1. It's just to see how many people will reply to it.
  2. [IMG] If you're like me you live around the convince of fast food which also means that you've suffered the pain of not being able to shit for an entire week. Magnesium citrate has been a miracle worker for my gut for many years. Why give your doctors office $100 each time you cant poop when...
  3. It's not long at all. In fact I'm eating Walmart branded doritos and they're better than doritos. I enjoy food. This is the end of my blog.
  4. We all know a lot of gamers love their late night fast food, that's why we need to get cooperate attention so we can get a frosty and a grilled chicken sandwich at 3 in the morning that's not mcdonalds. http://chng.it/4cv9nczp
  5. Well I ordered this phat ps3 for $19 shipped went it arrived and i turned it on i was thinking alright just needs to have a reset. Green light came on no av/hd display. Go to investigate more and it apparently has been open before. What a shotty was to put something back together. :lol: [Img]
  6. I ordered a big sub sandwich from Jimmy johns. Now I have gas.