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    Jei That's prety much all I've been playing lately.

    This Mmorpg has the same character designer that made the characters from Rockman/Megaman ZX game series, they're very cute :lol:

    In "Domo" (initials for "Dream Of Mirror Online") you can, as a single and unique character, be any job you want, anytime you want. Each time you change your job, your level, atribute points and skills are sustained, so you can be a Fencer today, a Shaman tomorrow, and a Fencer again after tomorrow, without any downside-effects to your character.
    There's an interesting feature that allows you to bring the skills learned from one job to another, so it's possible to be a Martial Artist - known for closed-range battle skills - equipped with the skills of a Doctor - the job that has healing and defense powers.

    There's also skills of farming and item transmutation. With them you can make your own equipment without depending on buying them off Npcs or other players that raises the prices of the items.

    Also, the thing that holds me the most within the game: the quests. There's a lot of quests that give you equipment, rare items, experience and money. Even playing alone I can raise my character accordingly only doing quests :rofl:

    A video of the game here.
    Site of the game here.
    Whoever feels interest in playing, contact me with your e-mail address so I can send you an invite, that way both acounts (mine and yours) can benefit of points to exchange for game items ^^
    And if you already play it, contact me anyways so we can go item-hunting together :grog:
    Jei Hello again, fellow tempers! :lol:

    Here's a little summary on what I've been playing lately~


    Hijouguchi Exit DS

    It's title means, literally, "Emergency Exit". It is a game that made previous fame on the Psp system, now ported into the Ds... lucky me, I always loved puzzle titles like those! I never had even played a Psp before, but I heard many good critics on that Exit game, those made me curious about the Ds release, and the hype really IS that great: the game is all I've been spending my free time with! My brain hurts after all the head scratching :rofl:
    Saving people has never been so much fun ^_^


    Mario & Sonic at Beijing Olympics

    Here she is: Blaze in her all-rounder glory :bow: Unfortunately, Rouge didn't made into the game, so I cheer for Blaze instead :lol: And I'll keep from commenting on the Mario characters because... uh, I just like the Sonic characters better :rofl:
    Well, the game is nice, multiplayer is where it really shines cuz it's a lot of fun to watch people shaking their stylus desperately :rofl: Besides multiplayer and the Shoot minigame (I really like how it's so Arkanoid'ish ^_^), it doesn't really matter to play the games or not, and a lot of the games cramples my hand instead of being fun for themselves, so I don't enjoy it that much.
    Guess I wasn't expecting it to be that boring so soon, it didn't got the replay value of the original sidescrollers...


    And now for 10 more tracks of Bleach DS 2nd: Kokui Hirameku Requiem! Number 16 and 25 are my favourite out of these new tracks ^_^
    They are being ripped by myself and you can find the other tracks at my previous blog post.

    Track 16
    Track 17
    Track 18
    Track 19
    Track 20
    Track 21
    Track 22
    Track 23
    Track 24
    Track 25

    I'm doing the other songs later, please be patient and don't ask when they'll be done.
    Remember: If you like these songs, please buy the original game to support it's composers! :teach:

    Thank you for reading my blog :bow:
    Jei Do you play Bleach 2? Do you like it's music?
    I do... both.

    So my internet provider decided to fail on me today. I thought it would be a good time to do something useful :yayds:
    Instead playing games, I started to rip songs of that pretty cool fighting game that is Bleach 2. I enjoy it's music a lot and searched for it on the internet with no success at all... now here it is, and I think it might be nice to share there with you, so please enjoy the mp3s ^_^


    Bleach DS 2nd: Kokui Hirameku Requiem
    Game Rip by Lanford (that's a better known alias of myself, btw)

    Track 01
    Track 02
    Track 03
    Track 04
    Track 05
    Track 06
    Track 07
    Track 08
    Track 09
    Track 10
    Track 11
    Track 12
    Track 13
    Track 14
    Track 15

    Remember: If you like these songs, please buy the original game to support it's composers! :teach:

    These are the first 15 songs of the game. They are recorded as the sound test in-game presents them. I'm doing the other songs later, please be patient and don't ask when they'll be done.

    Thanks for reading my blog. Any feedback is appreciated :bow:
    Jei Although it was stated that...
    ...I'm starting a gaming blog anyway :rofl:

    Here I'm going to comment on games I play. Not only Ds games, but all kind of consoles. I'm also going to comment on life issues, but only when I feel like to.


    Well, for today I played a bit of Rosenkreuz Stilette, a kinda new doujin game for Pc:
    The game plays like a tribute to the Rockman (Megaman) game series. Your characters jumps, dashes and charge shots like the blue bomber does. It also has some Bomberman and Castlevania look-a-like events. Even in japanese (and I know very few of that language), I enjoy it a lot.

    Today's play was just for fun, cuz I wanted to test my new Lcd screen with any game I felt like, so I ended up playing a couple stages ^_^