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    The end to the smallest journey.

    I have been intrested in Kingdom Hearts for a awhile now but I never got a chance to truley get into the series till recently. I got to play a little bit of re: com on my uncles ps2 about 10 years ago and played/beat ddd in 2017. It wasn't till last summer that I got a ps4 and the 1.5+2.5 collection and was truely able to get on the hype train for kh3. It's been a small compact journey in of itself for me and I'm glad I did it.
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    AMNA(Ask me nearly anything)

    Well, if I'm hopping on a bandwaggon I might as well throw in a twist. Ask whatever ya want and I'll likely answer.
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    Graduation day

    No matter how much I think about it actually finally happening I just can't feel a sense of this all not being real. I can't believe that in a few hours I'll have my diploma and my life will start...

    If some shitty cat boy can handle it why can't I...
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    A club meeting devolving over one snake.

    Well, this seemed a bit small for a blog but it wouldn't fit in a profile post so here we go.

    Soo... My school's anime club was doing an end of the school year party. Well, I had brought Super Smash Bros. Brawl and all seemed fine. Welp, a few matches in and someone decided to play as Snake...some one paused, swiveled the camera around and a good chunk of the club members spent the next 15 minuets dwelling on Snake's "chiseled" ass. Oh what a few polygons will do to people.
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    Speak first think later moments

    ...well, I can't help but be sad with how I handled the question but also laugh at it to. I've never really been one to speak convulsively, I try to think about what I say. I suppose it seems tame without some context but it sounds a lot worse initially between me and my friend in the conversation. I'm just gonna post it below rather than explain it cause I'm not the best at describing stuff.

    In person:
    *I show my friend my character in sonic forces.*
    She says "Why are you playing as a girl? Your not secretly trans are you?
    I blurt out "No I just like looking at cute girls..."
    She says "Wow..."
    I say "Well, I just like looking at something that's cute when I'm playing the game."
    She says "Fair enough."

    Yaa... I suppose it is pretty tame but it still feels like I came off slightly like a perv saying it initially which kinda contrast the type of person I am of not being into that kinda stuff(being a perv).
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    Real life is coming and it's coming quick...

    I still can't believe I'm already about to graduate in a couple months from High School. I keep hearing everyone say that as soon as you graduate everything will be great and life will open up but I just can't help but feel a bit uneasy about it. It just seems to simple to just get a job and live life even if I go through college.
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    Scratching the surface of bad programing

    Alright, I think I have gone to far. I have never gone so low in my life but I made this atrocity seen below. https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/110290637/#player It has working text box sounds, text, and background music...it hurts so much knowing I wasted a few hours of my life on this...
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    How do people go with linux...

    I'm not trying to rant about linux or anything but it feels like a large pain to work with. I can't seem to get usb persistence so my settings and shit save. I also can't seem to get installation of programs to always work, which is made worse by how I can't even have them stay when they do install. Why does this have to be so frustrating... why do the good things in life have to treat me like this
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    Seeking community help

    For a while now I've had the thought that I might possibly have depression. I'm somewhat becoming more sure that I do and I was wondering if I could ask something to those here who have either had, are currently going through, or know someone who does or had depression themselves. How do/are you handling it? I would prefer not to go to a psychiatrist or take medication for this so those are out of the picture...
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    Do I deserve the title

    I've been looking around, and I see some people set there title to GBATemp's (insert whatever they are here). I've been thinking, since I never see anyone else around here with a pic of Midna as there profile pic, maybe I can snag being GBATemp's twili imp or GBATemp's Midna. Waddya folks think?
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    Angel hair

    Scrapes the vary bottom of the barrel of blog post ideas
    What seems to somehow be a troubling matter of a the day somehow is on the matter of pasta. I was at a friends house till around when the have dinner. And so it was angel hair pasta that they prepared, throughout the whole time we argued over whether to consider angel hair pasta thin spaghetti or it's own kind of pasta. I'm interested on your views of the matter. Which do you deem it. It's spaghetti I tell ya.
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    What do you do to cheer yourself up?

    For some reason I seem to always be in a sad mood, and even when I try to do stuff I normally enjoy I can't get into it and have fun with how draged down I am. I'm starting to get scared as people are starting to mention it and ask. What am I becoming...
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    18 years...

    Wow, ya know, I can't believe all this time has gone by already. The days seem to go by in a flash but the years seem to have lasted decades. I've only made it through 18 years with at least 42 more to go. Though maybe I'm the only one putting to much thought into the time of my life, move along if ya wish I guess. I'll just be hear in dazed dreamy though o.0 :wtf: And before you go thinking I'm on some drug trip, no, I'm not touchin that shit, just my own thoughts here...
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    1 Year into the temp

    Huh, as of a today I've been on gbatemp for a whole year, neat.
    I set this to post at the stroke of the start of the day I joined a year later, well, I set this up yesterday but, this'll be at midnight for me so don't expect quick responses if ya do wana mention something to me. Though not much to say, just been pokin along for a year on some game hacking forum site, though I never use forum sites...
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    What do you know me for?

    This is a thought that came to me just now as somebody just flaged me down in some random discord server wondering if it was me. What is so interesting about me? I'm just some dude out there on the interwebs....