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    My Covid project: 164 (now 172) PC Lightgun games all ready to play!

    Some of these were a PITA to setup and then my computer needed to be reset and I had to setup almost everything up again. Now I've got everything backed up with scripts to make everything run smooth. I have got almost every Lightgun game ever here and the ones I don't are on my Wii U with a Wii Zapper or PS3 with Move (and 1 on original Xbox, Silent Scope complete) I use an EMS Top Gun 3 wireless gun. There are some I hadn't even heard of until recently like Silent Hill Arcade, and several other Arcade PC dumps that are working now through emulators with Lightgun support.

    For those out of the loop like me there's new emulators like Teknoparrot that play newer arcade roms like Luigi's Mansion Arcade, Sega Rally 3 I could go on and on. I always thought it was pretty much all Mame that handled arcade but nope it's crazy now.
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