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    I don't get coffee

    I have drank coffee many times especially as a kid but for some reason I lost a taste for it as an adult. I did try to drink it recently but I discovered it raised my blood pressure and heart rate. I know that isn't the case for everyone, but the more I think about it I don't get it.

    Most people that drink coffee aren't about to exercise. So why do you need it?

    Since I've gotten off coffee and most caffeine I feel so much more clearheaded. I go to the gym every day yes 7 days a week, and I don't need caffeine to do strenuous exercise at all and I'm someone who has diabetes and health issues.. So why would someone who is just sitting around need it?

    I understand a little bit needing it to wake up. But it reminds me of something I was taught in school about cigarettes. Before you ever smoke you are at a certain level, then you smart smoking and you get sort of a buzz from it. But after repeated daily use you end up at a lower level than you started and need the cigarette just to get back to the level you started before you ever smoked. So it's an addition.

    I believe coffee works in a similar way. Sure you get a buzz especially when you haven't drank it in a while. But once it becomes many cups a day you don't really get that buzz and you end up dependent on it. Most likely feeling lower than before you started drinking coffee and needing it to get back to normal levels. It's is absolutely a drug. Maybe not like cocaine or heroine that kills you, but it's an addictive substance that isn't necessary.

    I do acknowledge that they say there's some health benefits I concede that, but you can likely get those and more from green tea (which I am an avid drinker of and I think is great I brew tons of it). But as far as coffee it for energy throughout the day and drinking it constantly I don't really get it. I feel fantastic better than I ever have off of it. My family including my mom are all coffee drinkers big time. But I don't think it does much to help them other than feed their addiction for it. I just don't think our bodies were created to run off caffeine like a car does gasoline. My energy levels are fine without it.