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    This site has some really biased and immature mods.

    Think it's time for a reshuffle, guys. Expecting all the downvotes and dick replies to this, but you know it's true. There's one mod on here who's really kind. The rest? Absolute passive-aggressive dicks who abuse their power, and attempt to quiet people they simply "dislike".

    It's real childish. What a horrible set of moderators who abuse their "power".

    Beyond ridiculous. Absolutely asinine. Time to get some new mods. Because most of the ones here are like Bortz 2.0.; Passive aggressive, rude assholes.

    I can say that because I'm not just saying it with intent to insult. I'm saying it because the mods here are actually incredibly incompetent, they pick and choose what rules they follow, and let some slide, while they don't let others. It's incredibly biased, and the mods here need to be clean housed.

    Don't get pissy with me as a reply, just to hold your pride. Accept it to be true, because you know it is, and act like fucking mature moderators, and do your job, without bias.

    Jesus this is fucking crazy...

    Take this opportunity to read this as feedback, instead of trying to shut me out. I've talked with quite a few others who feel the same. If you just shut this feedback out, and talk back to me, you're proving my point. Grow up, and do your job. Thanks.
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    I like turtles.

    I like turtles.
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