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    jimmyj it's my birthday. merry Christmas y'all ^-^
    wish me a happy birthday!^-^
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    jimmyj so today I came back from my first day of highschool and I guess it went ok. we were taken in to a big room and were assigned class rooms,I was on my own and didn't know anyone since all my other "friends" went to another school.
    When we started our day ir went well but i was kinda embarrassed since one of my teachers is my uncle but I think it's fine now and I'm used to calling him "professor" lol. Pretty good day :D
    jimmyj woot woot hop onto the band wagon! So there's a new trend! ask me anything you want !
    jimmyj so a few weeks ago I did my exam and here in italy middle school exams are pretty fucking complex so I'm really proud of my self because I graduated with a pretty high grade (9/10). I'm real happy and finally summer has started for me too. Thanks for reading :)
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    jimmyj so I recently started getting interested in the 3ds again and I wanted to create a cfw and I decided to fork Rei-Six
    and have a few plans for it. For example we've never had a cfw that can toggle it's patches(apart from corbenik) but mine won't be so sophisticated. My plans atm is that it'll use a config file from sd card. If I have lots of time I might try working on a menu like corbenik had. the features are in the readme ^^.
    obviously if you think my coding skills are shit after looking at my rep then please gtfo. TO ANYONE THAT SAYS "HeY yOU !!1 dISs cOuLD HaV BEn donE BEttEr!!1 u cAn'T cod!+11 " JUST REMEMBER THAT YOUR NOT DOING ANYTHING USEFUL. SO IF YOU THINK YOU'RE SO SUPERIOR THEN GO MAKE SOMETHING YOUR SELF TOO,OK?
    /mad jimmyj
    there are many features added now,check it out!
    I am now looking for a new name for the version string in the system settings,please suggest ^^
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    jimmyj so today one year ago,I joined gbatemp! And that was a really good choice as this site is really amazing,and I've met a lot of new people and made friends. thanks gbatemp ! :)
    jimmyj so as you may have read from the title, I have a small crush...
    This girl is really cute and is called Camilla.
    She is into weeb shit like me and she loves video games (I might have a chance with her just because of this).
    she has seen tons of anime and some that even I saw like 君の名は (your name) and we discussed about it for like a full half hour.
    then we played scopa with the neapoletan cards on the bus for hours upon end, beating everyone.
    She's Italian just like me, and is really fun to be next to.
    we didn't actually just meet a few days ago because she lives in my park and we played together a couple of times already, but we really bonded when I went on my school trip. I don't really know if she likes me but I for sure like her. Any advice ?
    jimmyj mew colored.
    colored mew (finished)
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    jimmyj I'm actually quite serious and am not shitposting. When I'm bored or I have a free hour at school I read the 3ds.guide for like no reason. I can remember like all of it. Do you people read the guide even when it is not needed? Or if you already have a hacked 3ds? I honestly do and don't know why.
    I'm curious let me know
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    jimmyj hacking my new 2ds xl was not easy,like really. What should have been a couple of hours to hack it took 20 fricking days. So here is how it happened
    I already had a hacked old 3ds and decided to do the dsiware transfer but my internet had to be a bitch and made the transfer fail BUT transfered my nnid but no dsiware. I was so fucking mad,a few days later i understood that i needed to call nintendo but couldn't because i'm not 18. The next day I thought about emailing them and they answered saying they transfered the nnid but they didn't. I sent several mails to nintendo to no avail because they didn't even answer to them. So I ordered a flash cart for ntrboot. But unfortunately I am a person that REALLY CAN'T WAIT so I emailed italian nintendo customer support about "me loosing my new 2ds xl and would love to have all my purchased titles on my old one( i legit one bought 2 things in 3 years of having the account)". And wont you know it i got the nnid transfered in 4 days so I did dsiware transfer and installed b9s. A few days ago i got my flash cart and i thought "welp atleast I can play ds games". So what did i learn from this? E-MAIL ITALIAN NINTENDO SUPPORT OR DON'T BE AN IMPATIENT FUCK
    jimmyj Its almost the end of summer and I'm gonna have to go back to school the 11th of September,and I still have all my summer homework to do:D. this was my first summer here on the temp and I enjoyed it a lot . I enjoyed the summer here on the temp but my family had some testament issues with my grandma witch I would rather not detail. I had 10 days in Antigua in a villa and I loved it but my parents thought it was a good idea to fuckover the whole vacation by fighting witch I'd still rather not detail but I can tell you this to make you understand what happened, my dads shoes went down the toilet,yup. In august I got my new 2ds xl and was happy and a few days ago I ordered an r4 sdhc dual core for ntrboot (waiting for it to be supported). I would like to thank a few people that made my summer special @GhostLatte @Lilith Valentine @Quantumcat @sks316 @dionicio3 thanks.