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    jgu1994 Life is moving quite quickly. I finished my second season of cross country a little over a week ago. Achieved my goal of breaking 22:00 in the 5k and I'm hoping to break 20:30 next year.
    I also got my October SAT scores back a couple days ago. It's the first time I've taken it and I got a 2140 (700 critical reading, 710 math, 730 writing). I'm retaking it again in January and hopefully I can get my math and writing up 40 points each.
    First quarter ended Friday too. I managed to pull off straight A's. AP Calculus BC is pretty hard, and AP bio is pretty hard too. I'm looking forward to 4 AP exams at the end of the year. Though once I take them, I'll basically get 6/7 of my classes to chill.

    Golden sun comes out this month. I've been waiting for this game since I bought the first one like 7 years ago.
    jgu1994 http://www.ktla.com/news/landing/ktla-seme...,0,470419.story

    So I'm on reddit and I click on a link called classy and get redirected to this news article. I notice that it's the same city that I live in and proceed to read the article. As soon as I finish I go WTF because the article talks about a Michaels and a Giant. In a shopping center less than a mile from where I live, there is a Michaels and a Giant. Putting two and two together I realize that it's the same Giant that I live near. Luckily I don't shop there, but regardless, wtf. His picture is pretty funny though. A smug look saying "Yeah I did it. And I'm going to do it as soon as I get out of here (quoted from reddit comments)."

    Edit: A friend of mine did some additional research, it wasn't the Giant closest to me luckily. It was still one less than 5 miles away though.
    jgu1994 If a person was born deaf, in what language do they think?
    jgu1994 Just finished watching season 2 and 3 of Arrested Development on Netflix and now I remember why I loved the show. I only remember seeing a couple episodes but I remembered it was hilarious. Definitely the best comedy show ever. Gonna go back and watch season 1 because for what ever reason I started on season 2 instead of 1. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
    jgu1994 So the area I live in experienced an earthquake of 3.6 today at about 5 in the morning. Earthquakes are incredibly rare in our area and in my whole life, I've never experienced one, so what happens when today's went off? Everyone in my house wakes up except for me. I manage to sleep through the earthquake and the aftershock. Sigh. I always wanted to experience one. According to my mom our washing machine shakes our house more than the earthquake did though.
    jgu1994 Well it started a couple weeks ago during physics class. We were doing a mandatory retake of a quiz where the teacher would take the highest grade. At that point, my grade was a solid 95 and it wouldn't be changing so I decided to not try at all. Just as we were about to start the quiz my friend who sits in fronts of me decides to challenge me on who can get exactly a 20/30 on the quiz with the winner getting eternal glory. Of course I accept and I take the quiz trying to get a 20/30. A few days later we get our quiz back and we both got a 20/30. Well, we can't both have eternal glory, so in order to decide who wins, starting tomorrow after our last final is over, we're going to be competing in a 24 hour non stop run through of the original pokemon red and blue. First one to beat gary wins. I'm pretty confident and I think I know what my team will be. If anyone wants to throw out a couple suggestions on what my team should be, feel free. My team is gonna be charizard, nidoking, starmie, mew, fearow, and eggsexcutor.

    tl;dr planning on doing a 24 hour non stop run through of pokemon red against a friend in a quest for eternal glory.
    jgu1994 So every once in awhile I'll go with my parents to goodwill hoping that I can find some good n64 stuff, and as of yet, I still haven't even seen one. However, my parents and I were going out to eat for lunch and on our way back we would pass by goodwill so I asked if we could stop by. So my parents dropped me off there and waited in the car. When I entered, I didn't see any n64 stuff but I saw a super over priced ps1 for 45$. Right behind the PS1 though were a bunch of games, and two of them caught my eye. So I did a quick amazon search on my phone of how much they were worth and I was wow'd. My parents came in to the store wondering what took so long and I whispered to them that the games might be worth something so they bought the two that caught my eye for me. All of the CD's were on sale, 1 for 2$ so it only cost me 4 bucks total for the two games.
    If you're still reading by now, you're probably wondering why I haven't said what games they were. Well, dramatic pause please.

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Edit: I forgot to mention that there were a couple other ps1 games, but the other ones were either madden or twisted metal. They did have megaman x5, but i did a search of that and it was only worth a couple dollars.
    jgu1994 So I just made eggs in a basket for the first time an hour ago and it is probably one of the most delicious things ever. It was my first time cooking so I've got to experiment and get a few things down through trials. For anyone who doesn't know what eggs in a basket is.

    Only thing is that bread soaks up a lot of oil so a pretty sizable amount is needed.
    jgu1994 So for physics we're going to hershey park two weeks from now (19th). It's gonna be super awesome as I have a couple things planned. I plan on doing the roller coaster chess with a friend.
    Well, a couple days ago, one of the guys going on the trip says that he can beat my pokemon so I obviously make a bet that he can't. Well, I need to get a good move set for all of my pokemon which I'm currently figuring out.
    If anyone wants to help, my pokemon are
    Ho-oh (which might be switched because I'm not sure if were using legendaries)
    Haunter (to be a gengar when I can trade with my friend)

    I'm open to all suggestions.
    jgu1994 Well if anyone frequents college humor a lot, they'll know that as of right now, America's Hottest College Girl is going on. Well, I go on to check today, and to my extreme surprise, I found out that I'm ranked 8th right now!
    Unlucky for me, that's not gonna last cause if you actually look at my bracket, it's completely screwed, but 8th place for only 1 day is a major accomplishment for me lol.

    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    jgu1994 Well, tomorrow begins AP testing for students around the US. I think I'm prepared and I'm just doing some last minute reviewing. On the two practice multiple choices i took, I got 4's on both of them so I'm relatively confident right now. Lucky for me, tomorrow morning is my only AP test for US government, and after that I'm done for the next two weeks. Anyone else taking any AP tests this year?
    jgu1994 So I just finished a 50 turn mario party run with 2 other friends (one left before we could start) on the eternal star map and I had a blast. It was a pretty close game between one friend, myself, and the cpu (the other ended the game with 1 star and like 4 coins). It was 5 turns left and we were two stars behind mario so every move we made we talked it over on the best route. We work and we get pretty close and we're at one turn left and my friend goes (last btw). He hits a high number, 9 i think. In eternal star, when buying a star you end up betting money. You roll the dice and either get 8 9 or 10 and then bowser kid rolls a dice. If he getsa number higher than you he takes a star. As the game progresses the chance is more likely. So what happens? My friend its an 8 and bowser kid hits a 9. Bonus stars are awarded and the game ends with mario cpu beating out my friend by one star. One star. We were so close. Three great hours just to lose to mario.
    Fuck you mario.
    jgu1994 I had my wisdom teeth removed on wednesday and my gums are swollen a good amount and it fattens up my normally skinny face and it makes me look like a chipmunk lol. Overall it doesn't hurt terribly, but it does make it so that i can't open my mouth to wide otherwise it starts hurting. Also, what i can eat is really limited. For breakfast I only had a little bit of juice today (compared to me normally eating cereal and soy milk) and for lunch and dinner I had a little bit of noodles cooked really mushy so i wouldn't have to chew. Aside from that I eat a lot of ice cream and yogurt. It wasn't a terrible experience but I'm glad I got it over with before cross country started (which begins next week btw!) and it's only a one time thing.
    jgu1994 Just passed my 2 year anniversary 2 days ago on the 23rd and i'm happy to say it's been a great 2 years. Although i'm sad that several members have come and gone I still enjoy gbatemp quite. Not only that but i finally hit my 666th post today!

    Also i'm getting back on irc for the first time in forever. I've notice a bunch of changes and some users who no longer use irc.
    jgu1994 Lets start with the one good thing that happened. I got my snes usb adapter and it works really well.
    On to the crappy. Yesterday, when I was running at a track meet, in my first even, the 100 m dash, i somehow tripped the last 5 meters and did a spin and ended landing on my head. I ended up missing the 400 and the 200 because i had a bandage around my leg to keep the bandaid on and i couldn't bend it. Today, like 20 mins ago, my ds hinge cracked, and i have no idea how >.>. My dad put aluminum tape on it to keep it on so it works i guess. I haev a replacement shell, but he doesn't really know how to put it on in fear of damaging my ds.