playing the Total War series :P
    Well that's all... Ciao ^_^
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    I'm tired.

    Yup. I'm really tired. Started a Minecraft server with a friend yesterday and since she doesn't know anything about maintenance I do all that and she pays. But it's really mentally exhausting. *Snores*
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    I know this may seem a little weird. But I felt the urge to thank all the members here who have helped me with some stuff.

    @Vulpes Abnocto

    Thanks guys :toot:
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    I have a gaming problem

    The problem is that I try to play way too many games at once :cry: I play one. Get really into it and then I try another and get really into that. Forgetting about the first game. So many good games ill probally never play now (P3P, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor, LoZ: Minish Cap etc.) :( Hopefully I dont make the same mistake again. Im sticking to three games right now (Dragon Age: Origins, Nier and Skyrim) with the exception of occasional strategy games I play. I dont include them because I just play skirmish for fun. Skyrim is all im really playing now. So once ive played the **** out of that. I'll play Dragon Age and Nier.
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    Just a few things...

    You know when you know you have stuffed everything up... and you can't forgive yourself?
    When you make the same mistake over and over again?

    The problem is working out how to get past it...
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    Back into games :unsure:

    I made a blog ages ago about being over games... More or less I guess I'm back into them :unsure: But I don't play them as often (nowhere as often) as I used to ^_^

    I picked up Assasins Creed 2 (PC) for $8 AUD :D So I've been playing that a bit. Also been playing OoT for the first time ever (3DS). Those are the two games with actual stories Ive been playing. Apart from that I also have been playing Company of Heroes... played my first online match today (I lost :cry:)

    Assasins Creed 2
    Well I only really just started and I'm pleasantly suprised it's easily playable without having to connect a controller to my PC :) But this is the first game I have encountered with hardcore DRM. Install. Click Play. Create uPlay account. Patch. Check for patch again. Enter CD key. Go into game. Lose internet connection. Close game. Restart. Check for patch. Play. That was the first time I booted it up. Atleast now it's just. Click on icon. Check for patch (6 seconds). Launcher opens and hit play.

    OoT: 3D

    I'm too lazy to go in depth but it's good ^_^

    Edit: Hacking my Wii as we speak ^_^
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    Summary of Christmas

    A little late but oh well ^_^

    I got a Zelda 3DS with MK7, SM3DL and OoT: 3D :D All up since the 23rd I have clocked up 19 hours and 24 minutes of play time...

    1. Super Mario 3D Land - 5:30
    2. Pokemon Platinum - 3:22
    3. Mario Kart 7 - 2:37
    4. OoT: 3D - 2:28
    5. GTA: Chinatown Wars - 1:01

    The rest is divided up by random things really :yaynds:

    I got Maddy a ring with a garnet (no idea if it's real :(), a cross necklace and elastic wrist thing with a little heart on it. She seemed to love them :) And she got me a photo of her in a nice frame which is actually what I wanted so I'm really happy :D

    I spent a week and two days with my family who live in Sydney (I live with my stepgrandparents in the Gold Coast) so that was good too :) Went to Bathurst as well and spent time with some other family.
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    Blog even though I'm away D:

    Visiting my family on the Mac that used to be mine I remembered how much Metallica I listened to through iTunes.
    Note: This is just a random shuffle of Metallica I would listen to...

    1. My Friend Of Misery - 29
    2. Don't Tread On Me - 28
    3. Frantic - 28
    4. The Four Horseman - 27
    5. Nothing Else Matters - 27
    6. Cyanide - 26
    7. Harvester Of Sorrow - 25
    8. The Unforgive II - 25
    9. For Whom The Bell Tolls - 25
    10. Ain't My Bitch - 24

    Thats just the top 10. The whole Black Album has 20+ plays on each song :blink:
    On another note Golden Sun: Dark Dawn... is amazing ^_^. Played around 6 and a half hours of it so far :)
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    I'll be AFK for a week and two days.

    What the title says ^_^

    I'll be visiting my stepmum, half brother and maybe my dad :unsure:
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    Hell Yes!

    I was case modding my DS Lite and I broked it :D


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    Things change so fast.

    Yeah I said I would stop talking about Maddy. But this is just some stuff which happened and she is involved so your going to have to deal with it.

    Sunday I went with her to meet her father. Her parents are split up and he lives a thousand kilometres away so she doesn't see him often. Anyway he came up and I went with her, her sister, her sisters 'guy friend' :P, and her mum to meet him. Being frank I was scared and nervous to meet him. First impressions count right? Well anyway after meeting him it turned out I was more nervous around her mum. He seemed to get rid of all my fears. Although I do wonder if I did make a good impression still :unsure: Anyway we hung out at the pool, buffet breakfast, lunch, ice cream. Everything was great ^_^. Also I had plans to see her thursday (which is tomorrow) so I was looking forward to that.

    Well enter Monday
    Side note: She has finished school earlier than everyone else due to exams.
    Bus ride to school and next thing I know when I get there whole school assembly out of nowhere. I had no idea what to expect of course. Well it turns out a boy in the year below me who caught my bus everyone morning had gone missing (taken out to sea). I didn't know him well so I wasn't hit hard about it. But of course it was really sad thing to happen to such a great guy. Well it turns out Maddy had found out as well. Her reaction was a lot worse than mine. She knew him well (infact he was her partner for Rock N Roll dancing our school does when you are in year 10). She was crying heaps Monday. She was so sad. I just wanted to be with her then. But we live a twenty minute car drive away and my grandparents are hardly going to drive me just to cheer my girlfriend up. I felt really... I guess emotional since I couldn't be there for her on Monday. Such is life :(. Tuesday last period of the school day they held a service to support his family. Maddy was there so I got a chance to be there for her. I felt good to be there for her.

    Well I'm seeing her tomorrow and when I was talking to her last night (Skype). She seemed to be a bit better. So hopefully I can distract her tomorrow in some way. Or atleast be there for her if I can't manage to do that.

    Edit: I forgot to mention how this change things. Well firstly it changes a few of the plans we had for thursday. It changed the whole mood of the week and it has left my head dazed with thoughts, emotions and ideas.
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    To those people...

    From a certain someone on the forum I have heard that you guys are sick of me talking about Maddy etc...
    Next time just say so instead of talking behind my back :angry: