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    It's not exclusively for switch hacking or stuff like that
    It's just for anything you can think of :-)
    Thanks for joining
    JellyPerson Looks I'm old enough to go to high school now.

    It was fun to meet my old friends again. I even met some people I haven't seen in over 3 years, isn't that nice?

    I have engineering class, Algebra II, Spanish, and Biology. So far all the classes seem pretty fun.

    Wish me luck, and tell me what I should expect in the next three~ish years. Thanks all!
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    JellyPerson Nothing's happening. I feel like I'm slowly (and surely) drifting away from my friends on Discord. (and even here)

    Real life? Not so much. School's good.

    But it feels like I'm going away, but I don't want to. I don't want to leave any of you.

    I really do need help. Please.
    JellyPerson title
    JellyPerson Ever feel like you're drifting away from a community but would do anything to get back? Well, sit tight, because this is gonna be a hell of a story, and probably my longest blog.

    It all starts in November 2017. My friend, let's call him "Kevin", sends me a link to join his new discord. His discord was related to game preservation and the such. It was nice, and he was nice. Then he made a secret channel, kind of like the secret channel in the ReSwitched server. This was way later, when the server blew up, and I was inactive for like two months. He was glad to see me come back. It was all smooth sailing, he gave me access to the secret channel. I met the rest of the people in the channel, some of whom I already knew and some of who I didn't. But the majority of people I met there were people I know we beforehand. There was this one person, let's call her "Sarah". She was quite nice. Sarah recommended me as a staff member later, and I was really quite happy that day. This is the part where it a starts falling apart. I was really happy, but the eagerness took me over. I accidentally deleted a few messages, and a demotion occurred. I got demoted to the Content Releaser role. I didn't really mind the demotion, it was just a pink role. Anyhow, I got kicked from the server later for "being annoying and slight attention whoring" by Sarah herself. I think I might've said some bad stuff to her before, which I deeply regret and am sorry for. Sarah, if you're reading this, which you probably are, I'm sorry. Anyway, I came back without any roles but still able to access the secret channel. I asked Kevin later, "Could I have the content releaser role back?" To which he replied, "You didn't release shit." His words. I've actually released something before, but I'm not gonna say what it was. A few weeks pass. Slow, tense weeks between me and the others. Of course there were some people who still liked me in that little group, and they might be some of the nicest people that I have never deserved to met. Anyway, Kevin bans me later for saying the word "Epic". I had to say sorry to Kevin for betraying him and his poor hatred of the word Epic. Like what the fuck, Kevin?
    Anyway, after this I didn't get the secret channel back. That's the only channel that has some semblance of activity within it, so without it the server was basically a desert. So I only chatted a few times, usually close to midnight. I took a break after this, hoping to see that they realise they have done wrong, only to find out that there was some drama involving me joining and rejoining the server as a user named "EpicGamer." Someone said, "Kevin that's a server scraper" and he said, "oh sorry." I wasn't gonna reply to him with a regular old "k kev" to him, no. I blocked him and left the server and deleted my own discord, which at the time had 156 members in anger. That was a shitty decision, but the server was dead anyway. Kevin apologized to me later, and I accepted it reluctantly. Now, let's cut to today. I was talking to one of my friends still in that secret chat, let's call him "Dan." Me and Dan were talking about stuff, then Kevin's discord came up. He was out of the loop when Kevin removed me from the secret chat, so he asks, "hey why'd you remove jelly" and Kevin said "he's annoying." Only difference from me now from me before is that I chat way way less. The server is a wasteland without the secret channel. And then I said, it's probably just him, to which he sent me a screenshot of him saying "Man even the people are starting to annoy me here, especially jelly"
    To which Sarah replies "same"
    And another replies "same"
    I'm gone from that server for the near future. I loved that server at some point, but it's changed. I'm sorry guys, but I'm gone.

    And I can't wrap my head around how I'm being annoying. Is it from being relatively inactive because the rest of the server is?

    Tl;Dr I'm gonna get a lot of flack from this blog and I'm sorry to all of you who've read my masterpiece and I'm sorry to Sarah.

    Also uh if you were in there and don't feel like hiding your name you could tell me how I'm annoying thx :-)
    JellyPerson Today is a sad day. My brother broke my Nintendo Switch's right joycon. Luckily I have a Walmart warranty on the thing, and my switch is still a virgin. I wonder how long it takes for a Walmart warranty to process.
    JellyPerson As if there weren't enough of these, here's another one. But this one is special because it's made by yours truly. Have fun!
    JellyPerson I decided to read Elliot Rodger's manifesto, because not many mass murderers write about their entire life before killing a bunch of people, and the prospect of seeing inside a mass murderer's mind was kind of intriguing. Now I'm not saying that Elliot's actions were justified, but honestly I find myself similar with him with most, if not all of the things he's said in his manifesto. I think I may become an incel (or be one, idk). I don't know if I should or shouldn't and I'm asking you, the community, to give me some advice. Thanks.
    JellyPerson I am in the air right now. 35,000 feet. How am I texting you? Inflight WiFi. I recently read somewhere that the port 3128 is never blocked on inflight WiFi. So I did a little science experiment. I set up a proxy on port 3128 and lo and behold, I can browse the internet on a United flight without having to go thru the paywall. I'm planning to disconnect after this post though, because even if I'm a piracy advocate, I find this a little too scummy. Hey, United, please patch up port 3128 so that I can't browse the web for free. Thanks!
    JellyPerson i dunno why but I'm feeling a little nostalgic since late

    I've been going thru my photos and text messages and all that and darn have I changed

    Back then I used to like Green Day and I played the clarinet

    speaking of green day they've made a song that perfectly expresses my feelings:

    I've noticed I'm not as active here as I used to be
    I dunno why, but I'll try to be more active because I love you guys. Thanks.
    JellyPerson I got a new phone! A Moto E4 plus!
    I'm pretty happy today, because it's a nice phone. Love y'all!

    Also here's the art for today:

    Made by some guy on deviantart
    JellyPerson Please help, thx.
    JellyPerson Today we went from Northern Virginia to New York City to visit some family!
    The drive took about 7 hours. It was really treacherous because there was a metric ton of rain falling from the sky (There was even a flash flood alert!)
    And of course you had the usual Friday traffic. For the entire ride I just either caught up on all the sleep I've lost because of school or read books on my Kindle.
    I think my Kindle was a good buy for $25.
    We're going to see the statue of liberty tomorrow! I'll try sending picutres on the next entry of Jelly's Day!
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    JellyPerson Today was the last day of school, now I'm going to ninth grade.
    Also my kindle and my rcm jig arrived in the mail :-)
    Yes this is the start of a new blog series because everyone is doing that now lol
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    JellyPerson Yes, it sure is.
    Here it is in its entirety.

    The Bee Movie. What an interesting movie this is. It was released in 2007 and the directors were Steve Hickner and Simon J. Smith. The story of this movie follows Barry the Bee, played by Jerry Seinfeld. After realizing that the human race have illegitimately stolen honey from bees, he decides to do what any rational bee would do; sue the collective human race.

    He gets help from a human friend named Vanessa, who is played by Renee Zelleweger and his bee friend, Adam, who is played by Matthew Broderick. The message of this movie is quite obviously about animal rights, but it’s done in such an anomalous way that it could buzz (bee pun!) above the viewer’s heads. In this movie, the U.S. government is mostly portrayed as evil, selfish people that have allowed these large honey corporations to run uncontrollably. This movie is very, very, middle-of-the-road. However, one thing this movie excels at is its pacing.

    Everything happens at the right time. And look at that cinematography! It’s very well done, from a purely technical standpoint. But what I don’t like about this movie is the dialogue. The dialogue is legendary for its unfunny jokes and terrible puns. There are a minefield’s worth of terrible jokes in this movie. However, the cringe factor in this movie is sublime.

    There is no better movie to awkwardly laugh at than the Bee Movie. And that’s why people still watch it. It’s so awkward that it’s become an inside joke with a lot of people. The beginning of the movie perfectly sums up what I am talking about right now.

    “According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly.
    Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible.”

    How ridiculous is that line? The entire movie goes like that. Bees disrespecting humans. That’s the theme of the movie.

    The bottom line is, this is an okay movie for the cringe value. If you love seeing movies that are so bad they’re good, you’ll enjoy this.


    “Too much pollen.”

    cringe value

    Bee puns
    The story
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