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    I dont know what to do anymore

    Last month my best friend started having panic attacks. She was taken to the hospital to get them under control but was still unstable when she came home. She had an overdose of her medicine and went crazy so she taken to a psych ward for a week. She went through tons of therapy and got her attacks under control. But the problems didn't end there. Shes always had depression and anxiety issues. At first when she got home she was much more energetic and happier than before. Then when she got her bill she become depressed and withdrawn again. It was huge and she has no money except the little bit she gets for disability. She went to my mom for advice but it seemed all she told her was she needed to stay calm and deal with it one step at a time. But that didn't help her at all. She doesn't know how to deal with it and has never dealt with any large amount of money or handling it. Ever since then shes slowly gotten worse. She started losing all interest in everything she liked and began having recurring dreams where my mom kills her. Shes been having suicidal thoughts and no longer knows who she is. All she wants to do is sleep and cry. I'm trying to be there for her but i dont know what to do. Nobody knows what is wrong she has only a few people she can talk to. When I talked to her on the phone she couldnt stop crying. The only thing she could say was she wanted her old self back. She just went into the hospital again tonight. Every time she was upset I always to cheer her up but whenever she has to deal with a serious issue theres nothing i can do. Im completely powerless to do anything to help her and i hate it. She was so happy before she had her attacks and when she first came home. Now its like shes a shriveled shell of a person. I care so much about her but nothing I say or do helps on the slightest. im so worried i have no cluw whats happening to her. I just want my best friend to smile again why cant she have happiness