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    Indoor Track

    So, this past week, I had my first two indoor track meets, one last saturday, and one on Wednesday. It was interesting and pretty fun. On saturday, I was orignally only supposed to run the 55m shuttle run, but i ended up doing the 200m relay. On 55m i did pretty well for a freshmen, but I could have done better if i had used spikes, which i didn't because i had to give them to someone else. In the 200, i ran a decent time, but if i knew i could break in, i would have done several seconds better(i was running in lane 6 so it was a big difference). I almost had to run the 400m relay, but it was cancelled because of time constraints. On wednesday, i only ran 1 event, the 500, and i lost in my heat. For the first lap i held a good pace and was in the middle. However, in the last lap, I started dieing, and i went to second to last, and at the last 50m the guy passed me. I did well for a freshmen, but i still have a loooong way to go.

    My next meet is the 20th, and here's hoping it doesn't last 12 hours and that i do better.
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    USSBA navy competition

    Today was this season's final marching band competition and we finished 16th out of 19 (or 17 our of 20, don't remember exactly) with a score of 92.05. This is the second highest score the band has ever gotten, second to last years nationals score of 92.20. Last year they won 9 out of 16. The first place group, Nazareth high school, had a score of 99, or 98.something. When i was watching them i knew they would be in first, second, or third. Also, this is the last competition for my section leader, a senior. He's the best section leader in the band as he has a awesome sense of humor and jokes around alot. Anyways, we presented him with a shirt with alot of funny things that had happened on it and memorable things. Like, i'm always saying that's what she said, so on the sleeve, it says that's what she said- my name. Also during rehearsal one day, my section leader said that he wouldn't do anyone in this band, and another clarinet says, that's not what you said last night.

    Anyways, it was a good way to wrap up the season, but next year, I plan on doing cross country.
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    I just finished the last episode of RVB reconstruction, and all I can say is that that was epic.
    massive plot twist at the end. the director signs off by saying sincerely, lenord church proving that church is an AI and that he was based off of the director of freelancers. The episode in its entirety was amazing, though my only complain was that they reveal everything about the meta, and that there was no epic battle.

    can't wait for the new miniseries to start.

    Also, funny things that happened this week. My section leader is pissed at a guy on drum line, so he was like, "i need 2 people to help me key his car" and i said "do we get ssl?" and he replied, "no, but you might get jail time, does that count?"
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    State champions!!!

    Last saturday, my marching band had it's third competition, and we got first place and won state champions in our group. We were facing off against 2 others bands their score being like 86.7 and ours 87.5. Out of 19 bands we had the second highest score, the first highest being 88.5. We had a solid performance but it wasn't our best.

    Also that day, there was a varsity football game. We actually lost 14-6. We were the state champions in football last year, and we lost because 3 of our QB's were injured.
    On another note, my 8 gig micro sd card came in (20 bucks) and I recently purchased an acekard 2 from DX. This is pretty good news cause my micro sd went full a few months back.
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    Competition number 2

    Just got back from marching bands second competition 20 mins ago. We got third out of four. Not bad considering we messed up sooooo many times. We beat fourth place by 2 points, and we lost to second and first by 7 whole points (we got 78ish).

    Edit: My friend posted a video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wl3B6uhatEk
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    New RVB

    I just finished watching the new Red vs Blue reconstruction, and all i can say is, HOLY CRAP THAT WAS EPIC.
    To anyone that watches the series and hasn't seen chapter 16, needs to see it right now. A sponsor version can be found on youtube.
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    Second place

    I just got back from our first competition for marching band an hour ago, and we got second place! To bad that's last though. We didn't really get to actually march because it was raining, so they called it off and we ended up having a stand still in the school's gym. We were sooo close to winning though. We lost by like 1 point. We had like 76, and the other band had 77. Also, I lost a bet because I had bet we would get 76 (we got 76.8) and my friend bet we would get 77, and so I lost and had to give him 1 dollar >.>

    It was a pretty good score for our first competition and for the fact that we didn't get to march, and the fact that the other group had like twice as many members.
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    State champions again???

    Yesterday night, my hs had its first football home game and first time marching band has performed infront of other people (not including a preview show). Last year, we were state champions, and this year we might be able to do it again. We're 3-0 right now after beating the other team 35-3. Not only that, but this is the first time that marching band has been able to have all drill finished for the first home game. Here's hoping to a great season!
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    English teacher is an idiot

    Today, at the start of English, our teacher told us to find the category our last name fit into, and go to that room. We were apparently going to meet with our school councilors to discuss something. So we all left class happy that we get to miss english. So my classmates and I went looking for the room we needed to go to. While we were wandering around, we ran into another group of people going to another room from our class. They said that apparently the odd number periods were supposed to go meet their councilors (this was in second period). Another student pointed out that she thought she saw that on the board that had where we were supposed to go. So our group of like 10 just walk around and waste as much time as possible, and when we came back, I checked and it said at the top, periods 1,3,5,7 go today, 2,4,6 tomorrow. We wasted like 20 mins which was good, and i get to go tomorrow, so no English tomorrow!

    Anyways, long story short, I still think my teacher is an idiot.
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    English teacher is an idiot

    My english teacher is a complete idiot. Today during class, we were talking about adjectives and she was like, what does an adjective describe, and a kid said noun, and she was like " I am impressed " and she said that seriously and not in any sarcastic way. Also, when we were saying adjectives, someone said reliant, and she was like, no, that's not a word. Also, in case you're wondering, i'm in an honors english class in my freshmen year of hs.
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    So apparently I got called to the office today because of a video I put on youtube of my friend getting garbaged on freshmen friday. They said it was illegal to use the faces and voices of other people without their consent or something, and the forced me to take it off. My mom got pissed off at me, but I doubt my dad cares though because when I told him the day it happened, he just laughed.

    discuss i guess
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    I just finished my second week of high school yesterday, and so far, It's been pretty fun. Here's the order of my classes as well as what's awesome or crappy about them, etc.

    Band- Band is decent I guess. We're playing halo music right now, but it's not the cool guitar part from the main theme, it's the part before that that is all slow.

    English- boring, and i have a bad teacher. Funny thing happened a few days ago though. We were talking about verbs, and she wrote it down and she wrote vebs, and asked what can you tell me about verbs. So I raised my hand and said, it's spelled with an R.

    Gym- nothing much, our first unit is tennis

    Math- our teacher doesn't teach us anything, he just gives us ws and we have to figure it out ourselves. He's a funny teacher though. Yesterday, the dry erase marker broke, so he threw it from across the room and it went into the trash can, and he did the soulja boy dance when it went in, and then he said, anything that happens in this room, stays in this room. I don't want this on youtube or space.com. And a kid was like space.com? Do you mean myspace, and he was like, oh, yeah. Also, I convinced the guy behind me that the guy infront of me was gay.

    Bio- pretty boring so far, nothing much has happened in the class.

    Chinese- uber boring, nothing fun either.

    History- I have the best teacher ever. All we do in his class are ws's and tests, and they're easy and he gives us all the answers. A lot of funny things have happened in his class though. For instance, when we were taking a test, this girl went to hand hers in, and saw that the other one had no name, and one guy was like, wait, let me see the back, and he starts copying down the answers. Yesterday's test, everyone around me was cheating, and we were sharing answers. His class is awesome, and I have him next semester too.
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    Freshmen friday

    Today was "freshmen friday" where all the seniors haze the freshmen. overall it was a pretty normal day, which sucks cause I wanted to see someone get beaten up. That is, until lunch time. So while I was eating, these seniors came over with a trashcan and said that someone was going in it. So the looked around and saw one of my friends and asked what his last name was, and when he said it, they were like omg we have to do this cause his sister is a senior, and they put him in head first, and apparently there was gum in there and it got in his hair and we had to cut it out.

    So long story short, they got in school suspension, and I got it on video, and it's on youtube, but I don't feel like posting the link.

    Also, some other seniors were drawing F's in sharpie on peoples foreheads before they had their ID picture taken, and they had to take it with the F on their head.
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    Tropic Thunder

    So I saw tropic thunder yesterday with a bunch of friends cause it was one of their birthdays, and all I have to say was that it was hilarious. Also, it shouldn't have been rated R. I'm 13 (surprise surprise) and I felt that it was perfectly appropriate. The only reason it was R was because of all the cussing and choice of words. There were no sexual innuendos, mass amounts of blood (except for the beginning, but that's an exception) and at no point was there a topless chick. Imo, you don't mess with the zohan was 100 times worse then this movie. I can also understand the controversy on the use of retarded, and I really don't have much to say about it.

    If you guys haven't seen it yet, then I'd advise you to watch it because it was a really good movie.

    Tom Cruise was really good in this movie. I knew he was in it, but I didn't figure out which one he was until half way into the movie, and I was surprised.
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    And so it begins...

    Today there was an orientation for highschool freshmen, and it sucked. They handed out fake schedules so I have no idea what teachers I really have and who's in my class, so that sucked allllooooot. Assuming that the people in my classes are correct, it really sucks. In math, there were 6 freshmen, 4 girls, 2 of which I know and I don't really consider them friends, but I also don't hate them, 2 were from a different school, and there is only 1 other guy in my class, and he's really annoying and probably going to get stuffed in a trashcan on freshmen friday (fyi, he's extremely short and fat). In chinese, there were only 3 people, and the other 2 people were white. I'm assuming in these 2 classes, all the other people would be sophomores and juniors.

    Most of my friends aren't in any of my classes, which sucks and in english, I have like 1 friend in my class.

    On another note, today I spent nearly the entire day at my highschool. First I was there from 7:30-11:00. I went home for lunch, and then my friends and I went back to play tennis for 3 hours before I had to go to an eye appoinment which was down the street basically, and when I got back, I had to leave for marching band, which was untill like 7:30 because we had a performance today. After that I went out to dinner with a few friends, and here I am now.