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    Harry Potter and Fish Custard

    So last Wednesday I went on a journey down to Glasgow to visit my friends and see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2 and at midnight on Thursday/Friday. The result was epicness.
    I was a little hesitant as to how I would cope since my friend recently acquired a boyfriend and me and happy couples aren't normally a good combination (me feeling awkward or sticking my foot in it or whatever) but I got on fine with her and her boyfriend son all's well.. So the first night it was just her, her boyfriend, me and another friend and since we're all big Dr WHo fans and Still Got Legs by Chameleon Circuit had just come out we were mainly sitting around listening to that. Of course when Whovians who love MAtt Smith get together there's only really one outcome... fish freakin' custard!

    Next day, after a mere 4 hours sleep, was the main event. The Harry Potter stuff was broken out, there were about 8 of us in total, it was awesome. We had far too many Hufflepuffs though. There were only 3 Gryffindors in the lot of us :(
    It did result in one of my favourite pictures of me ever though. DIE BY MY CHOPSTICK OF DOOM!

    As for the movie. I thought it was epic. It kept the dark tones of the book, the sadness but it still peppered just the right bits of comic relief to keep us going. I think most of the group cried a bit at Snape's memories (though they may be hard to follow if you didn't read the books as the relationship hadn't been built so much)

    Overall an epic half week. Wish I could have more of them but its a £20 round trip down to Glasgow and that's if I can find the cheap trains! And I work weekends so I can't go to any of the big Scottish Nerdfighter gatherings :( Can't wait to move down there in September for University.
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    I'm home alone :D

    Yep my parents have gone off on holiday with my little sister leaving me and my brother home. So I'm effectively home alone (my brother does bugger all). I have to look after myself for the next week and a half... will I survive? Only time will tell (though likely I will)

    My Youtube finally is from now on actually going to have a vlog every week. I might put gadget and game reviews up occassionally as well. I'm not going to post a vlog blog weekly on the Temp since that would be a bit dumb and be advertising. Here's the 2 vids I've made so far though



    I'm probably gonna stop putting that intro in...
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    Where was I for a week?

    I'm sure you guys didn't miss me (I'm a lurker) but I went off to Lanzarote with some mates for a week last Sunday. The following video is what resulted.

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    CURSE YOU APPLE!!! *shakes fist*

    I hate Apple's pricing. Why do they have to make some of the nicest mobile devices around? I'm wanting a better phone and since I already have an iPod Touch an iPhone seems like the logical upgrade, right? The problem: THE PRICE IS INSANE!

    I currently own an iPod Touch 3rd Gen 32GB. I'm using up a lot of that 32GB of space so I need a 32GB iPhone. A sim free iPhone 4 32GB is £612 which is ridiculously high. My laptop was £700 ffs. For contracts the cheapest deal I can find on my current network (Orange) is £30 a month for 2 years and an extra £270 for the iPhone. I barely use £10 of credit a month... I can't deal with this kind of contract (though I might use enough of the internet to justify it) The £25 contract they have is just a rip-off. £599.99 for the phone on a 2 year contract. Screw that.

    Looked up a 32GB 3GS used on eBay, all are over £200 but are contract free so cheaper in the long run. Same performance as my current iPod plus the phone. But over £200 for a 2 year old phone used? My inner Scottish person with a tight-wallet says that's too much.

    The 3rd option is to buy an Ipod Touch 4th Gen and an Apple Peel 520 II. I get a camera, Retina display and A4 processor but no 3G internet (only EDGE). No contract and no sim-lock at a net cost of £300 or so. MInus whatever I can sell my iPod for.

    As for selling my current iPod Touch 3rd Gen (if I ever do) how much do you guys think it'd be worth? Its still supported by Apple and runs pretty much every app available. I've seen eBay listings selling for £150 at least which is 3/4s of what I paid for it last year... would you guys pay that for my iPod 2nd hand? Its in good nick, only a few scratches on the chrome. Hell I still have the box.

    Why the hell am I even considering this stuff? I only bought my iPod last year! I can't really afford this stuff but DAMN YOU APPLE! You made you iTunes store a huge monopoly on music downloads and your App store is filled with some great apps. THe catch is that we have to buy your waayyy overpriced hardware to get to your nice software.
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    Screw the rules. I HAVE RED HAIR!


    I know all I do is upload vlogs and post them here, but hey, its the blog section!
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    Jams explains Warp Theory

    I got bored of my Advanced Higher Physics project and decided to make a video on Youtube explaining Warp Theory


    Hope the video quality's alright. Its just using an old Logitech webcam. Really old (5 years old now I think). Luckily natural light agrees with it the best.

    I'm getting stressed out by the bajillion tests I have next week and trying my best to write my entire Physics investigation (3 days running now :S should hopefully have it done today)

    and to lighten the mood my last quicky video of me covering a song called "Holding On" by Alex Day

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    Make an Angry Face >:(

    I hate my friend's new boyfriend. It started off as just vague dislike/jealousy but he consistently pisses me off and its, of course, my fault for making whatever comment started it. And I'll admit to being wrong when what I said was confrontational but this latest one is just annoying.
    My friend made a status update about how she's not been spending enough time with us (every weekend for the past month she's been in Aberdeen with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend's first comment on this.

    [quote name=' "What's his face"']The bastards![/quote]
    I'm not even kidding here... That is his first comment on his girlfriend's status update about how she wants to spend more time with her friends... Lets roll on a bit shall we?
    In explanation for this comment he says
    [quote name=' "What's his face"']Dislike both [guys] but oh well[/quote]
    The guys are me and my best friend. Both of us have had a history the girl but for laughably short periods (though my dating period with her was so short it doesn't even count. And no, I'm still not over it.) We're still her friends though and she would never dream of letting us try anything.
    My response to this comment? Sheer anger? Complete and utter, punch in the face rage? Nope. This
    [quote name=' "Jamstruth"']Hey, you're not stealing [girl] away from us permanently! :( You've seen her at the weekends for the past month. Give us some time with her after school![/quote]
    Smiley faces and exclamation points to try to show I was kidding. At least slightly. This guy is such a paranoid, twat though that he replies with this. (After some comments from my friend that she can see its not going to go down well)
    [quote name=' "What's his face"']hey james, maybe you should go and make another gay vlog on youtube, you prick[/quote]
    Yeah... Way to conflict resolve there. Call me gay (something that doesn't really register as an insult to me and is just dumb as hell) and just generally be a dick.
    [quote name=' "Jamstruth"']All I have to say is grow up[/quote]
    As far as I see it that's all he needs to do. He's being dumb, jealous and paranoid.
    I'm sick of him pulling this shit then "apologising". Apart from he's not really apologising to me because he doesn't give two shits about me (fairly obvious) and is just covering his arse from his girlfriend being pissed off with him.
    He's recently put this up
    [quote name=' "What's his face"']You know what, just to make sure things don't get even worse than they already are, I'm going to apologise to you Jams, I am sorry for being a complete dick, but I have a problem with the way you speak to me, because it always seems like you are talking down to me, which is one of the few things I hate in this life, so I am sorry, and [girlfriend] I'm sorry to you aswell, I will make sure you don't have to put up with this shit anymore.[/quote]
    Talking down to you, huh? Maybe if you didn't give me death threats on a regular basis I wouldn't (though I'm not trying to). Before they get worse? I'd made the decision to just leave this comment thread the hell alone once I saw you getting antsy. Also that last sentence sounds like a threat.

    So what should I do? I don't want to accept this apology because, quite frankly, I don't think he deserves it but at the same time I know I'm going to have put up with this guy in some capacity for the next 5 months (assuming the relationship holds...please don't, please, please don't) My gut reaction here is to say nothing more than I have already.
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    A new Vlog

    A directionless jaunt through my life at the moment. With terrible lighting. Luckily this doesn't really detract from the video.
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    Gotta get down...

    So made this video about that terrible song everyone hates (while its still relevant) and posting it up.



    Oh you were expecting more from a blog post?
    Well I'm feeling kinda meh at the moment. Girl I like that doesn't like me back who has a boyfriend is being very happy and talking about how she can't wait to see him every weekend and I'm just feeling crappier and crappier about that... Also, I cn't help feeling that if things were switched it wouldn't take long for her and my other main girl friend to tell me to shut up about it cause its making her feel crap. But oh well I'm male therefore my feelings are like bastions of steel. (not)
    School is stressful as all my projects are due in and I'm realising I only have about 3 weeks left... AHHHHHH!!!!! REAL WORLD!!!!

    Toodles tempers.
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    Frickin' Car Insurance - Rant enclosed

    So I passed my Driving test last thursday. My mum phoned her insurance company to ask how much it would cost to put me on the insurance. That would mean me, my mum, and my brother (25) all on a 1.4L '03 Clio. The quote was £4000 for a year. 4 -fricking- grand. Reason: I am 17 and male. They make me the policy holder because people used to diddle the system by taking out insurance in parents' name on their own cars to reduce premiums.

    £4000 for me for a year. WTF?!?! Lets imagine I actually had my own car. HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO AFFORD THAT?!?!?! Even in a full time job I reckon it would be a stretch. For curiosity want to know how much my dad pays for insurance for him and my mum on his big diesel Passat? £250 a year. For my mum, dad, and brother on the Clio its £500. Apparently I'm £3500 more likely to be in an accident. That's writing off a car or 2 a year.

    Fucking insurance companies. I know I'm a risk but be fricking reasonable. I suppose there's one drastic way of lowering premiums *looks with disdain upon his Y chromosome* THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!

    Rant out of system... I know that there's that EU legislation coming in eventually but that's only gonna knock about 10% of my premiums and add 25% to females. I.e. Its still gonna be fucking high. I know I'm a risk but this is just ridiculous. Also I know my mum's car is not the lowest insurance rating but my dad found the lowest quote he could find from other insurers was £2800 and being in the bottom insurance class only knocked £200 of that price -_-
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    That's right, I spent 10 minutes talking about one of my favourite franchises ever. What happened to you :(
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    Goddamn Decisions...

    So I'm getting paid tomorrow and I've decided I want to get myself some games. To problem is I face a very difficult decision. Retro, or not retro.
    I'll have about £87.50 available to me (at school, have weekend job and need to put money away for Uni hence low amount for the month) and this will have to last me the whole of March.
    I could either...
    Buy SSFIV and a Madcatz fightpad - £30 £25 total price from Amazon
    buy a Super Gameboy (which i really like the idea of) and something like Super Mario All Stars (cheapest buy it now possible), Street Fighter II (Turbo?), or Starwing Totals:
    SGB + SFII/Starwing = £12+shipping (same ebayer so poss reduced delivery cost)
    SGB + SFII Turbo = £15+shipping (same as above)
    SGB + Super Mario All Stars = £17+shipping (cheapest buy it now I can find)

    2 massively different ideas that I have no idea how to decide between...

    Edit: Screw it gonna get SSFIV while its that cheap (price keeps changing), what about the other deals for the SNES games. Reckon they look good? Got any to suggest to me that aren't hideously demanded and therefore overpriced?

    Edit 2: This should've gone in general console discussions... I am an idiot. Mods?
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    So I'm giving this Vlogging thing a proper go

    I especially love how this title retrieved 5 AskGBATemp question. It really should be disabled in blogs.

    Anyhow, I'm giving this vlogging thing a proper go. Since my old account had a lot of copyright claims against it and was therefore flagged by youtube for it I decided to created a new account JamAndHisCam (no matter how many times I said JamWithACam in my video)! I then resolved to upload one video this weekend followed by at least one Vlog a week for the rest of time (or until I get bored) with a least 1 other project a month (even though I said week, I doubt I could keep that up) all this in the vain hope I might get enough subscribers to make Partner and therefore get some Adsense revenue.

    Anyhow, here's the video

    Keep tuned for Game reviews (occasionally), Gadget reviews (more frequent), Song Covers (depends on whether I can think of a decent video for them) and, of course, Vlogs!
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    I fail as a man

    Just a quick random vent about myself to random internet people.

    Last night my house was empty so I had some friends around and some drinks (nothing much, it was only 2 of us that drank but neither of us were drunk at all). Anyway the usual truth or dare skits went around. Then we gave up on that and just sat and talked and listened to music. One of the friends I had around is the girl I like who has decided she doesn't like me back. Another friend keeps suggesting she make out with me over and over again until eventually she gives in and straddles me as the other 2 leave the room. She starts kissing me and I have no idea what to do and just stop and ask her why she's doing this. The answer: "Because its a bit of fun". So I just sit there with her straddling me for a few minutes talking until they come back in.
    Point 1: WTF?!?! I just turned down a girl making out with me. Feelings or not that should be awesome but it ruined my mood for the rest of the night.
    Point 2: WTF?!?! Turning it down due to lack of underlying feelings? Has my Y chromosome given up the ghost?

    Moral of the story: I hate being obsessed with one of my best friends. Any time she's huggy with another friend I'm doubting myself. Any time I find myself in situations like these my hopes are raised then dashed. Any time I think of her I just think of how she will never love some stupid specimen like me. I'm desperate for a relationship but don't want anything unless there's something else behind it.

    I asked her not to pull stuff like this on me again because I'm trying my hardest to get over her. Trying to get over the most perfect girl I can think of at this point. Damn you obsessions... Damn you love...

    Sidenote: We need a "Temper complaining about a girl thread count" in the EoF to count up all these. I know I just contributed but still
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    So there's this girl...

    How many threads like this can we actually fit into the blog pages? This is at least the 4th on the first page, I think (not actually looking)

    So yeah, update on the girl. For full story from this year see Blog 1, Blog 2, Blog 3

    If you look at the bit on blog 3 you'll notice it seems to be the end... this apparently was not the case though. After that little situation we continued on just as before, great friends and constantly hanging out together. Last night though she started talking to me on MSN, starting what would become one of the best MSN convos I have ever had. I do not save convo logs so the following shall paraphrase to the best of my ability. She was talking about herself in the 3rd person, "You ever going to ask out the girl you fancy?", so I played along with it hoping to hell she was actually talking about herself. I know its roundabout but, hey, its fun :) So I tell her I tried and she shot me down. She tells me that she was trying to make sure she liked me for the right reasons (as well as other stuff about being a crazy, hormonal teenage girl I doubt she meant). After a bit more talking about other stuff she says "That girl's not going to ask you out" so I just go ahead and ask her if she wanted to come around this afternoon to watch Scott Pilgrim (she never got a chance to see it in cinemas) and after a bit of silly argument (she was working tonight from 5 hence why I said afternoon, she didn't seem to notice that) she agreed to it, even ending with "So does this mean you asked the girl to be your girlfriend?" :D :D :D :D Over the moon by that point.

    This afternoon she came around as she said and we sat cuddled up in my room watching Scott Pilgrim. Best way to spend an in-service day ever! So nice to know someone likes me as more than a friend. Though my cheesy Scott Pilgrim quote after of "Does this mean we can make out?" fell flat on its face. Ahh well, it was worth a shot :rolleyes:

    Edit: Oh yeah, 1 more thing. Am gonna cover another Scott pilgrim track this week and trying to decide between "Ramona" (should sound great on my acoustic) and "Summertime" (enjoyable song that might benefit from an electric WHICH I WILL BE GETTING SOON!!!) Opinions?