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    Jiehfeng I started this thing back in 2017 iirc, got as far as getting most of the parts but I stopped at the point where my 3D Printer was acting funky. Leveling was such a pain with it and it kept changing, I gave up and put away the printer.
    Now I kinda have the motivation to finally do this, I'm going to get a new 3D Printer with auto leveling I hope (I'm planning on getting a DAP as well which is really expensive, so not certain if it's anytime soon but it'll happen at some point).

    I guess I'll edit this blog post to show progress made. This is what I've done so far, and I just now finished most of the design with CAD.


    This is what I have currently:


    The Xbox One controller's triggers don't work and apparently no one knows how to fix them as they use some weird magnet system (I asked here as well), so I'll be using it to harvest the buttons/dpad/analog stick rubbers, and possibly the triggers (I might use a Wii U Pro Controller triggers/start/select I have lying around).

    Currently waiting for some soft tactile button switches to arrive in the mail, and with that and a 3D Printer, I'll finally start assembling it.
    The CAD designing with this website called Tinkercad is super easy to use, but I'm having so much trouble getting perfect rounded corners on the design sadly, hopefully will be fixed soon.

    The tiny little board you see there is called a Teensy LC, it acts as a USB gamepad if you solder buttons to it, and it works as I've tried it, and you can see the yellow plastic has burnt a little due to the solder lol.

    Well that's all for now. :D
    Jiehfeng Will be updated regularly, check back here if you are interested in the slightest bit!
    Here's the first one, and kinda meta...

    - This shower thoughts page is pretty empty right now. That's cause I forgot what I was about to post, dammit...
    Jiehfeng [​IMG]

    An important lesson from me that has profound implications and meaning. Instead of trying your best to find what I said wrong or why I post this and why I may be egoistic, first listen to what I have to say completely, try to think about it, and then start the passive hate speech if you will. All I am saying is, consider this answer an answer to all your life's worries and problems, give it a try please...
    Jiehfeng [​IMG]
    Jiehfeng [​IMG]

    As per my recent warning, suspension, objections towards the actions of Isaac, and most people (a few weren't :D) agreeing towards Isaac's actions, I've decided not to use my blog posts to have fun, cause apparently creating blog posts about stupid stuff is also considered shitposting (also 'N word' lmao)... So my efforts have failed to bring a little non-seriousness to gbatemp, the law is too much...


    Right, so what I'm coming to is, don't expect any more funny blog posts, it's all serious game from now on. My 1 or 2 fans can complain to the mods, please don't throw pepsi cans at me. ;-;
    Cya lateeeerzzz!

    Jiehfeng All my favourite tweets I make will be posted here, and constantly updated.




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    Jiehfeng [​IMG]
    (what counts is not the number of kills, but the kill to points/turfing ratio...)
    Jiehfeng [​IMG]

    It was beautiful. I did all/most of the killing and level 7 dude did the turfing, we never even spoke to each other. That's what I call true teamwork. The members were selected at random as usual, but such a team comes very, very rarely.
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    Jiehfeng Good but bad at the same time? Meh I dunno. But umm, it's a really great game, trust me.
    The thing is, the matchmaking system is horrible; it pairs you with level 30+'s when you're just a 3 or a 4 or even a 1, which is pretty unfair; considering that the best weapons and abilities are unlocked at the higher levels, so it's not at all a welcoming experience for newcomers. I myself however managed through by using stealth and cheap tactics to my advantage, it works pretty well personally. I find it odd how all the high level fucks go after me in every damn level, yet I beat their fucking asses to the ground, splatted into the horizon... I find it that they do not have one single shred of dignity to come rampaging on with their big ass momma weapons and just try to own a newbie and get their asses kicked.

    I've lost countless times as a team, but I somehow got a lot of kills on high level fucks with no life to play so much from day one to get THAT far level by level, but eh, guess that's life.
    Screenshots coming soon for proof...

    To summarize, maybe as a review of sorts. I'd say this game is really well made, just the matchmaking system needs a LARGE amount of improvement. Everything else is just right, I feel as if the community is just what's ruining the fun too, but if you play with a light mind, any game is fun; whether you win or lose...

    For review sakes, I give it a 66.89/100.00 (scores lmao). ;D
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    Jiehfeng [​IMG]

    Credits to @BlastedGuy9905 for coming up with the face of despair and utter suffering part...
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    Jiehfeng [​IMG]
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    Jiehfeng If anyone notices they are disappointed with anyone or sees that a person is acting oddly strange, is because it may very well mean the full moon day of the month is very near, and people go madder and madder as it nears in, reaching the height of madness on the full moon day. I suggest anyone intrigued to experiment and see if everytime it's almost a full moon, whether the idiots around you become even more bigger idiots, and even people who you thought to be intelligent will seem to become idiotic (a good sign to see their "intelligence" was bogus show all along lol...).

    If you're doubting this, here's a few of my reasons why I believe this is pretty damn true:

    1. I have experimented with it, people do go mad when it comes closer to full moon.
    2. The moon has effects on the great damn sea (tides), so if it has an effect on something so greater than you, who the fuck are you to question its effect? Even though you have a brain... See, how some people get easily influenced unconsciously by other people? Why can't they get influenced by the damn moon then?
    3. There have been experiments and statistical data showing there are more suicides done on full moon days.

    If you're having a tough time, just understand it's the moon doing its thing on idiots (it doesn't work on innocent pure people as I've seen, if you are wondering truthfully in the first place then that's enough of a sign you're not one of the idiots). So yeah. :P

    EDIT: I forgot to add, intelligent people (not fake ones) become more so also when full moon closes in. :D
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    Jiehfeng In real life. (mini rant)

    People tend to be so unknowingly impatient that when they are having conversation, they tend to speak just when the other person is talking mid-way, and mid-way meaning just after a few words are spoken. And since the world is made up of 80-90% ignorant people, no one notices. And so when one person is speaking for an example, the other jumps mid-way and says what he needs to say, and the person who first spoke wouldn't even notice and jump at him mid-way too, in that process being the conversation.

    This is usually because people love to assume as I've noticed. As one speaks, unknowingly the other who is spoken to, involuntarily assumes what the other person has to say, and gives his reply mid-way. That's where the problem comes in.

    I for one am misunderstood most of the time IRL because of this. It's so hard to speak to people when they keep misunderstanding you, and the worst part is that the misunderstanding is not really out of "not understanding" what I have said, but entirely of the fact that they didn't hear me out.
    On the internet however, is heaven compared to this, as you can type out all you have to say before anyone knowing what you have said until you have said it all.

    I'm usually silent IRL because of this, I rarely make conversation, and that helps a ton, and I'm not bummed out on it one bit. But when I am spoken to is when this problem really comes in to play, for an example:

    And many, many other instances too.
    Most of the time though, when I am spoken to, it's usually some sort of a question. And even in these instances is where things also get annoying. A sample conversation being:

    Sometimes though, I might even tell to the person's face what the real problem is, when he really wants to know (his question). For example, using the previous sample as a continuation:

    So yeah, talking to people IRL is hard for those who aren't common people. I'm not that mad about this anyway, but since it happens every so often I thought it would be better to just put my thoughts on it somewhere. Cause hell, imagine how it would be to explain such a thing IRL when such a problem persists! xD

    TL;DR Read the whole thing or just ignore this blog post. :P