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    VC Inject Shop #2: Super Mario Sunshine

    ONLY WII U WITH CFW (Mocha is recommended for people without a DS VC game) CAN PLAY THIS GAME! DON'T THINK ABOUT A 3DS INJECTION

    Good news! A mystery is found in TeconMoon that you can inject GameCube games (This option is known as GC Retail Injection). But HOW?!? It's simple, all TeconMoon GC injections are build in with Nintendont stuff. Nintendont is a homebrew on Wii/Wii U to load GameCube roms. The Wii U version of Nintendont is the one for Wii, which means you need to hack Wii Mode in order to use it.
    Let's focus on the game now!

    In Delfino Plaza, the townspeople reported about a Mario clone (Metal Mario) polluting the island with a weird sustance! It's up to Mario and his new water device Fludd to clean up this mess!

    WupInstaller Direct Link (coming soon!)
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    VC Inject Shop Request Machine Test #1

    I'll test the Request Machine. Give me your request and i will inject it!

    1. Name of the Platform. You can choose 3DS, Wii U or both.
    2. Game and platform of it. The supported platforms of VC Wii U are NES, SNES, FC, SFC, N64, GBA DS, GameCube and Wii. For 3DS VC, NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA, Mega Drive, Game Gear. We don't make DSiWare injections for 3DS!
    3. Then, i'll grab up a rom, inject it on Phacox or TeconMoon (Wii U)/New Super Ultimate Injector (3DS) and give the MediaFire link.

    Happy Requesting!:yay3ds::yayu:
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    VC Inject Shop Product #1: ChuChu Rocket!

    I am preparing my shop with VC Injections!
    They can be: NES/FAMICOM/SNES/SFC/N64/GBA/NDS/Wii/GC for Wii U and NES/SNES/Mega Drive/Game Gear/GB/GBC/GBA for 3DS
    We can't make DSiWare VC injections for 3DS!

    Let's start with ChuChu Rocket!
    The ChuChus' (mice) worst enemy, the KapuKapus (cats) arrived! To be protected, they must go to rockets. Guide them using arrows!


    You need Mocha CFW first before installing the WupInstaller package for Wii U!
    On your 3DS, make sure the boot.firm file (the Luma3DS CFW) is at the root of your SD card and Boot9Strap is installed. If it is installed, you can run FBI to install the CIA inject.