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    The eye tornado strikes again!

    You remember the man, the legend, Spectral Blizzard? I made a rant about them before. It turns out today was a special day, we had a really weird convo. I'm not gonna say anything except:
    • i'm just using info he says against what he says
    • sory Chary for calling you a "girl" instead of "woman" no ban pls :bow:
    I didn't want to take snapshots and ShareX's scrolling feature was all acting up so I just copied the text. Also I will give some context for near the beginning.

    Here's the gold mine! https://pastebin.com/bzRuj8xf


    (By the way sorry this wasn't much of a rant, I just think this PM is good in of itself. Also at the end you can see he's fine with me posting it. I also censored his location as you will see cause I am a good doggo. This is on discord by the way so that's why it's a little hard to read and emotes are like :this:.)
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    my totally original idea of a ama for me to make my ego more bigger because i've been in the roughs lately you know lots of things happen on my end and it's pretty hard to keep track of everything happening so if you could ask a question to be that w

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    I graduated yesterday!

    Yesterday was a big day, as I graduated from elementary. I will miss my teacher, and I'll miss my french teacher a lot. Me and my friends would just hang out at her room, she was chill and was also able to deal with us, and we were pretty annoying. I did get a cheap gaming mouse, which I really like. I also made a to-do list for things to do in the summer. Today i'm gonna hopefully do a race with my friends at cookie clicker. Bye!
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    game boy advance temp rant

    Hey guys so today i'm going to rant on GBAtemp. Let's get this out of the way...

    A. bluefurry
    Okay so there's this dumb bad not good at all artist. They're also a big meanie, take a look at this...
    Really @BlueFox gui? You're gonna ask me a question but then solve it and let me know kindly?
    How could he kindly say hello to me as well!?

    3. thE sTaffF
    The staff sux so baid. like how couldd they mnot remoov the postt that is clerly legel
    how could @schrmh do the joke i suggestd and mak me laugh. wat the fricckkk

    thats it, frik u gbtemp cuz i leavin in 100 years so cya then!!!!!1

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    somebody no be playin' games rant

    This isn't really like my other two rants, but it is still a rant on something i've not been doing nonetheless.

    At the beginning of the year I was watching whoisthisgit and I realized, everyone I watch, or look at has played or keeps playing lots and lots of games. Not just playing the same game for a week or two, but actually playing different games. That day I forced myself to play Galaga and Super Mario Kart, it was really fun! Now by "forced" I don't mean I forced myself to play the game even if I got bored. I got a timer and set a time depending on the type and length of the game. For Galaga it was 10-15 minutes I believe, for Super Mario Kart it was 20-25 minutes. I was having fun exploring games that I either never played, or haven't sat down to play with. However, i've not been doing that lately, for two reasons...

    Exhibit A. What should I play? (that rhymed.)
    Of course how am I supposed to play multiple games if I don't know what to play? I pick games that I heard of and are popular but I've seen them, and likely played them. I wanna play games I only heard of, barely seen, or even never heard of.

    That's where you guys can come in, put in the comments some games (that are on DOS,NES,SNES,GENESIS,N64,ATARI2600 and other retro consoles) that I should play. Note, RPG's probably won't be played, because those require me to get in the mood. But a platformer, puzzle or arcade type can work.

    Exhibit B. I'll just do it tomorrow...
    Yeah, i'm being lazy... If i'm passionate about playing other games why am I being lazy? Well it's because I want to do other stuff, like program, surf the web and such. But I've been looking for stuff do program, or look at on the web. So I think once I get some people suggesting games, it might motivate me.

    Those are really my two reasons I'm not forcing myself to play games. However I am thinking of perhaps making a blog post for games I'll play. I could maybe call this the "PMGP" (Play More Games Program)? I don't know. Anyways, i'll see you later, and hopefully i'll see you with some new video game experiences. :)
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    im bored
    idk, bai
    You are now confused, YOU LOST.

    For a random reason YOU LOST.
    For no reason YOU LOST.

    fuk u
    You are now sad, YOU LOST.
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    The eye tornado rant...

    Woo another rant on my blog. This time on a fellow user, who has been a creep for everyone on here. @Spectral Blizzard! Let's get started shall we? We'll take it easy for the first one...

    (I noticed I spelled it "Spectal" instead of "Spectral" but i'm too lazy to change it.)

    1. Baded Grammmer
    Now I think in all our lives we have little phases with our English. The most I seen is having every starting letter of the word be capitalized, "Like In This Example". However Spectal does something which makes it clear to understand if it's him, and makes me cringe. Lemme show an example...
    Notice how there's more new lines than the population of people on earth? /s You know how hard it is to read this? I mean, it's not that hard but it's a challenge.

    Moving on!

    Volume B. Animee Boy-chan senpai ^w^
    When I was reading Spectals latest blog post (which we'll get into btw) @VinLark said something which really showed what Spectal writes like...
    Really this is true when you think about it...
    Oh, wait!
    I forgot to check the responses to my "I'm leaving" blog!

    Notice how he puts his reactions in the text? I'll show you the parts where it really shines later but wait a minute okay!? Be patient...

    how do you say three in spanish. Wait, you were gone? You used to be a user here on GBAtemp? I don't remember...
    Alright, time to go into the blog post, which will then soon go into the juicy stuff...

    It's a bit funny because that last rant, someone made a blog post showing how they don't really understand why they got bad feedback... I guess it's happening again! But this time it's not even responding to the "haters", rather than expecting everyone to give them a "welcome back" hug...
    Oh okay then it seems he does understand... But it sure doesn't look like it, the comments don't really show he's learned. But the thing is, it seems he's made so many that he doesn't even know which one caused it, I mean it's not like one comment was bad, it was the fact you made so many creepy comments!

    Okay I think i'll get into the juicy stuff...

    The reason I made this rant. Creepyness
    It's time to move on to the real reason I made this blog. Creepyness, let's start off with me. I was minding my own business and Spectal would do the "*stalk*" thing, a lot of people, including me, do that sometimes, it's mainly like a joke. But then one time I see this...
    Now the site he linked is a site I made... 2 years ago. What's the only way he could see this? By browsing my posts, like, a lot back... Because I posted a lot since then and it was the year I first joined and I joined on the later side of the year. Of course he could've went to the back... But when I try to search my own posts, it can't go all the way back... How the hell did he get to the old ass post I made!?

    Now let's move on to @Chary, a great member of the forum, who gets a lot of creepy responses from Spectal. Some people have made lists of his responses, so thanks @HaloEliteLegend for making the list for me copy and steal. c:
    "Yes, yes I have Krista."
    "The first time I met you....... Wait, you have a boyfriend? Noo..."
    "[Chary Chary lady! Going through emotions! Love is where you'll find it! Listen to your heart! Chary Chary lady! You know I used to love you...]"
    "Do you really never sleep, Krista?"
    "She's not cu- I mean, she's not wea- ... Krista, kill me.... Oh wait, you can't. Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggh!"
    "Huh, Krista?"
    "Hello Krista!"
    "Yeah, you didn't see that crush thread, right? ... Good. You want some mistletoe?"
    "What do you really look like?"
    "Whatever, ill still ma - ... Be your friend."
    Now I think we can see the "anime boy" we were talking about earlier before right? Also why doesn't he just say, you know, Chary, instead of her actual name.

    Spectal has been suspended for this reason but as we talked earlier, doesn't seem to look like they changed.
    I'm also still wondering how you could find the link to my old old made-for-shits-and-giggles site from 2 years ago? The only thing I can think is that Spectal is an alt account, but I don't wanna cause trouble so I'll just say he probably did some heavy digging, on me, and stumbled across it... Anyways, that's all, lemme know if you guys want some more rants.

    (These rants are not to make anyone feel bad, you could say this would be a review or
    feedback to the person, I have made a rant on someone before and they're better now,
    probably cause the rant was more of a last nail in the coffin, I don't think the rant was a
    wake up call- okay this is getting to long. lol)​
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    Got myself a little cool toy! :)

    I got a Nintendo Switch for christmas, really it was more as I was finally able to play it. My mom and I went to go get it at November I believe at Black Friday, it wasn't on sale by the way (come on Ninty) and there was like maybe 5 or 6 people there.

    I got Super Mario Odyssey and the next day after christmas my brother-in-law got me Mario + Rabbids, at first I didn't really like it, then I played versus mode with him and it was actually really fun. My brother came to visit and when I showed him the switch going into handheld mode his mind was blown. lol

    I added Voxel and Lucar (forgot what his GBAtemp username was) since I saw them on Friend Suggestions. Add me! SW-5462-9642-6707.

    Also I beat Super Mario Odyssey,
    the mushroom kingdom is really fun, and I found a way to get to the top of the castle without using gamexplain's way or using the scarecrow.

    Also this will be my last blog post of this year on GBAtemp. I'm trying to be active again here since I have a holiday break for school. Cya guys next year! :D
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    The animal fox rant...

    You probably already know what I actually mean. Now I really don't wanna start drama, okay, part of me does but if anything, I just want to say this since telling it to Ninjafox's face doesn't really do anything it seems.

    This is a rant on "Ninjafox", the creator of Foxverse. Now I really like Foxverse, Billy is now a mod (after having a discussion with Ninjafox, I assume ihaveamac saying it as well helped), and it does work and is actively being worked on. This is more about Ninjafox himself, not the way he works on Foxverse or Foxverse itself.

    1. Triggeredness
    After astrounautlevel made a psa about Foxverse, Ninjafox has gotten really triggered. Even saying stuff like "i will ruin their life" and such.
    And even after I posted Billys response which astronautlevel even liked, he was still triggered. Even pm'ing astronautlevel shit.
    which by the way, astronautlevel didn't send the picture here, ninjafox did in the beta-testers channel.

    B. Stupidness
    I mean he is pretty good at working on Foxverse, he was trying to compress a URL into a file using hex so I don't think he just lays back as everyone works. But sometimes I really think he's stupid sometimes...

    For example, he'll post personal posts in the announcements channel. Like this!
    I mean saying "Nice try." as a caption for a image of you being banned, with the mods saying how they should've done it beforehand, and Ninjafox getting really triggered, does not help your image at all. If anything, it makes it worse.

    Also he posted the "3ds community rant" blog entry link to the announcements channel as well.

    △. "The 3DS Hacking Community Rant" Rant. :thonk:
    Okay I won't even bother with the first chapter. While I do agree that everyone are just regular people, unless they are mentally challenged, don't need that much change of treatment for the person. Although when he says how the admins and mods were triggered about his opinion. Judging by his behavior, I assume he was being pretty offensive and rude against everyone. Which probably links to him being banned on the /r/3dshacks subreddit, meaning if so, he wasn't banned just because of that.

    Now for the second chapter.
    Okay first of all, that is because they have lots of proof that it works, it does well, and has staff with good reputation. You do realize no one used Themely when there were suspicions of data stolen with it closed source. It's good now that you made Billy only mod for the Discord server and made it open source. I will give you credit for that. Also the second thing is that it's not allegations, it's suspicions. PokeAcer has stolen information twice, saying sorry after the first time. Even selling an exploit for real money. If you want to help PokeAcer get his rep back really slowly, you should've made him Mod first, not Admin.

    Okay now I see there's parts and chapters. But i'll just say chapters from now on. For the 3rd one which actually talks in about astronautlevel, which kinda proves my point about the triggeredness...
    ...*sniffle*... Okay? Yeah, a lot of people do that. Also he could just be lurking around because he is interested in the software. If they do, do piracy. Alright...
    Saying it's only a theory "but still" makes you seem so desperate. Maybe you actually are triggered...
    Okay first of all I thought this was a theory, but then you said "but still" but now it's a fact, w0t? Also why would you "force him to spit it out"... You're just doing what you think astronautlevel is doing to you, try to make everything turn bad. You could say the same about this entry but I have said that ninjafox is good at working on foxverse, although he might be bad at managing it, he still does some stuff that's cool.
    Clearly your insecurities are telling you that. It was a PSA, not a direct threat. They liked my post where I posted Billy/PokeAcer's response to the blog post. In the PM's they said "Am I wrong?", allowing any information which would disprove astronauts claim. Note, privacy issues are really important. I'm sure if it was some meanie joined foxverse there wouldn't be any drama. But the fact a member with really bad repetition was admin on your team for ruining privacy should be a open door to a privacy issue PSA. You need to realize that you're in the clear now, you made PokeAcer only a mod, you made it open source, PokeAcer can still help with the code since it's open source, and all of us win. Yet you still feel like something is wrong, like astronautlevel has put a curse on your, when reality, they made 1 blog post which was mostly based on the staff rather than foxverse itself. Another thing is that you always say "then don't use foxverse" when you have to realize you're proving lot's of peoples points. How you don't care about your users, which without them, foxverse would be totally useless with.

    I just wanted to let everyone know this. I totally welcome everyone to report this to be locked if it gets a bit out of hand. We could always take this to the Foxverse Discord Server. ;-)
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    I have a site on Neocities, and I think that it's way better than other web-hosting sites.

    First of all, it's based off Geocities, while it doesn't want you to make geocities styled site (although you can if you want), it's based off of how geocities was a community. It basically combines social network with web-hosting, and I think that's awesome.

    I even made a discord server for it, with over 100 members! However it isn't very active.

    Now this is from me, and i'm talking to the gbatemp community. The bounty content thingy had a lot of people make cool stuff, so you guys could make awesome sites.

    https://discord.gg/GpnED8V (fan neocities discord server 100+ members!)
    https://rocketmix.neocities.org (my site)
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    i am a leafe

    please suport me in my trnsform in2 a leafe :download:
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    A cool trip to a video game store.

    So I went to a video game store to look for Super Mario Advance 4, I then looked around. I saw the "Supaboy" and I asked the cashier if I can see it, we then started talking about it for a bit, then I said it would be cool to have Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World on it, then we talked about why Super Mario Bros 2 Japan was only in Japan, he said that it was a good thing some young people know about old video games and he actually let me play on his switch for a minute. It was pokken tournament so I had no idea what I was doing but it was fun to play on the Switch. Then I got to play on the virtual boy too.

    So that was neat. :D
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    My way of CYOA games.

    When I was in grade 3 I used to make CYOA books, I made them at school and printed them off their as well, sadly their gone as I don't think I brought them home (I believe either I lost them or the teacher took them). However I do remember how I would make them.

    I also love Android FOSS games, you know the type where they're like less than half a megabyte yet they can be so addicting?

    Well I combined my love for small tiny games and my love for CYOA to make a system to play CYOA games in one text file.
    • All you need is a text file reader.
    • Easy to play.
    • Really small in file size (for a basic game).
    • Can be easily understood to make your own CYOA games.
    I made an example CYOA game that you can get. The download links are below.
    :download: Catbox
    :download: Discord
    :download: (or read on) Mixtape

    You might ask why i'm making kind of a big deal out of this, well I hope that other people make their own, or convert CYOA games this way because I think it's a really easy and simple way of playing them. You could play in on your computer, your phone or even a blackberry (I think they can read text files) and to save you just remember the number you're on.

    Hope to see people make CYOA games like this because I probably will. (btw it took me like 10-20 minutes to make the example.)
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    cum out dai

    guys im straight waoeh soo funni u no how evryone sai theyrr gai? wel i am strght such greet twistt noone evr done befor
    i am straight if you needed to know
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    Regarding the beef between me and a member here...

    why cant spacesuits be made out of trees? doesnt trees give you air?
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